Friday, October 21, 2011

MacBook/Ipad for free!

More and more free gift coming...weeee!!
 From a free branded watch....

to an expensive pen...

to a designer bag...

now we have MacBook Air, ipad, and ASUS notebook 

waiting to give away for freeeee!!!...WOW..

**Itu baru yang di offer dari stockist...belum bonus besar dari company sendiri....

Don't you all think that is too much????

And you can get all these within less than a year in the business....did the company you're working now offers the same thing??..hmm..mine of cos sampai bila2 pon tak ada la kaannn...hehe

Last 2 weeks before Anugerah Jam Tangan for September qualifiers, there was another celebration that I missed cos I had to attend a family affair....

These time to celebrate our group leaders whom have successfully lahirkan equally successful business partners (including me..perasan I know!...hehehe) CDM Hanis Haizi, the ever-so glamorous CDM, CDM Maisarah, the ever so dedicated CDM, and many more...In this business, there is no such thing as only one will succeed....the effort has it’s just rewards...the more effort you put into it, the more successful you will become..that’s b’coz our business is one which is fair to all and not only one...there is no “I” in “TEAM”...AND TEAMWORK IS ESSENTIAL IN BECOMING SUCCESSFUL...even the one that is just starting out has equal opportunities to succeed just like their succeed or not, the decision lies in your hands...put in the effort and you will see the reward$$$$$$$$$$$$$...

Ok..back to free gift...hehe. 
Let me feast you with pictures.. :)
Hanis, in RizmanRuzaini's outfit, receiving her MacBook Air...

Hanis's husband, CDM Razali

CDM Maisarah yang kuat..ramai said we're resemblance

Many more gadgets to give away the following week..

Wish I was there...

Best sangat bila dapat free gifts ni..nak-nak lagi expensive stuff kan..semangat bertambah membara-bara..berkobar-kobar...

If you want to know how to get these all for free, I'll be glad to share ;)


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