Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hello world!

It's been almost half a year....and here I am, almost forgotten how to post a new entry. Blogspot has totally changed (I just realized it!) lol..and I'm not use to it (at all).

**To find an icon for 'new entry' pon took me few minutes..Haha..

Been longing to write on so many pregnancy, my Vietnam and my recent Amsterdam/Belgium trip, and most importantly, I'm excited to share about hypnobirthing classes that I attended to  last month...

It's Sunday today, I'm not working, chilling at home, had a good night sleep last night, perut pon dah yess, I'm a happy mommy-to-be ;)

So for now, I'm leaving you with my 'baby bump' at 30weeks :)

A'ha..this is just a WARM UP entry...hehe.


LisaLisut said...

Hi Tahirah :)
welcome back.hehe lama gila u menyepi. kita beza 5weeks. u deliver dlu hehe. can see ur bump. a boy?(teka je hehe)

keep updatinggggg. eh bole je tkr balik ke dashboard lama.i pn xpaham dgn yg baru punya blogger. then i switch back to old one.senang.hehe

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

Ya Allah, kejap je dah 30weeks tahirah. Comel okey perut! :)
lama tak update ni tibe2 muncul. update lagi pliss! :)

missbutterfly said...

mommy2be so anggun!! share la psl hypnobirthing tu tahirah..

missbutterfly said...

mommy2be yg gorgeous!! tahirah.. share la psl hypnobirthing tu..

Mr and Ms bOZhiCkA said...

Bestnya tengok ex bride to be dah jadi mummy to be..heee..anyway belum terlambat nak wish tahniah... feel free follow my blog k