Sunday, April 22, 2012


Hello world!

It's been almost half a year....and here I am, almost forgotten how to post a new entry. Blogspot has totally changed (I just realized it!) lol..and I'm not use to it (at all).

**To find an icon for 'new entry' pon took me few minutes..Haha..

Been longing to write on so many pregnancy, my Vietnam and my recent Amsterdam/Belgium trip, and most importantly, I'm excited to share about hypnobirthing classes that I attended to  last month...

It's Sunday today, I'm not working, chilling at home, had a good night sleep last night, perut pon dah yess, I'm a happy mommy-to-be ;)

So for now, I'm leaving you with my 'baby bump' at 30weeks :)

A'ha..this is just a WARM UP entry...hehe.