Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just a quote

"Children have never been good at listening to their parents, but they never failed to imitate them"- James Baldwin.

Came across the quote while reading Brain Rules for Baby by John Medina.

I do agree with the quote though. It sounds scary..I wonder if I'm capable of being a good role model for my children.

I have to admit that I'm not that good pon. Sometimes you  I tend to say/use bad words when I didn't really mean it.

Scenario #1
I was in a car and saw someone who drives recklessly until it can put everyone else's life in danger, I went like "Eh..bodohnya orang tu!".

Scenario #2
We read the news about the girl who campak her baby from the 3rd floor, we went like this, "Eeee...gila la pompuan ni"...(seriously...what have gotten into her mind??!!)

Scenario #3
We got late to a very important meeting, and we went like, "oh..shit!..I'm late".

See, dalam tak sedar, I used all the bad words which I didn't mean it..and what if one day I just say in front of my children??!!..

It kinda worries me. Imagine one day your young ones goes "Look mommy...shit.." right in front of your mother-in-law..dannnngggg....hahaha...(ok..this is not funny!)

I really hope it won't slip out of my tongue in front of my children nanti...pray hard!  


LisaLisut said...

Tahirah,ini jugakla yg i risau. I admit i mmg sll guna word like shit,bodoh etc.not good not good.huhu. my husband dr b4 kawin sll advice jaga la skit mulut tu.nt ade anak,anak ikut(oh maluuu). susah nk dgr my husband use all those words.marah pn jarang.gagaga. i hope i/we can be a good mom to our child.amin..

Tahirah A. said...

Ye la husband selalu jentik I kalau I terlepas ckp mcm tu..hehe..I guess our other half completes us..inshaAllah..we try our best :)

Drama Queen said...

LOL! It's true.. Heidi talks like us. She goes "awww mennnnnn!!!" when she does something wrong and says "ohmygod" too! Before I had her..we use the bad words too..(shit, etc) but somehow now that she's around,
Without even trying too hard, we don't say those words so much. Mcm automatic je u won't use the words when u know they're around. Before if terjatuh barang ke.. I'd say "oh shittt!!!" but now, ntah since when... I will say "opppssieeee!"
We get angry too when friends use bad words in front of her. Once a friend said the f word and hubby marah n said don't talk like that if front of our daughter!
Don't worry... In time u will automatically stop..mula mula ni still terkeluar jugak but after lama2 nanti dengan sendirinya u wont use it anymore

~najwa~ said...

Knjwa selalu tegur irfan "ini bukan kerja kamu".

Now, irfan marah adik dia ckp " ini bukan kerja kamu"... Haha. Imitate sebijik.

Budak mmg cepat mengikut, kdg kita main ckp lepas je dlm kereta, diorang dgr...cepat depa tiru. Haihhh...

Tahirah A. said... la zura..should change to OMG or opppssieee... or whatever that sounds nice..hehe

Its good that your husband tegur your friend..not nice la swearing in front of children

Tahirah A. said...

Irfan memang lawak..sounds becok too!..hehe. Susah nak control dlm kereta kan cos byk driver yg bwk mcm ntah pape on the road..membahayakan org lain

Teeny said...

He's getting so big already...! Sorry, aunty haven't visit. Kiss2 ;)

Tahirah A. said...

cepat pindah KL teeny!