Friday, September 21, 2012

Last Friday

It has been 76 days since I gave birth to my life has never been happier receiving this bundle of joy. Within these 76 days, I cherish every single day spending time with him..cos in 2 days time I'll be starting work again!!..

Time flies..pejam celik pejam celik dah 3 bulan..I took my maternity leave a week earlier sebab dah tak larat sangat towards the end of pregnancy tu, that's why start balik keja pon lagi awal.

I'm still waiting for my maid to arrive from Indonesia, that would be in another one to two weeks time, so meanwhile we have to send him to a baby sitter. I prefer to send him to this akak rather than sending him off to a nursery cos this akak will only jaga him alone, no other budak-budak. It scares the hell out of me thinking how other people might handle him, will they handle him the way I do? So takut sebab selalu tgk kes-kes dera baby ni..

So within this 76 days I've been observing things. Things that I would miss during daytime when I go to work, like his normal sleeping pattern, learn his cues whenever he feels hungry or sleepy, how many times he poo-poo in a day and how much diapers would he need roughly in a day, how much he is drinking at a time whenever he takes from the bottle and etc. The only time when I get to spend  a full whole day with him again would be on weekends when I don't have oncallor whenever I take leave...dannngggg!!!..I'm gonna miss all this.

- At 2 months and 13 days, Qays starting to learn to turn sideways..that if when he tried hard enough.

- His head control is superb. he can lift up his head and sustained it. He likes to be carried like budak besar instead of carrying him in supine position.

- He can coo and become so becok now. Me and my husband talk to him a a way it stimulates his brain, and now whenever we talk to him, dia akan sambung balik with an excited tone.

- He is still fully breastfed, alhamdulillah 

- His feeding interval has increased...4 hours gap minimum and can go up to 5 hours, but alhamdulillah his weight increased, berat dia 5.6kg now.

- He can fit baju for a 3-6 months old fella..haha

- I still haven't decided on Rotavirus vaccine. The Paediatrician that we are seeing now really pushing me to do so because I'm a doctor, Paeds MO pulak tu. lol..Hmm..when it comes to my boy, I'm a patient's mother..not a doctor. So, I'm guessing we gonna change Paediatrician..haha. It's not because of the side effects that I'm scared of, or the price, or the components of the vaccine (bovine or porcine), but I don't think he needs it now..maybe later. Having said all that, I do recommend parents whose planning to send their children to a nursery to take it..Cos nurseries are usually packed with children of all ages, and so the chances of transmission of the virus from one child to anotheris high...and it commonly happens in children whom are sent to nursery. So, what are your thoughts regarding this vaccine? DO share with me..I would love to hear your opinion regarding this matter.. :)

- He sleeps through the night, with only 1 night feed, and he sleep in his cot..heaven!..I'm enjoying my good night sleep...occasionally we break the rules and co-sleep whenever his mommy or ayah rindu sangat to cuddle him.. :) Selalunya ayah dia la..hehe

- His daytime nap had reduced tremendously to 3 hours in a day..

Hmm..what else..

- I love him more and more everyday!..hehe

Knowing that I'm gonna start work really soon, I hope to spend more quality time with him after I come back to work..I feel so frustrated that my breastfeeding leave wasn't approved..why la Malaysia tak macam dekat UK, maternity leave sampai setahun..I wish!!..dah la masuk-masuk keja terus Ada exam..meaning have to studyyyyyy!!!!..stress..stress...


Anonymous said...

I tak tahu about the vaccination, so I have to skip that part. But, Qays is a healthy baby boy (so comelll) and I'm sure u can adapt both professions - a good doctor and a mother :D U go girl!

Tahirah A. said...

Thank you.. :) I have no idea how it feels like to juggle between both..

xoxo--eena said...

hi dear, i pon tanya my paed perlu ke tak rota ni since my baby time tu dah 5bln. dia tanya hantar nursery ke babysitter? i ckp babysitter, dia tanya berapa orang babysitter jaga? pastu dia tengok history anak i, tak penah cirit birit so dia cakap takpelah tak payah amik pon takpe..

Tahirah A. said...

Tu's an option. But I bet parents yg dah pnh experience handling children with diarrhea/vomiting akan advice To go for it..Thanks for sharing :)

f.alice said...

I have the same dilemma as well. Whether its good to take or not. Also same goes to pneumo vaccine, is it good to have it?

Cakap about leave, its real hard to go off to work and leave your kid behind. I do wish my comp practice as the same with our UK counterpart, 1 year paid leave with balance 6mths half salary. Only managed to have 2 months but I know they can afford 3mths to employee.


LisaLisut said...

Tahirah,thanks for sharing psl rota vaccine. i have another 10days before start working arghhhh.still undecided to send to BS/nursery or tumpang maid my SIL.hmmm. u dpt 3bln lucky la jgk hehe.i 2bln je.tetbe rs nk unpaid leave sebulan ni.gagaga...

qays so tembam and chubby !hehe

AsHiDa said...

tak best kan dah nak start work after a long time leave with 24hours/day u can be by your son...the first week mmg rase rindu sgt n sll teringat kat anak masa kerja,but u'll get used to it.apa nak buat kan, kita ni ada profession jgk.sbb tu la bile dah ada aliya, mmg aku malas sgt nak onkol n mintak tuka department yg ofis hour..haha

dytia said...

I took it because I am super paranoid mom hahaha.. My baby is taken care of my mom. The only budak kecik around are my nieces n nephew all less than 6 years. But i am anticipating in the future i will eventually send her to nursery at my hubby's workplace. Hosp nursery penuh sgt so no chance to send there.

dytia said...

