Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rizman Ruzaini

I'm not gonna talk about their design or

Just to share with you how happy I am to know that one of a Malaysian's top designer is also using our product....Premium Beautiful and Lactolite yogurt drink, to help in loosing weight..

Tak percaya???

Yup...that's him, signing up a membership.. can buy products for his own, and also sell the products and make MONEY!! :) Lepas ni confirm celebrities pon ramai pakai...especially his regulars kaaannn ;D

Who says Premium Beautiful is only for woman???...Even the guys can get the benefit of it..but they won't use the whole set laaaa kann...hehehe... 

The waist nipper, part of Premium Beautiful corset can be worn by males...

So ladies, why don't you place your order for your husband, fiance, boyfriend, dad or brother?? me they gonna like it (minus the lacey part!)..hehehe


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