Saturday, September 1, 2012

The birth story

After much delay, finally my birth story is ready..hehe

This entry gonna be pretty long as I went thru 31hrs of labour but I will try to shorten it. The time to see my baby come to this world was the longest I had to wait in my life. I delivered when I was 40 weeks and 5 days of pregnancy...1 cm.. so near yet so far..and so the story goes...

5th July 2012
- Had a late shower, and noticed there was a blood stain when I peed
- Confirmed it was a birth show. YAYY!!!...of cos I was excited knowing that I was post date and getting stressed up every minute of the day waiting for D(elivery)-day
- No contraction so far, so no need to go hospital...
- SMSed my husband..we both got pretty excited and laugh!!..main msg2 lagi..usually he is not like this as he will be busy in the clinic

Note: having a birth show without regular contraction doesn't mean that you're in labour..birth show is just a SIGN of early labour

-  Started to have mild irregular squeezes, but still able to do things to get me distracted
- My mom and MIL got to know that I had birth show (thanks to my sister!), they persuaded me to go hospital and tell me how dangerous it is to wait at home etc..etc... (see..that's the reason I refused to tell them)

- Surges became more this time I knew that I'm already in labour
- No leaking and baby moving need not to worry, I can still wait at home
- Makan macam biasa..had KFC :)
- Couldn't sleep throughout the night...excited, nervous, had a mixed feeling..and I was too focusing on the surges

6th July 2012
- Surges became more intense and regular, every once in 5 minutes
- This time around, I knew that I had to go to the hospital
- Woke my hubby and my mom, got myself ready and off we go
- Bawak barang to the hospital mcm nak pindah rumah...haha. Sian my husband..mana tak nya, semua I nak own pillow pon I nak bawak cos I wanna be as comfortable as I can (Thank God I brought it cos the hospital pillow tak best)

My sleepy face

- Arrived at Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar
- The nurse did VE (hate it!..), I was 4cm dilated...Alhamdulillah
- Still couldn't sleep...

Had to fill up menu form at wee hours..irritating jugak la..hehe

- MIL arrived..she was there from the beginning until my lil' miracle arrived, Thank you mama!
- Ambulating around..sitting on a sofa, roll on my birth ball, and walk around the room and to and fro the toilet..byk kali buang air besar, no need ravin enema :)

- Dr Choong came, revised VE..(surprisingly dia buat lagi comfortable compared to the nurse)
- I was 8cm dilated. ALHAMDULILLAH, that was pretty fast, at least that was my husband and I thought...
- Seeing that I opened up fast, Dr Choong predicted that I would give birth around noon...that was a good thing to hear
- Had food in between...breakfast, Starbucks choc chip frap, dates, air zam2 and air Yassin
- The nurses get the birth pool ready..I couldn't wait to jump in.. :)

- Jumped in the birth pool with my husband *sorry no pictures as my husband didn't allow me to put it up 
- It was so comforting in the water even the surges got very intense
- In between the surges me and husband laugh, he throw up some jokes, we hug, and we kissed..water really helped in controlling the pain
- Tried to doze but tak boleh, surges came very-very frequent
- While we were in the pool, MIL suapkan we all nice. I took light meals in between..tak lalu nak makan berat2..surges came like once in every 2-3minutes

- My mom arrived to give support

Updating all family members..especially my father who work in Labuan

- after 9 hours in the pool, I became famished, and tired, and started to get demotivated
- Dr Choong came, and repeat the VE upon my request
- I was only 9cm dilated..and the station is still high (station referred to the position of the baby's head in relative to your pelvic bone)

Whatttttt????!!!!...9 freaking hours in the pool, and I was only 1 cm progressed...

Macam tak percaya..despite the regular STRONG surges, rasa mcm nak berak during each surges, I was only 9cm...

I cried at this point of is still way to far to see my baby...I feel tak sabar sangat to hug and kiss my baby up to the point that I feel like asking Dr Choong to cut open and bring him out...


