Monday, April 1, 2013


I had my Instagram account zillionth months ago..but never had it open to public. When I first discovered it, Instagram was not as big a hit as what it is now...back then, photography was never my forte..not even now.

Until one day when I just had the time to explore the rave behind this app, I instantly fell in love with it!..I enjoy doing photo editing..with abundance of apps on iPhone that you can download, one does not have to be a good photographer, but just have to play with the photo editor to get a nice photo. Made all the better, I got an iPhone 5 as a birthday gift from my crazy doctor-friends (hehe) whom was so dear to me, my best friends since medical school..Sera and Azrai, the future Obstetrician, Sheeda; the future Ophthalmologist, Fiza; the future Haematologist, and Zul, the future Plastic Surgeon (yesss...I know who to look for when I started to have wrinkles...haha).

While I was away in this blog-sphere, I was busy with my Instagram account..hehe. Snap a photo, edit sikit2, and post kan kena tulis2, you know me and my writer's Oh ya...did I tell you that I make lots of new friends too...*love* :)

The new rave now is KEEK, see wether I will get myself hooked onto it or not!..haha. Btw, you can find me @Tahirah83 on Instagram..

So I'll leave you with some of the photos that I captured and edit on my Instagram gallery..

till then,


LisaLisut said...

org lain dh lama berinstagram. i br je berjinak2 ha.sbb dlu pkai e72 tu nk create acct using my husband hp. now i hv ip5 br la kedek2 nk aktif.hehe. better late than never lol. lets keek-ing! haha

Tahirah A. said...

Haha..ok..we keek-ing later ok :)

Nadiah said...

Salam Tahirah,

You already moved to Mulberry Groove? I still 50-50 either to move or not.

Tahirah A. said...

Salam nadiah.. I just got the keys last week. Planning to do some renovation etc..excited tho!..

How do I contact you neighbour? :) whatsapp or something?

Are u planning to sell 'em? I know lots of property agent giving nice offers..they even offered me a million ++ but I love that house..eventho' it's small.. :)