Hi dear
I got it for Amni because I am the eternally paranoid mom. My parents taking care of her now but eventually she will end up in nursery later. The recent rotavirus outbreak made me decide to get it. Especially now that she's on solids hard to control the hygiene of food she gets.-. I am delaying pneumococcal a bit tho but will take it up eventually.

honey bedazzled said...

i did not sent my baby to nursery or babysitter but i still give rotavirus.coz pre caution is better than treatment.hoho i am a paranoid mommy

Mrs Ahmad.. said...

tahirah, I suggest that u take rotarix for ur lil boy. I missed the boat, tup tap tup tap, Hana already 8m.o masa tu. She had very bad diarrhea at 1y.o when we went back to our hometown. cousins dia ada diarrhea masa tu. I really think that the culprit was rotavirus. Hana pooed almost 20 times/day. So kesian I almost cried when she was sick. luckily she was still able to tolerate ORS, hence, no hosp admission. Another diarrhea at 2y.o, also quite bad. I guess the put into their mouth. so despite not sending them to the nursery, they are still at risk. lagi satu, dont forget pneumococcal vaccination. It is a MUST!!

Moose said...

i'm not sure about this but i think in norway, rotavirus vaccination is not even in the list.

coming from a pharmaceutical background, sometimes i wonder if babies do need that much vaccination during their life? or it's just a way of pharmaceutical companies to make money by using the parents' fear against them? but of course, i can't deny that some vaccinations such as polio, bcg are proven to be necessary. cuma kadang2 tu wonder if it's necessary how come MOH tak make it available for free kan?

Tahirah A. said...

I want to hear others opinion about Rotavirus not because I'm against it or what..I would like to view this matter outside the box..

F.alice: good or bad is really subjective. There's no right or wrong answer to this. But if I were given an option between rota and pneumococcal vaccine, I'll go for the latter. Pneumococcus infection can be fatal. Rotavirus is a common virus for acute gastroenteritis even before the outbreak. It is self limiting. The issue comes when proper hydration is it orally or intravenously..

Tahirah A. said...

Lisa: I'll vote for tumpang maid your SIL. I pon nak buat mcm tu awal2, but my sister will be moving to Shah Alam, Jauh nak hantar pagi2.

Ashida: tu la..kadang2 rasa tak nak keja

Dytia: I don't think you're paranoid cos u went ahead with the jab..hehe..the thought of seeing my son vomiting away or having diarrhea or not drinking that I have to endure later will make me take it up eventually.. :)

Tahirah A. said...

Honey bedazzled:'re not a paranoid mommy :)

Kak Maryam: u dah berjaya takut kan I..hahaha..kalau tak amik pneumococcal tu memang saje la kan..dah la semua cases yg kita tgk teruk2! Scary..

Moose: thank you for the input..talking about making money, ya, I do think that more and more vaccine will come out. It's like baby's product la..mcm2 Ada Skrg eg: food processor la...padahal boleh je guna blender (and padahal org yg menaip ni pon dah berangan nak beli Baeba Babycook..hahahaha)..Having said that, Ada jugak vaccine yg dah banyak membantu like you mentioned above

ashieBee said...

tahirah, welcome back to work :)) im sure it must be hard these first few days. gaaah. ok, i lmbt lg nak face that. now lebih kepada takut nak bersalin. ha ha ha!

Nuown said...

Tahirah,after some reading & asking, we decided to take Rota for Qays(eyh sama pulak! hihi) when he 2 months because of:
1. recent outbreak.
2. Paed said, walaupun Qays I tak plan send to nursery till 2-3years old. Tp considering kalau balik raya ramai kids, and soon dia akan masuk playskool/kindergarten. So he said precaution better than cure.

1st dosage, Qays reaction was crazyy!! freak me out till I decide to not to take 2nd dosage (after I read some parents tak nak ambil sebab reaction yang sama)haha. Qays had a serious stomach pain. screaming & crying. huhu. Reaction may vary to babies. some no reaction pun.

So, we met Paed seeking advises & told him we tak nak ambil. He ask why? I jawab I takut based on previous reaction. Dia mmg tak setuju. Dia kata u takkan rela tgk if your baby kena diaarhea lagi teruk dari stomach pain. IF u takut now, nanti lagi u takut if Qays infected. huhuhu..

So we proceed 2nd dosage. Alhamdulillah, takda pun reaction u. Happy baby sgt2.

I suggest u amik, it will hurt but not as much as the real one. U tak tahu pun nanti, emergency u have to send Qays to nursery.

Jgn fikir lama sgt, takut dah tak sempat ambil ROta vaccine. Pneumo takpe later skit. :)

Muaaah baby Qays u... hihihihi..

f.alice said...

Tahirah, based on my discussion with a friend and looking into discussion here I would say only considering taking pneumo for now.

Thank you bukak this topic on ur blog sbb Im facing dilemma on this. Siap tgk2 group healthy unvaccinated baby lagi kat fb. But I still at pro on vaccine cuma some additional tu mmg keep me thinking whether it is necessary ke?

Tahirah A. said...

Ashie: jgn takut!!..hehe

f.alice: i respect your view and decision :)

nuown: thanks for sharing. I guess gastrointestinal upset is more common sbb the vaccine is taken orally.
InshaAllah will vaccinate my Qays..hehe

ashieBee said...

tahirah!!!!! lupe nak tanye u, ur maid dh sampai ke belum? ok or not? eh u pakai agent ke u got contact?