Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Travelling with an infant: lesson learnt

My husband and I headed back to kampung to visit our grandmother and relatives on raya. His kampung in Kuala Kangsar, while mine near Kampar, luckily both in Perak.

It was our first time travelling with Lil' K. With the traffic and all, it took more than 3 hours drive to reach our destination..and I would say, it was pretty challenging for me to travel with an infant. The first time is always a learning step.

1) Bring a lot of baju. During the journey, he puked and stained his baju. Nak dijadikan cerita, lepas muntah he poo-pooed, and somehow his diaper got leaked!.If I plan to stay for 2 days, so I need to pack baju for 4 or 6 days!!!

2) I also need to bring extra clothes! My milk leaked, habis basah my baju, and kena muak baby la etc..ended up pinjam t-shirt my husband.

3) Keep plastic bags in the car, one to keep his soiled diapers, one to keep his dirty clothes. R&R was jam-packed that we had to change him in the car.

4) Bring my breast pump. I thought it was unnecessary. Unfortunately, my baby sleeps most of the time. Ended up my breasts' swelled, and I had to hand expressed and buang all the milk. Pembaziran!..dah la susu banyak( Alahmdulillah for that).

5) Bring a disposable breast pad. So I don't have to wash..tiring!

6) Bring a lot of muslin cloth. With 2 days stay, I brought 5 muslin cloth with me and I used all of them.

7) Bring more than one blanket. The small size Mothercare thermal blanket would do..(meaning have to buy another one..haha)

8) Keep most of the stuff (eg: extra cloth, muslin) with me instead in the car boot.

9) Bring minyak cap kapak!..Pening la duduk belakang lama2. Then I have to jaga him lagi..breastfed him..sometimes need to carry when he merengek..hmm

Kalau 2 days of travelling pon dah bwk beg besar macam ni..

I think next time around I'll tow my cupboard!

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LisaLisut said...

Kg i temoh hihi.husband i kuala.mine was not challenging sgt. Sbb dia tdo lama n bgn nk susu n tdo balik.hehe.i just standby everything dlm kereta so sng.cuma rs ssh skit sbb i xbyk susu bdn so bila dia xknyg kne topup fm leceh nk bancuh susu bagai bila spare dh habis. Kan sng if susu bdn byk.xpyh nk berbotol.sumbt je breasts hehe

Tahirah A. said...

I can imagine Lisa..nak bancuh susu dlm kereta tgh jalan bergoncang2 kan..
I pulak even sumbat my breast pon tapi still tak rasa selesa bila nursing dlm moving car..

Moose said...

i pulak light packer! susah nanti ni nak ubah habit once ada anak nanti sebab i pening klo bwk brg pegi travel byk2. hehe

Tahirah A. said...

My husband is a light packer..I'm not. Haha..somehow baby ni unpredictable sikit..kita kalau kurang benda boleh pinjam2, baby Susah..nak2 lagi bab berapa byk diapers nak bwk, I bwk satu plastic besar. Hehe

Drama Queen said...

Hahaahah that's travelling w a baby for you. We travelled to Singapore almost every month when Heidi was a baby so with practice we got better in packing. Better to Pack more than less. I remember we had tO buy so many stuff in Singapore - more clothes cuz tak cukup, more diapers, more wipes.. Etc...
Kereta penuh whenever we go cuz we'd even bring those small foldable bathtub. (some hotels takde bathtub)..
Now we have 2, hubby said we need to bring 2 cars whenever we go travelling.

Tahirah A. said...

2 cars??..haha..lagi hebat. Nowdays kan I never bring extra baju whenever we go outing dkt shopping complex cos kalau I need extra, can always buy new one..haha..

Btw, I loooove that foldable tub tu, I even use it at home other than bringing it time travelling.. :)

Anonymous said...

sy kne amik pengajaran drpd story awak ni tahirah...nanti sy pun kne alami pengalaman travelling lame dlm keta ngn baby, lagi la jauh....aduyaiii, takutnyerrr...huhuhu

~wAr Niey~

Tahirah A. said...

Haha..betul tu Mawarni..first, kena cari beg besar

sweetlavender86 said...

i'm travel 8 hours!from shah alam to kb.ayookk kematu bontot.dgn anak 2 org.both lelaki pulakkn.beg baju penuh bonet kete.mcm nk pindah rumah!haha

Tahirah A. said...

Sweetlavender: you're a young mother with two!!..congrats :) kalau tambah lagi satu ni kena Pakai lori pulak balik kampung..hehehe