Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Of achievement and celebration

Last Saturday, there was another celebration at our stockist..yup our stockist is always full with celebration..every single month :) It's just to show that we're doing a very good sales especially on Premium Beautiful corset from time to time... and yes, jual baju dalam memang senang ;p

The event took place to celebrate those who have been promoted to CDM (Crown Diamond Manager), the highest rank in the business, those who have qualified to start Car Fund (yup..we do have so many incentive other than free travelling, one of it is Car Fund), and those who have achieved RM100,000 sales in a month...(and yess..I'm one of it) ;p 

Spot my name?

Out of 13 people being celebrated, more than 60% of it came from CDM Hanis Haizi's group, the pioneer of online retailer for Premium Beautiful. She was the one who open up a wide opportunity for us to grab in the business, and she has so many tips..dah yang paling penting, tak kedekut ilmu!
Me, Hanis, Kak Mai
What I got that night?..a bling-bling DKNY watch..and a SWAROVSKI pen/USB drive courtesy from CDM Hanis...who would give me these for free?? tell me..(except from hubby la..hehe) 
Bling..bling.. :)

With Kak Mai, the name that I keep mentioning in this blog..She's the backbone behind all my achievements...and without her, I wouldn't go this far!...

My dedicated business partner, Ryn.

All in a team...

Cake cutting session with the rest of the achievers...

With Aliah, once a bride that I used to stalk..her wedding with Anas, was such a beautiful one..and because of her wedding photos, I met Syahrin Aziz twice, akhirnya I choose Qippy....hehe. Siapa sangka, I met her in real life and we become friends in the business :) Oh..btw, she got a Calvin Klien watch..

Tak susah sebenarnya buat business ni cos you never work alone...every step that you take, mesti ada je someone ie your group leader to monitor...susah dan senang, sentiasa ada. Yang penting, tunjukkan komitmen, and buat yang terbaik :)

I can't wait for more and more achievement in the is, to become a Double Diamond Manager (DDM)....that is to achieve before end of this year...I DARE MYSELF!! :)

Annnndddd...there will be more and more gifts and celebration...from stockist and also from Hanis...since she loves designer handbags so much, those yg berjaya naik pangkat to CDM, akan dihadiahkan designer bag sorang sebijik..Kak Mai got her full leather Coach, and the latest, CDM Adzliza got her PUCCI kan :)

This business is fun..I'm enjoying myself to the fullest...from doing it to get side income, now I'm doing it out of passion...and what I earn now, is more than what I earn from my fulltime job!..RM4500 for a START, that's a lot for me!...You can have yours too...don't shy away from your keyboard and ask me how :)



Khalisa Ridzuan said...

hi Tahirah :)
u look slimmerrrr :)
last few days i told mu husben about PB.i cakap i nk beli tp kene kumpul duit.hahaha.sbb nk kurus etc, i show him ur blog yg ade info psl PB etc etc etc. i kata la laki pn bole pakai.hahaha. dia mcm interested tp still tak berapa yakin.

to be honest,i ade keinginan nk buat this i tak berani.i malu nk berckp.(pdhal mulut tak henti berckp,all crapssss haha). i still xde keberanian nk buat sales mcm jual PB ni or satu lg cabang - jual insurans mcm kwn i. cz now i am married rs letih gila kot g keje tempuh jem,gaji mcm tu jugak.kalau bole buat kerja yg waktu kita sndri adjust,kan best. panjangnya.ok bye :)

seronok baca cerita u ni.hehe

girlfriend said...

ape nama blog Aliah tu ye? seen her before tp tak ingat kat mana..hehe

Girlie said...

Congratulations!! Everybodys happy faces just makes me smile looking at your pics.Will be joining soon!

Tahirah A. said...

Slimmer??..hehe..ramai org tegur..i lost 4 kgs. Which is a lot for i nak maintain je..of cos with the help of PB..husband dah bising2 i dah lama tak exercise, just to protect my heart..hehe

Youre right, if I didnt become of what I am today, sure i dah fikir nak quit my job...cos the income im getting now sgt stable..but i still love kerja dkt hospital :)

jgn takut brings you nowhere...I nak offer you free PB..what say u? :)

Tahirah A. said...

Hmmm..does she have a blog? nnt I tanya dia when we meet nnt k.. :)

joining soon??that's great!..are we from the same team? :)