Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Being a new working mother

Today is my third day at work..

Knowing that I had to leave him behind to a complete stranger, it brought me to tears the first morning..haha..lawak je..I called up my husband while driving to work with teary eyes..LOL. The second day it got better, but still felt a bit sad. That boy have no idea that I was gonna leave him behind, he just smiled, looking all chirpy like any other morning.

I was so worried that I had to jot few things down on a piece of paper for her reference; like what time he should be sleeping, how long, and how to jaga my EBM, how to reach me in the hospital in case she can't get thru my handphone, etc.

The first day, I called the babysitter twice to ask my baby's progress..kalau ikutkan nak je call every 3 to 4 hours but it doesn't look nice pulak kan. First day he only drank about 8 oz je, poor baby, and his nap time is a bit lari, maybe he's adapting to a new place. Luckily his bedtime tak lari sangat and he slept 12 hours straight like he normally does.

The second day I was too busy in NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), so had my mom to drop by and asked how he was doing. Alhamdulliah, dia ok but did not drink much in the morning. However in the afternoon, he drank 10oz straight!!..haha..

The kakak has previously looked after few other babies before and she told me she has experience handling tak de la risau sangat. I gave her 4 bottles of my EBM in a cooler box and reminded her to keep in a fridge. When I came to pick my son after work, I was so surprise to find that all the bottles were still in the cooler box!..OMG..I was so geram but I just hide it and kept cool. My only worry is that what if my son was actually drinking stale milk??!, but so far he is still ok, no AGE or whatsoever, alhamdulillah. I instructed her again how to jaga my EBM.

I was in-charge of clinic the first day, so managed to pump twice, cos the afternoon clinic was a bit free. Brought back 16Oz. The second day I was already posted to NICU..only managed to pump once and brought back only 10oz. My supply is depleting!! :(

Seeing all the sick and cute babies in NICU makes me think of my baby even more. I'm so grateful that he is healthy and bam bam..hehe. One thing for sure, I will never look at them the way I looked at them before. When I look at them now, I feel they are mine..tiny little creatures just like my baby. I want to treat them nice and as best I could.

I can't wait for weekend to come!..I miss the days where I get to bathe my baby in the morning and chat with him the whole's killing me!!..I know maybe baru2 je mcm ni kan, the "I'm-a-new-mommy" syndrome :)

I'm sending him off at 7 in the morning and pick him up around 530pm (that if I get to leave at 5pm sharp). Since his bedtime is at 7pm, I'll make sure we gonna spend quality time together..I direct feed him at least 10 minutes before sending him off, and after work before he goes to bed. I purposely asked the kakak not to bathe him so that my husband will bathe him, daddy-son bonding session..hehe. After he goes to bed, then only I can mandi and all, while my husband gets ready for his Aikido class.

I know it's gonna be the same routine every single day from now onwards. I really hope to manage time wisely..after all, Allah give us 24 hours in a day, and that should be enough time if we are ABLE to manage it well. I pray for the best!!

On the other note, meet my new shoes to work :)

Konon-konon sebab stress nak keja, had to buy new shoes so that rasa lebih bersemangat..haha. Padahal sebab kaki dah besar cause I haven't reached my pre-pregnancy weight yet, I'll give another one or two months and see..

oh..I miss being 50kg!

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saleha said...

Hantar kt babysitter mana yah?

Tahirah A. said...

Dekat rumah mak aku ni..dia dah stop jaga budak, tapi mak aku tolong pujuk..haha.. Maid datang early October inshaAllah.

Khalisa Ridzuan said...

u dh start kerja gonna start this wednesday 3rd oct.sbnrnye i sj mls nk masuk ofis sbb 2nd oct tu checkup 2 months my baby.baik lps checkup i layan dia lol..

kalau boleh mmg xnk masuk office lgsg lah.dlm kepala mmg dh mcm2 alasan nk ckp kt bos nk work from home.i nk buat dlm seminggu tu 2x i work from home kot.kakakaka.insyaallah.

u yg dh start kerja pn rs mcm ni,i yg belum start dh rs nk berhenti terus pn byk la pulak...ohhh i xtimbang2 berat bdn(pasrah) hahah

Drama Queen said...

Love the shoes! :P

Btw, wanted to ask you how you get your baby to sleep through the night??! Mine still wakes up like every hour or every two hours. Penatnyaa! And he only drinks like 2.5oz max at a time. Yours can drink 10oz?? Amazing!
Tapi my milk production pun cam dah kurang je. I think cuz dah semakin malas nak pump kot. Need to start pumping more...

missbutterfly said...

byknya u punye milk production!!i plg byk 2oz je skali pump,,:(

dytia said...

I reply kat entry I takut u x perasan so i copy paste k
Tahirah - hugz - Jaga NICU heavy ok..
Stay positive. Susu kurang psl u x sempat pam time kerja - remedy dia kena gak cari time utk pumping kalau x sempatpum at least 10 minutes pun jadilah - honestly everytime my supply drop mesti time kalau i byk skip pumping time kat hospital. Plus kalau ur baby kat rumah tido awal n all night tu dah x bgn mlm utk menyusu dah lg less stimuli from baby as less direct bf at home kan psl baby tido.

Since ur baby dah tido all nite try POwer pumping b4 u sleep b4 going to work. Figure out berapa byk baby minum siang n match ur pumping frequency at work dgn his feeding time. Kalau x sempat, pump kat rumah utk civer his daily need. Katakan dia minum 6 x time office hour - u kena pump cukup 6 x gak per day tu cover time y x dpt direct bf baby. So far i do this way still survive walau stok ebm takat 3 days worth je cukup2 untuk oncall weekn + backup. kalau oncall mmg kena set utk pam cukyp untuk cover balik. kalau x mmg stok akan habis cepat. my fren hr tu buat stok pantang penuh deep freezer - about 100 bottles worth semua habis in 1 week psl balik jer dr maternity leave - EOD call badan penat x byk dpt pam n oncall bz x sempat pam time oncall. gn depend kat stok utk cover hari2 punya - u kena pump everyday aim enough untuk cover his daily needs. Stock is for emergency n time oncall use jer..

If u need more input n support - email me - nhidayatim(at) gmail(dot)com

Tahirah A. said...

Oh Lisa, pls persuade your boss to work from home..Internet, phone sume dah Ada..all works can do from home. Tapi kalau si kenit kacau, stress jugak kan.. :)

Tahirah A. said...

Zura, tu la..would love to share one of these days..tapi makin busy at workplace..haishh..

Jaja, banyak ke?..bersyukur je apa yg Ada Skrg..u baru lagi kot..don't stop even if it's 1oz..!!..I masa awal2 dapat 10mls je, then nak jugak masuk deep freeze..haha..lawak..

Tahirah A. said...

Ieda, sorry I tak sempat tgk your reply!..

100 bottles???!!!..banyak nya baby dia minum..thanks for the tips and's so impossible for me to pump byk sad. Kalau dpt pump pon around 10mins, dpt la 8-10oz..itu pon I didn't go out to buy lunch.

I'll stay positive so that my susu tak friends yg buat master, masuk je keja, kering kontang susu sbb stress..anyway, I salute u for being so strict with your pumping time..

Will definitely find you if I need more advices!..thanks :)