Monday, August 27, 2012


Last 2 night Lil' K had colic. Normally when an infant experience colic, they will cry as a signal of telling us that they don't feel good. But not to my boy. Whenever he has colic, he won't sleep. His eyes will be wide open..sampai I pon dah naik risau..just imagine yesterday he only slept for 3 hours during daytime..and malam pukul 3 baru dia tido. He will suck his thumb and ask for more milk. However last night was a bit different, he occasionally cry, tiba2..

Earlier during confinement, whenever he cried, surely my mom will said that he is hungry.

"but he just had milk an hour ago", my answer to my mom..
"he is a baby boy, and he is growing", and that was my mom usual answer :)

People said boys drink a lot compared to baby girl, ok fine. Logic jugak..The thing is, my baby, he cried, when I shoved him my breast he will suck macam dah setahun tak minum :) then after awhile, he will vomit!..vomit VOMIT not muak tau..dah la banyak pulak tu. That's when I knew I overfed him..poor baby :(

So over time, me and my husband learnt his cues whenever he has colic. So what we did is sapu minyak telon banyak-banyak. I prefer minyak telon over minyak Yu Yee cos of its mild smell and it's not too strong. Then I will gently rub his tummy, it will soothe him and sometimes he will let out a good long fart...hehe.

In terms of positioning, he will find comfort when we place him in prone position (cobra position is how my husband has named it)..and there are times when we hold him upright, he'll feel better.

I never try that Gripe Water..rarely I encounter parents that says it's good. Have you guys try it? Do you have any other remedies for abdominal colic? share :)

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Extreme couponing

It's 4th day of raya today. No place to go beraya, me and my small family went beraya at OU and gave out duit raya there..hehe. I realised it has been ages since I last wrote any post about my outings and my shopping crave, unlike when I first started blogging dulu.

Well, since I have another one and a half months of confinement leave, I feel like blogging je nowadays.. :) which I was suppose to study for my exam! Haha..if my breastfeeding leave is approve, I have another 2 months (yayy! ;p).

Talking about shopping, have you guys watch a show on TLC called Extreme Couponing?..well, the show is about how some people in the US have an obsession of collecting coupons and use them to buy groceries (like can foods, cartons of milk, cereals, toilet papers, shower gel, etc) which will last them for years!!..I was dumbfounded seeing their coupon fetish enabling them to save thousands of dollars, and they only have to spend few dollars to buy stack of old magazines/newspapers to get the coupons. Ye lah, if we the type yang buat groceries once in a month, sekali belanja, mesti lebih dari RM200-300, belum lagi those yang dah ber-family, lagi la banyak belanja kan. On one of the episode, one of the extreme couponer sampai nak bukak kedai runcit sbb barang terlampau banyak dekat rumah.

Well, today, me and my husband feeling ala-ala extreme couponer la..hehe.

First I stock-up my SKll products cos mine almost habis, and my total amount of spending entitled me to get a gift set of SKll products worth more than RM500.

On top of that, I also got a SKll make-up pouch, itu pon bila dah pujuk-pujuk the sales girl for more extra gift..haha. I'm like that one, cos I feel I earn it after spending a lot for their products.

Then kebetulan pulak my SKll points will be expired in 2 weeks time, so I need to use them up. So my points entitle me to get free bottle of 15ml Facial Treatment Repair C, which they're selling at RM349 for 30ml. I was so happy! :)

Since I bought it at Parkson, I got RM160 of voucher pulak..happy lagi! :) so I belanja my husband, and also got me some nursing spending there. Happy lagi!..haha.

I also applied Parkson Elite card, which I got 5% rebate from the amount that I spent earlier, meaning I have RM80 in the card. Plus another RM20 voucher left, so I have another RM100 to be spend..yayy, happy lagi!..haha.

Since dah penat shopping tadi, and happy sgt with our kind of 'extreme couponing' plus I also purchased a few tops (I'm no longer an S size, banyak lama dah tak muat and I don't have baju!!), we decided to come back on another day to spend our RM100 :)

Kesimpulannya, me and my husband will do our shopping dekat Parkson je mulai harini..haha. Perhaps I should go to the one in pavillion for more options :)

So, do you guys have any 'extreme couponing' story to share? Hehe..

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Travelling with an infant: lesson learnt

My husband and I headed back to kampung to visit our grandmother and relatives on raya. His kampung in Kuala Kangsar, while mine near Kampar, luckily both in Perak.

