Thursday, June 28, 2012

Seven things you can do with your placenta

Was reading Write About Birth blog, and encountered this entry, "Seven (weird) things you can do with your placenta"..

1) Eat it
Plenty of women eat their placenta these days. The thought of it may be a bit gross, but there are theories that eating your placenta will make you feel better, give you a boost of nutrients, and perhaps prevent or halt postpartum hemorrhage. 

2) Bury it
Some families bury a baby’s placenta and plant a tree at the site, to honor the baby’s birth.

3) Make placenta art
No kidding – pressing the placenta onto a large sheet of paper results in interesting “art”. If you don’t believe me, just look at the picture above. If you are having a baby, you can make “tree of life” type prints all of your own. They’ll make original material to hang up in your baby room. Or next to your coffee table, perhaps.
4) Encapsulate your placenta
OK, this is a variation on eating the placenta, but perhaps one that is a little more palatable. Placenta capsules are said to help women be more energetic following birth, and to keep postpartum depression at bay. Some women even keep them for years to help alleviate menopause symptoms when they get to that stage.
5) Make your skin beautiful
What do you put on your facial skin? Unless you make your own creams, your own placenta won’t be part of your cosmetics. But you may be beautifying yourself with the placenta of another female, human or other mammal. 
6) Knit a placenta

7) Offer it to research 
If you give birth at a hospital, you can donate your placenta for research. Or to end up in cosmetics, perhaps.


I first heard about mothers who consumed placenta from Madam Soo Wai Han, our hypnobirthing sifu. Of cos my jaw dropped!!!...but having respect others believe, I kept it cool..hehe. She told us that those who consumed it preserved the placenta with Rosemary powder, and also to prevent the odour. Some will boil and drink the water, and some will make into a capsule as so it will be easier to consume. Like mentioned, no evidence to prove the benefit, but some believe it gives some health benefits.

As a Muslim, I think we are forbidden to consume it, it's like eating part of your body. Even if we're allow to, I'll doubt I have the courage! :)

From my reading, there's no ruling about burying a placenta in Islam as no particular Quranic verse reciting to bury it (correct me if I'm wrong!), but it's likeable for one to bury it since it comes from our body, same goes to our hair, nail, etc.   

So what I'm gonna do with my placenta nanti?...of cos la to bury it. But where??..hmm..never really asked my mom or discuss with my husband on this, as long as it's on the ground lah kot. Dah la our place tak de tanah..haha. Boleh ke tanam dalam pasu??..Ada yg cakap tanam bawah pokok la etc, I do not know about that. If you do, please share.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Pushing your baby out

"Pushing your baby out" is a rude concept that has NO PLACE in gentle birthing. It is usually counterproductive and is actually a detriment, causing the vaginal sphincters to close ahead of the descending baby. It creates an atmosphere of stress for all involved. Very recent studies suggest that forced pushing over a long period of time can be harmful to a birthing mother and do damage to her pelvic floor.

Strong, forced pushing while other people prompt you will confuse, frustrate and tire you. It also causes your baby to experience emotional and physical trauma, as she is pressed against the walls of a resistant passage that is not yet receptive to her journey. Stories of exhaustive pushing that extends over hours bear out the fact that the baby will descend when she and the birth path are ready.

The wave of the lower body is designed to expel as such surge moves the baby farther down the birth path..These soft, expulsive pulsations of your body will do their job more quickly if left uninterrupted and allowed to function as nature intended...

- MARIE F. MONGAN from Hypnobirthing, The Mongan Method

I really hope there will be no more people wishing me "happy pushing, Tahirah!"

..and there will be no nurses to tell me "ok..teran sekarang!!!" or "..teran panjang2.." 

Hope they will follow my birth plan..

Support gentle birthing!! :)