- leg cramps, heartburn, started to sets in..DANG..had to ask for Gaviscon

- after discussion with Dr Choong, he came out with 2 plans, one is to wait in the pool, (maybe for another 4 hours which he could not promise anything, he has no issue at all with option no 1, considering that baby's heart rate is fine all the way despite me being tense up) or to get out from the pool, take epidural, and rest for few hours (which is still possible for me to birth vaginally)

Discussed with my husband, he said I needed to rest cos it's still a long way to go :(

I started to cry..

Then I cried...and cried...and cried..

I cried because I felt tired...
I cried because I have gone through this far and finally I succumbed to epidural..
I cried because I felt that I'm weak...
I cried because I'm not strong enough for my baby...
I cried because I have made everybody waited for so mom, MIL, and husband was in the LR with me all the time

I cried even more when Kak Yat came to give me support :(

- The anaesthetist came to do the procedure (he poked me more than 4 times!)..arghh..sakit!
- Told Dr Choong that I refused augmentation and catheter insertion even on epidural

- I was so tired that I fell asleep during the long procedure and woke up by the strong surges
- after the drugs effect sets in, I ate a plate of rice..licin and went to sleep
- My sister came to visit, gave me support an air selusuh, and finally she went back together with my mom. Leaving me with husband and MIL
- unfortunately after awhile I could still feel the pain despite on epidural, ended up not getting enough rest

- Madam Soo Wai Han, my HB sifu, came to help me out. She never lost her faith on me..I was so touched :(
- I was half paralysed, I could not move both of my lower limbs. Regretted taking epidural!
- Wai Han helped to calm me down, helped me to breathe out my baby, whispering some birth affirmation and at the same time husband never left my side

Wai Han did some light massages, lift up my leg, to help reposition the baby and to help baby to descend

- I started to shiver and had a low grade fever
- My waterbag broke was clear liquor. I cried again knowing that I wont get en caul birth :(
- She stayed until 1am, before she left she hypnotised me with her calm and soothing voice. Finally I went into deep sleep, and I couldn't remember anything.

Wai Han whispered something in my ears..and I went into deep sleep. When I woke up, I feel so energezied!

- Finally, I was fully dilated, unfortunately baby head was still high up

7th July 2012
- Baby's heart rate suddenly went up
- Dr Choong came in and he explained that intervention needed to set, too risky
- I succumbed
- As much as I wanted a gentle birth for the baby, I took everything in a positive side and kept praying to Allah..

- After almost an hour of pushing, there was still no sign that baby will come out :(
- Nurses said my technique was good, my energy still strong, somehow the head didn't descend
- Dr Choong finally decided for a vacuum delivery..Pasrah je la..dengan syarat, no episiotomy. He agreed.

- miracle is out.

He looked calm and active, I immediately asked him why he didn't want to come out to see me!!!..hehe

Looking back at how my birth journey went, it was never actually what I wanted. What I wished for, What I've planned... All was not how I envisioned it. However, I took it with an open mind as I always keep at the back of my mind, reminding myself over and over again during pregnancy, that anything can go wrong.

Alhamdulillah that I was 'safe' from getting myself into caesarean, alhamdulillah that my baby is healthy and perfect physically (and heavy 3.6kg!). What matters is he immediately latch on was a major reason why epidural was never my option as I scared that complication may arise and breastfeeding would be delay.

We had immediate skin-to-skin contact..few minutes after, he began to search for my nipple..he did it himself!! Alhamdulillah

ABOVE ALL.. Alhamdulillah that I've chosen the right Obstetrician, Dr Choong, who always believe in natural and gentle birthing, and understands why I chose and make the decisions that I have made throughout the labour process.

If it wasn't because the knowledge that I have gained through hypnobirthing course, if it wasn't because of Dr Choong, or I chose some other ObGyn who is not pro-natural birthing and "scalpel"-happy...hehe.. I believe I would ended up having caesarean.   


Drama Queen said...