It was our first time travelling with Lil' K. With the traffic and all, it took more than 3 hours drive to reach our destination..and I would say, it was pretty challenging for me to travel with an infant. The first time is always a learning step.

1) Bring a lot of baju. During the journey, he puked and stained his baju. Nak dijadikan cerita, lepas muntah he poo-pooed, and somehow his diaper got leaked!.If I plan to stay for 2 days, so I need to pack baju for 4 or 6 days!!!

2) I also need to bring extra clothes! My milk leaked, habis basah my baju, and kena muak baby la etc..ended up pinjam t-shirt my husband.

3) Keep plastic bags in the car, one to keep his soiled diapers, one to keep his dirty clothes. R&R was jam-packed that we had to change him in the car.

4) Bring my breast pump. I thought it was unnecessary. Unfortunately, my baby sleeps most of the time. Ended up my breasts' swelled, and I had to hand expressed and buang all the milk. Pembaziran!..dah la susu banyak( Alahmdulillah for that).

5) Bring a disposable breast pad. So I don't have to wash..tiring!

6) Bring a lot of muslin cloth. With 2 days stay, I brought 5 muslin cloth with me and I used all of them.

7) Bring more than one blanket. The small size Mothercare thermal blanket would do..(meaning have to buy another one..haha)

8) Keep most of the stuff (eg: extra cloth, muslin) with me instead in the car boot.

9) Bring minyak cap kapak!..Pening la duduk belakang lama2. Then I have to jaga him lagi..breastfed him..sometimes need to carry when he merengek..hmm

Kalau 2 days of travelling pon dah bwk beg besar macam ni..

I think next time around I'll tow my cupboard!

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Eid 2012

Wishing all Muslim, especially this blog readers Selamat Hari Raya Maaf zanier dah batin.

This is my 3rd year of celebrating Eid with my husband, and first Eid as a mom. I'm happy and contented, Alhamdulillah :)

No photos of Lil' K in his baju melayu with us since dia tido je memanjang time bergambar...when he got up, muntah pulak..spoiled je. So mommy and daddy ada 'chan' la nak berposing berdua je.

And raya this year I chose jubah since berat badan still pada tahap yg mencemaskan.. So boleh cover apa yang my husband I made him to wear jubah as well :)

Ok..hope to 'see' you lovelies soon. Have a wonderful celebration!

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Sunday, August 12, 2012


Lil' K had his 2nd Hepititis B jab few days back. At one month old, his weight is already 4.9kg!.So berat!..mommy's milk sure give a lot of nutrition..Alhamdulillah.

Looking at the pace he is growing now, I'm predicting that he will become chubbier. He is advance in his milestone as well. At one month, he can lift up his head and sustained it about a minute, something that I rarely see!! Each time he does that, my husband and I will call it a 'cobra' stunt..hehe.

He is a strong boy too. After the Paediatrician jab his left thigh, he cried for a while then continued sleeping, but deep down I know he is pissed..hehe

At home, I caught him doing this...


Mommy knows that you did that are a good boy, aren't ya? :)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Newborn photoshoot: on tips

I have my birth story drafted but have not published it because I haven't done with the picture editing..that's the laziest part. So I decided to skip that and post a new entry..hehe

For now, I'm introducing you..

Abdul Kareem Qays Bin Abdul Hadi :)

Lil' K had his newborn photoshoot last week and his mommy was the most excited person on earth. I always wanted a maternity photoshoot, with seeing me balloning, I felt ugly, and I just couldn't stand seeing myself in the picture. I decided to forego the idea, and have it done for my baby instead.

Mommy's sweetheart

I was introduced to LittleBigShots Photography by a friend, Kak Yat. All the newborn photography handled by Kak Aiza. It didn't take me long to contact her to book for a session considering that there were not many newborn photographers that I knew of and her price was very-very reasonable.

I wanted to share with you all some of the tips that I think would be helpful in case you're planning for your baby, cos trust me, doing this session with your newborn is not easy. It can easily take 3-4 hours of your time.

