Friday, November 18, 2011


The most awaited time has and husband will be entering parenthood reaaaaaallyy soooonnn..inshaAllah! :)

I'm entering my 8th week of pregnancy now...Alhamdulillah :)

The feeling is just so surreal. The moment me and husband found out that I'm 'double', we were jumping in joy and felt so grateful!..It's just so unbelievable..we jumped then we became speechless!..hehehehe.. That's how happy we were.. ;) now I understand why all the first-time-mommy became so excited over their first pregnancy... :) having said that, I wonder how it feels like come the 2nd, 3rd, or maybe the 8th one??..( mom has 8..hehe)..

The news came during the time I least expected see, after my husband and I got married, we were on family planning...we're still not ready physically and mentally to become parents..having said that, it doesn't mean that we don't want are gift from Allah, as much as I feel scared of 'myself', I do want children...

Alhamdulillah...we had our quality time, just the two of us. We got to know each other even better..and I was adapting to marriage life. Honestly, the first few months after marriage was the hardest (for me)..As happy as I was, being a wife was a little more stressful than being a single women...It's not as simple as I thought it was's not that you have to just take care of yourself, now you have extra head to think of...everything just doubled up, work..cloths, food, house, etc...

How's my 8th week so far?..

The first week was so exasperating...It was disturbing..It was madness!!..I wasn't being myself at all!..I wasn't as energetic and cheerful as before...and the people around me, who are close to me could really see the changes..I dunno whether I should blame the hormones..or it is just me...during that period of time, nothing seems to be interesting, not even shopping mall!!..haha..My bed was my best friend..the only place that I found comfort in..other than my husband's armpit..LOL..To spice it up, things got even worse when I caught with some viral like illnesses...flu, sore throat, bodyache...what a CHALLENGE..

Feeling motivated to get back on track, me and husband went to pharmacist to get supplements as suggested by families and close friends..hoping it somehow might help. Nothing ordinary, I planned on buying haematinic je..hehe. Eventhough I can get the supply for free, I choose to buy outside, cos the ones from the hospital comes in few tablets that makes up 'haematinic'..(which I know I won't be compliant to). The simpler range of it would be Obimin capsule. Little did I know, the capsule  is made up from bovine..and most of the supplements are imported from get what I mean? make sure to ask the pharmacist for a Halal  certificate before buying the supplements ok..

Despite the awful first week, well I gained a lot!! appetite has gone up to the max!..without Premium Beautiful, I can see my tummy growing it's layers of fat..and my long gone 'love-handle' has now RETURNED!!..GGrrrrr...but thinking of the baby inside, I'll face anything..hehehe..

Unlike others, I experienced quiet a bad water retention..while everybody has their 'elephant feet' during the 3rd trimester or at the end of pregnancy, I'm experiencing it far more earlier..can you believe that??!!..Gosh..I feel so scared imagining what kaki would I have towards the the end..kaki apa yg lagi besar dari kaki gajah??..haha..But then I guess it's normal, it's the hormone that causes water retention...

Alhamdulillah, I don't have morning sickness...a'ha..NOT JUST YET!!..hehe..I have to be ready, cos morning sickness would be at it's peak during the 8th till 10th week as the hormones level are highest around these time..

Two weeks after the UPT has confirmed, I only went for scan last night...Initially, I wasn't planning on doing scan until my first booking at the O&G Clinic, but I keep having on and off cramping lower abdominal pain..eventhough I didn't experience any staining (Nauzubillah), still I was a bit scared and decided to take a little precaution, ie to do scan just to make sure it's not ectopic (kandungan luar rahim)..During the scan, seeing my baby's heartbeat, Ya Allah, there's no words to describe my feeling..husband was so happy that he hold my hand tight...lost in words :) all these while when I do scan for pregnant ladies, I was takde I'm sure I should have shared their happy feelings :) long entry this time (after so long!) reflects how happy I am... :)

p/s: EDD would be on our 2nd wedding anniversary!! ;D

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Next April

...I'll be flying to Holland and Belgium baybehhh....

...and everything will be taken care off....

...from flight expanses, accomodation, food, transportation, activities, etc2....

....I just need to bring money for shopping je....itupon bulan2 confirm dapat dari company, janji busines jalan :)

Anyone been to Holland before??..I'm a bit jakun last trip to Europe was like more than 10 years ago!..hehehe...

I hope to take pictures with zillions of colourful tulips....and visit the flower field

Feast my eyes with the beautiful architectures in Amsterdam itself..

Canals of Amsterdam


Tuschinski Theater

Amsterdam Central Station

Holland is the largest cheese exporter in the's a must to have a bite and bungkus bawak balik..hehe

Dutch windmills..

Bawak balik clogs for cenderahati...I want the classic wooden clogs..

and many more...

I just couldn't wait for April to comeeeee!!!....

Oh wait....Belgium tertinggal....Well, heard it's a heaven for chocolates and mussels lovers..I haven't read much on Belgium..but I know in Brussels they have lots of beautiful architectures too...

Alhamdulillah, who would have thought, less than a year in the business, this gonna be my 2nd trip with the company...and I'm just doing it as a part-time je.. :) now I don't have to worry about traveling, cos every year company offers 3 places to tak? :)

So, who wants to join me for the next FREE trip to South East Asia???...don't be shy to contact me :)