Wow!!! Quite a long journey there huh? I thought mine was crazy (with my first) but I think you beat me on this one! Alhamdulillah all went well. A birth plan is just a plan at the end of the day. As long as mummy and baby is ok.. It doesn't really matter how the baby decides to come out.
Thank god it's all over now and we can finally enjoy the little one!!
Congrats again!

LisaLisut said...

wow.lama jgk tu.masa i baca mula2 igt u waterbirth hehe. i rs ye laaa epidural tu myb effect my bf. how i wish i can bf my baby right after deliver..xde la suffer smpai arini i nk bf dia. susu ade tp dia yg xpuas.myb sbb dh biasa dpt air laju dr bottle.sigh..

bestnyaaaa u ade picture bertiga right after deliver. huhuhu

LisaLisut said...

ahh one more thing, u r so lucky xkene episiotomy!!!! kalau la doctor i tu mcm dr choong kan best.cis cis xpe lah.i dh sebulan ni jahitan pn semua dh ok dh hehe.

Tuan Kedai said...

You should submit your pic to poplook la. Sure diorg suka nya tgk ;)

Izrin said...

Tahirah, u have shared a really great story. Btw, u have all the moments snapped. saper yg amik foto sumer tu? Best sgt the foto bila u tgk blk kan? Great moment.

Alia said...

Good choices made at yhe right time with the support of a knowledgeable obsgyn..:) congrats

dytia said...

Hi dear

We delivered at the same place - though I did not opt for waterbirth. I heard good things about Dr Choong but I felt much more comfortable with a muslim lady obs gynae so that's why I choose Dr Idora. About epidural - My anaesth is dr Joseph and before I had the epidural I asked for a lower dose - which doesnt paralyse me and i can still move my legs and I can still feel the surges although at lower intensity. The nurses annoy me though cos they kept insisting to cathetherise me to empty my bladder despite me requesting a bed pan. Honestly i bet they feel doctors make the worse patients as they insist for things done our own way
Although our birth journey did not go as planned - as long as baby come out well and healthy - it should not matter right? ;-)

Hayati Muzaffar said...

Tahirah and hubs, you have been a great team and I am really touched to have witnessed how supportive and loving your hubs were during the entire process...your bubba is very blessed to have such loving parents to greet him for YOU, I am truly blessed and grateful that you allowed me to be apart of the beautiful birthing journey...I learned a lot from you and humbled by the experience...don't beat yourself up too hard as you've made pretty informed choices coming from your background, experience and knowledge. So I am sure the next birthing will even be much better because of this experience. Congratulations on the birth of your much awaited and highly anticipated 1st born son and may your family be blessed in love and abundance from here till Jannah...glad you can used the pics I took...made me feel useful, at least a bit...and you have inspired me to actually take my 1st doula certification in November Insyallah...

Anonymous said...

i wanna cry ready this babe! Whatttt an experience!

Moose said...

i think what you experienced and did was already amazing. no need to feel down about it. good job mommy and you know, there's always another round to experience the true natural birthing. hehe

Pya said...

Hi sis. I'm your silent reader since sis blm kawen lg. Suke sgt tgk your wedding. =) Just wanna wish congrats on your newborn baby boy yg sgt comel =) Syukur alhamdulillah baby lahir dgn selamat & sihat.

Sam said...

Salam Taheera,
Do you mind sharing the negative impact of having caesarian from a doctor's point of view? Thanks !


Diha said...

Salam Tahirah, hope it's not too late to congratulate you =) I've been following your blog for quite some time. Do you mind sharing what's the delivery cost in Pantai Hospital like? I'm highly considering to deliver my baby there. You can email me at if you are not comfortable revealing it here. Appreciate your help. Thanks! =)

Tahirah A. said...

Zura: It's true..all we do is plan and prepare, but Allah is the one who decide. Going into a battle without preparation and plan, is preparing for failure...chewaahh...Im enjoying my little one now..congrats (to)o you again..hehe

Lisa: what has passed, has pass..don't worry. As long as Baby Hanna boleh df, meaning you can continue bonding with her :) btw, gambar2 ni semua courtesy of MIL and kak yat..kudos to them

Tuan Kedai: What a sharp eye you have..hehe

Tahirah A. said...