1. Choose a right photographer
...and always choose those who have a lot of experience with newborn. Your wedding photographer might be the best at his/her work, but that doesn't mean they're good in newborn photopraphy. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance handling with babies. Bayangkan during our session, it dragged to almost 4 hours sebab baby kadang-kadang terjaga, kejap-kejap lapar nak minum susu, tiba-tiba terkencing etc. Our Lil' K peed twice on Kak Aiza's props..kesian her :)

I chose Kak Aiza cos she is a mother herself, so she's kinda good with handling babies..and of cos, she has the patience and passion :)

2. Try to keep your baby awake at least 2 hours before the session
Things would be so much easier if your baby sleeps throughout the session...and tido tu biarlah tido yg lena, so that when we put them in a certain pose, they will not easily awaken. My baby woke up when we arrived cos he poo-pooed :) Alhamdulillah I managed to put him to sleep after I bribe him with milk ;p he woke up few times, merengek2 few times, at the 3rd hour, he was fully awake so I had to forego some of the shots that I wanted.

This picture was taken when Lil' K was fully awake, I even bribed him with milk, tapi tak berjaya..the hammock was made from my muffler. Both my husband and I held both ends and had to ensure that he wouldn't fall off...this part was funny, and we had fun helping Kak Aiza

3. Bring extra clothes
..and a lot of wipes...that includes the parents too!. Most of the newborn shots are taken in their birthday suit, so nampak cute la kan :) so there are chances for them to pee/poo whenever and wherever they feel like it. In my case, my son peed while my husband carried him and he peed at Kak Aiza props too..Kak Aiza said it is normal, so I need not feel guilty about my boy marking his spot. Hehe..

4. Know what you want
...then it will be easier for you and your photographer. Being excited as I was, I did some search on the internet, and looked up for newborn photo-shoot pictures. You can find abundance of it from overseas photographers' website. So I chose the pose I wanted, mailed it to Kak Aiza, and we both find the props. Overseas, they have a lot of cute props for newborn photoshoot and it's easily available. I found a lot of cute props from, like a miniature bed for babies (like the picture below), cute crochet hats etc, and was very tempted to buy it, but due to time limit, I didn't.

source: google

5. Get involved
I did not leave everything to my photographer, but helped her with the props that she didn't have. So, I brought some of the things from home which I thought would fit in the theme. Like the picture below, I brought the book, the vintage LOMO camera, and the classic table clock as the props. While Kak Aiza provided the glasses. She is good, she never told me that she bought that for the photoshoot in advance, and I planned to use my husband's glasses. I also bought the alphabets block from Toy's R us as the ones that Kak Aiza has are not complete.

6. Try to do the photoshoot at least at first to second week of life
This so that it would be easier to manipulate them to give your desire pose. Like these..

pictures source: google

It was not easy to get this pose from my son..considering dia dah besar sikit and asyik nak stretch his limbs je. Once we dah berjaya, terus Kak Aiza snapped byk2

I was too tired during my 1st week of confinement, so tak de mood nak fikir lagi. The moment I felt much better, I immediately e-mailed Kak Aiza and started doing my work. Eventually, my son had his session at his 3rd week of life, memang la besar gaban..nak masuk dalam cocoon pon susah, so miss this pose that I wanted so much (his legs kept sticking out from the cocoon...hehehe)

I always wanted this pose!..tapi tak dpt :(
source: google

7. Baby is the boss
You follow whatever their cue is. Be opportunistic. Take what you can, when you can. The hardest part was when the baby dah bangun, sebab they keep moving and you have to be fast to capture their facial expression.

Lil' K is fully awake!..The cute owl crochet hat was ordered from kottonkween. It comes with a pair of matching booties and I also ordered a cocoon. She managed to weave it in less than 5 days! :)
Will upload the pictures once I get the remaining from Kak Aiza

8. Keep them as warm
Especially bila pose yg togel2 tu..otherwise, they will start to merengek. Studio kan ber-aircond, make sure it is not too cold for them.

This picture was taken when we tried to put Lil' K to sleep..and mommy's muffler kept him warm :)

That's about it (that I can think of at the moment!..hehe).

It was an enjoyable session I had with my baby (not to forget ,my husband). Seeing my son pose, it just melt my heart. At least I can keep the photos in my iphone and I can flick thru while expressing breast-milk nanti...LOL. I hope he will look back at the photos when he is big enough and appreciate what his parents did especially his mommy who put a lot of effort onto it!!..haha..

There are a lot more photos with other background, but Kak Aiza hasn't pass it to me yet...InshaAllah after raya. Can't wait for more!