Monday, September 17, 2012

Sleep training

There are days when I miss my son, and I realised that my son is just 2 months..and we are treating him like a 2 year old. So there are days when I take him out of his cot, and cuddle him on my bed..wanting him to wake up and first thing that he sees is his mommy.

He is still a baby...he is my baby...I would never be able to hug, cuddle, kiss my 2 months 10 days ever again because he will be 2 months and 11 days tomorrow...

Cherish the moment!!!


Drama Queen said...

Cantiknya lashes dia :)

Sparkly Sharky said...

He's such an adorable baby

Tahirah A. said...

hehe..thank you aunties..

no wonder org sampai skrg tanya dia boy ke girl (even i dah terang2 pakaikan dia jeans and t-shirt..duhh)..hehe