Izrin: Thank you babe. It was my MIL and my friend who took it. It was in my birth plan to have a doula, and more than one birth companion to be with me in the labour suit.

Alia: Alhamdulillah..and Thank you :)

Dytia: Dr Idora was the one who introduce me to Dr Choong. I approached her for waterbirth, unfortunately she was not keen in doing it anymore as its time consuming. I was so frustrated. Initially, i was a bit hesitated to meet Dr Choong, cos he is a MALE. FYI, I have met few other female ObGyn, but semua tak de 'chemistry'. I have no other choice since me and husband really keen for waterbirth. After the first meeting, I would say I was very fortunate to have met such a great Obstetrician. I felt comfortable with him . He treated me like a patient, not a doctor. When he talk, he put down his pen, lean on the chair looking relax, and made a good eye contact . He even take manual BP for all his patient..humble and a very soft spoken doctor :)

Btw, Dr Joseph was the one who did my epi!..hehe

Kak Yat: you are such a darling!..Hadi will be smiling to his ears when he read this. Thank you so much for your time and support. You're such a bubbly person that you have made the tense situation became more bearable to me and hub. For the second time around, I'll make sure you'll get to be part of it as well, InshaAllah. Good luck with your doula training!

Unknown: hehe.. :)

Moose: yup..yup..planning for the second one sooooonnn..LOL

Pya: Thank you girl :)

dytia said...

Tahirah- seriously - I am just plain lucky I guess. That shows even consultant anesth also can mess up their epidural. Haha.. Yup dr Idora told me also no waterbirth with her. But then I myself not that keen for waterbirth - messy and hubby not comfortable me in a pool with another guy. Hehehe.. My requirement has to be a lady muslim doctor and probably delivering with dr Idora again for nx baby as I felt comfortable with her. Next birth - I am trying to avoid epidural tho I was thinking maybe that was causing baby to be OP position. But then my labour progress was so slow without augmentation with good contraction. Like u I dah exhausted dah so I am thankful for the epidural cos I manage to rest a few hours thanks to it. I met dr choong during antenatal class and he is quite nice I really agree. Maybe if there's a lady doctor doing waterbirth I'll consider it.

AsHiDa said...

Wow quite a long birth journey...but it all worth it when u hold ur little one in ur arms,rite? :-) must be a higher dose of epidural u're given since u r paralysed. when i had my epidural last time,only block the sensory part,not the motor part n it was pleasant as i can rest throughout the labour :-) definitely will consider epidural also for this 2nd baby.btw,what en caul birth
means? congrats tahirah n hadi!welcome to the club n enjoy ur sweet baby :-)

Tahirah A. said...

Dytia: oh..waterbirth not necessarily the doctor has to be in the pool. Most of the time they won't. Dr Choong won't go inside, I guess dia pon tak nak..hehe. You can be I side the pool alone, better still with your husband..dr Idora won't layan and waterbirth but she is ok if you want to be in the pool as a type of pain relief..I suggest u try la, very comfortable..when you feel it's time, you can get out from the pool..I'm hoping that Dr Choong won't retire so soon sampai la my second pregnancy..hehe

Tahirah A. said...

*wont layan any waterbirth... Typo :)

Tahirah A. said...

Hi Ashida!..I'm not sure about the dose, couldn't be borther to ask sbb dah penat sgt time tu..en caul birth means giving birth with an intact membrane. It's gentler for the baby.. :)

AsHiDa said...

wah tak buat ARM la maksudnye?tp bile dah fully baru di ARM kan ke?xtahu pulak blh..hehe.ko tau x kat area putrajaya ni,mane tempat yg sesuai utk deliver ye?aku dgr cerita Hospital Putrajaya byk negligence nye, tak berani pulak nak pergi sana :(

p/s:jual PB lg x?