Friday, August 24, 2012

Extreme couponing

It's 4th day of raya today. No place to go beraya, me and my small family went beraya at OU and gave out duit raya there..hehe. I realised it has been ages since I last wrote any post about my outings and my shopping crave, unlike when I first started blogging dulu.

Well, since I have another one and a half months of confinement leave, I feel like blogging je nowadays.. :) which I was suppose to study for my exam! Haha..if my breastfeeding leave is approve, I have another 2 months (yayy! ;p).

Talking about shopping, have you guys watch a show on TLC called Extreme Couponing?..well, the show is about how some people in the US have an obsession of collecting coupons and use them to buy groceries (like can foods, cartons of milk, cereals, toilet papers, shower gel, etc) which will last them for years!!..I was dumbfounded seeing their coupon fetish enabling them to save thousands of dollars, and they only have to spend few dollars to buy stack of old magazines/newspapers to get the coupons. Ye lah, if we the type yang buat groceries once in a month, sekali belanja, mesti lebih dari RM200-300, belum lagi those yang dah ber-family, lagi la banyak belanja kan. On one of the episode, one of the extreme couponer sampai nak bukak kedai runcit sbb barang terlampau banyak dekat rumah.

Well, today, me and my husband feeling ala-ala extreme couponer la..hehe.

First I stock-up my SKll products cos mine almost habis, and my total amount of spending entitled me to get a gift set of SKll products worth more than RM500.

On top of that, I also got a SKll make-up pouch, itu pon bila dah pujuk-pujuk the sales girl for more extra gift..haha. I'm like that one, cos I feel I earn it after spending a lot for their products.

Then kebetulan pulak my SKll points will be expired in 2 weeks time, so I need to use them up. So my points entitle me to get free bottle of 15ml Facial Treatment Repair C, which they're selling at RM349 for 30ml. I was so happy! :)

Since I bought it at Parkson, I got RM160 of voucher pulak..happy lagi! :) so I belanja my husband, and also got me some nursing spending there. Happy lagi!..haha.

I also applied Parkson Elite card, which I got 5% rebate from the amount that I spent earlier, meaning I have RM80 in the card. Plus another RM20 voucher left, so I have another RM100 to be spend..yayy, happy lagi!..haha.

Since dah penat shopping tadi, and happy sgt with our kind of 'extreme couponing' plus I also purchased a few tops (I'm no longer an S size, banyak lama dah tak muat and I don't have baju!!), we decided to come back on another day to spend our RM100 :)

Kesimpulannya, me and my husband will do our shopping dekat Parkson je mulai harini..haha. Perhaps I should go to the one in pavillion for more options :)

So, do you guys have any 'extreme couponing' story to share? Hehe..

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saltvinegar said...

Hahahhaha darling! Tht one kira extreme couponing ker? Ppl buy groceries! You buy SkII hahahhahahaha but good job on the vouchers!

Moose said...

no extreme couponing stories but i just redeemed 2 box of welcoming package (kind of free baby gift box) and woah, they put in some awesome freebies in there. got myself or rather, the baby - MAM and Avent pacifier, Avent feeding bottle, a romper, few nappy rash creams, full size shower cream & shampoo, diapers, baby detergent, full size pad & pantyliner.

i'm still waiting for another 2 boxes of welcoming package to arrive and can't wait till they do!

Tahirah A. said...

Ok what Carol..Getting lot of stuff without even have to pay. That SKll memang I need it.. Twice in a year je beli, jimat.. Haha

Tahirah A. said...

How do u get yourself the free gift moose? Benda mahal2 pulak tu..3 boxes lagi!!..

Moose said...

Dekat sini some brands like diapers or baby websites memang bagi baby box tu if u sign up at their websites. Certain baby shops even bagi free diaper bin just by signing up at their shop for newsletters