Monday, August 27, 2012


Last 2 night Lil' K had colic. Normally when an infant experience colic, they will cry as a signal of telling us that they don't feel good. But not to my boy. Whenever he has colic, he won't sleep. His eyes will be wide open..sampai I pon dah naik risau..just imagine yesterday he only slept for 3 hours during daytime..and malam pukul 3 baru dia tido. He will suck his thumb and ask for more milk. However last night was a bit different, he occasionally cry, tiba2..

Earlier during confinement, whenever he cried, surely my mom will said that he is hungry.

"but he just had milk an hour ago", my answer to my mom..
"he is a baby boy, and he is growing", and that was my mom usual answer :)

People said boys drink a lot compared to baby girl, ok fine. Logic jugak..The thing is, my baby, he cried, when I shoved him my breast he will suck macam dah setahun tak minum :) then after awhile, he will vomit!..vomit VOMIT not muak tau..dah la banyak pulak tu. That's when I knew I overfed him..poor baby :(

So over time, me and my husband learnt his cues whenever he has colic. So what we did is sapu minyak telon banyak-banyak. I prefer minyak telon over minyak Yu Yee cos of its mild smell and it's not too strong. Then I will gently rub his tummy, it will soothe him and sometimes he will let out a good long fart...hehe.

In terms of positioning, he will find comfort when we place him in prone position (cobra position is how my husband has named it)..and there are times when we hold him upright, he'll feel better.

I never try that Gripe Water..rarely I encounter parents that says it's good. Have you guys try it? Do you have any other remedies for abdominal colic? share :)

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Dils said...

I pon am starting to learn on colicky baby ni.

That cobra position is what I did too, but I letak die kat my peha and perlahan2 urut belakang die dekat area perut with minyak telon. He will burp if ade angin usually.

I bagi jugak gripe water, macam tadek effect, but he doesn't protest and lepas tu die macam tenang je. So ok kutt.

LisaLisut said...

erkkkk ntah2 my baby pn kene colic tp i tatau! mmgla i tgh problem susu xbyk,tp i tau susu bdn tu ade.dia suck pn mcm xpuas2.lps tu kentutttttt je manjangggggggg.sapu minyak yu yee diam la i assume masuk angin biasa je huhu. gaya ur baby sleep sebijik mcm my baby hahaha. mmg kalau dia susah nk tdo i telangkup gaya mcm tu je. nyenyak trus dia tdo huhu

LisaLisut said...

i found this story psl anak dia kene colic. maybe u can try :)

Anonymous said...

Gripe water is exceptionally good. Even adults can take it. It's sweet and relieves wind very fast.

Hazz Nieza said...

my baby got colic waktu 2weeks plus. sedey & kesian sgt tgk dia. mmg x tido mlm i dibuatnya. i sapu myk telon & urut2 jgk. it helps tp take times. after 2 days i try bg gripe water sbb kesian gila. she's able to sleep few hours at night. but then my fren bgtau jgn amalkan selalu sbb takut effect kat usus. wallahualam..

dytia said...

I did a lot of tummy massages with minyak telon.
And make sure burp her well. I know some ppl insist u dont need to burp breastfeedg babies but i find it help in my sis n my baby case earlier on.
Once baby fart or BO - it is much better.

Anonymous said...

hii, u may try infant colic drop. it works for my 5 month daughter.boleh dptkan dr paed.

Tahirah A. said...

Dils: after this post, byk feedback that i got says gripe water bagus :)

Lisa: babies love to sleep in prone posotion it seems, tapi my boy tak suka kalau dia tak de colic..btw, thanks for sharing the blog!!..

Hazz: planning to get gripe water jugak kalau dah kesian sgt kat dia :)

Dytia: memang la..ramai ckp mcm tu. tapi my sister and my mom yg BF exclusively pon pesan to burp..

Anon: thanks for sharing :)