Friday, October 21, 2011

MacBook/Ipad for free!

More and more free gift coming...weeee!!
 From a free branded watch....

to an expensive pen...

to a designer bag...

now we have MacBook Air, ipad, and ASUS notebook 

waiting to give away for freeeee!!!...WOW..

**Itu baru yang di offer dari stockist...belum bonus besar dari company sendiri....

Don't you all think that is too much????

And you can get all these within less than a year in the business....did the company you're working now offers the same thing??..hmm..mine of cos sampai bila2 pon tak ada la kaannn...hehe

Last 2 weeks before Anugerah Jam Tangan for September qualifiers, there was another celebration that I missed cos I had to attend a family affair....

These time to celebrate our group leaders whom have successfully lahirkan equally successful business partners (including me..perasan I know!...hehehe) CDM Hanis Haizi, the ever-so glamorous CDM, CDM Maisarah, the ever so dedicated CDM, and many more...In this business, there is no such thing as only one will succeed....the effort has it’s just rewards...the more effort you put into it, the more successful you will become..that’s b’coz our business is one which is fair to all and not only one...there is no “I” in “TEAM”...AND TEAMWORK IS ESSENTIAL IN BECOMING SUCCESSFUL...even the one that is just starting out has equal opportunities to succeed just like their succeed or not, the decision lies in your hands...put in the effort and you will see the reward$$$$$$$$$$$$$...

Ok..back to free gift...hehe. 
Let me feast you with pictures.. :)
Hanis, in RizmanRuzaini's outfit, receiving her MacBook Air...

Hanis's husband, CDM Razali

CDM Maisarah yang kuat..ramai said we're resemblance

Many more gadgets to give away the following week..

Wish I was there...

Best sangat bila dapat free gifts ni..nak-nak lagi expensive stuff kan..semangat bertambah membara-bara..berkobar-kobar...

If you want to know how to get these all for free, I'll be glad to share ;)


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Of achievement and celebration

Last Saturday, there was another celebration at our stockist..yup our stockist is always full with celebration..every single month :) It's just to show that we're doing a very good sales especially on Premium Beautiful corset from time to time... and yes, jual baju dalam memang senang ;p

The event took place to celebrate those who have been promoted to CDM (Crown Diamond Manager), the highest rank in the business, those who have qualified to start Car Fund (yup..we do have so many incentive other than free travelling, one of it is Car Fund), and those who have achieved RM100,000 sales in a month...(and yess..I'm one of it) ;p 

Spot my name?

Out of 13 people being celebrated, more than 60% of it came from CDM Hanis Haizi's group, the pioneer of online retailer for Premium Beautiful. She was the one who open up a wide opportunity for us to grab in the business, and she has so many tips..dah yang paling penting, tak kedekut ilmu!
Me, Hanis, Kak Mai
What I got that night?..a bling-bling DKNY watch..and a SWAROVSKI pen/USB drive courtesy from CDM Hanis...who would give me these for free?? tell me..(except from hubby la..hehe) 
Bling..bling.. :)

With Kak Mai, the name that I keep mentioning in this blog..She's the backbone behind all my achievements...and without her, I wouldn't go this far!...

My dedicated business partner, Ryn.

All in a team...

Cake cutting session with the rest of the achievers...

With Aliah, once a bride that I used to stalk..her wedding with Anas, was such a beautiful one..and because of her wedding photos, I met Syahrin Aziz twice, akhirnya I choose Qippy....hehe. Siapa sangka, I met her in real life and we become friends in the business :) Oh..btw, she got a Calvin Klien watch..

Tak susah sebenarnya buat business ni cos you never work alone...every step that you take, mesti ada je someone ie your group leader to monitor...susah dan senang, sentiasa ada. Yang penting, tunjukkan komitmen, and buat yang terbaik :)

I can't wait for more and more achievement in the is, to become a Double Diamond Manager (DDM)....that is to achieve before end of this year...I DARE MYSELF!! :)

Annnndddd...there will be more and more gifts and celebration...from stockist and also from Hanis...since she loves designer handbags so much, those yg berjaya naik pangkat to CDM, akan dihadiahkan designer bag sorang sebijik..Kak Mai got her full leather Coach, and the latest, CDM Adzliza got her PUCCI kan :)

This business is fun..I'm enjoying myself to the fullest...from doing it to get side income, now I'm doing it out of passion...and what I earn now, is more than what I earn from my fulltime job!..RM4500 for a START, that's a lot for me!...You can have yours too...don't shy away from your keyboard and ask me how :)


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Rizman Ruzaini

I'm not gonna talk about their design or

Just to share with you how happy I am to know that one of a Malaysian's top designer is also using our product....Premium Beautiful and Lactolite yogurt drink, to help in loosing weight..

Tak percaya???

Yup...that's him, signing up a membership.. can buy products for his own, and also sell the products and make MONEY!! :) Lepas ni confirm celebrities pon ramai pakai...especially his regulars kaaannn ;D

Who says Premium Beautiful is only for woman???...Even the guys can get the benefit of it..but they won't use the whole set laaaa kann...hehehe... 

The waist nipper, part of Premium Beautiful corset can be worn by males...

So ladies, why don't you place your order for your husband, fiance, boyfriend, dad or brother?? me they gonna like it (minus the lacey part!)..hehehe


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Of company and the achievement

Some of you who have been following my blog since the beginning, must already know that I'm selling Premium Beautiful corset..most of my previous posts are mainly on real life experience of my customers and business partners..including yours truly! :)

This time around I'm gonna introduce you to the company who's responsible to bring Premium Beautiful in the Malaysian market and subsequently became a craze among countless of women out there

Hai-O Marketing has been established in Malaysia for almost 20 years, and it's a very strong and stable has received numerous acknowledgements nationally and internationally.

Our company, which is the only company in MAlaysia, to have received the acknowledgement from FORBES Asia for 4 years in a row since 2007. They picked among 200 companies within the Asian region which has shown outstanding sales performances. The award was given by Christopher Forbes, vice president of FORBES.

2) Anugerah Kecermerlangan Perniagaan Beretika 2010/2011

Ini adalah pengiktirafan tertinggi dari Kementerian Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan (KPDNKK) pada 9 Disember 2010, menunjukkan kerajaan memberi 100% sokongan kepada syarikat kerana menjalankan perniagaan secara beretika. Anugerah disampaikan oleh Menteri KPDNKK sendiri ie bapak Dafi..hehe..if you know what I mean ;)

3) Anugerah CSR Perdana Menteri 2009

Di bawah kategori Pembangunan Wanita dari Kementerian Pembangunan Wanita, Keluarga dan Masyarakat kerana melahirkan ramai usahawan-usahawan wanita. Anugerah disampaikan sendiri oleh Perdana Menteri, Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak.

4) Syarikat yang mendapat title Syariah Compliance dari Syariah Advisory Council of the Securities Commision Malaysia. Maka dapat berbusiness tanpa ragu2.

5) Syarikat melaburkan lebih dari RM2 juta dalam program pengiklanan, termasuk 30 papan iklan di lebuh raya-lebuh raya utama, iklan di TV3 dan TV9, serta program khas Wanita Hari Ini dan Majalah Tiga. Ini menunjukkan syarikat mempunyai pengaruh yang besar di dalam komuniti.

Nothing I have to worry about the company, cos I have nothing but confidence in the stability, the support that we're getting from the government, plus our killer product that has been trusted by many, and of cos, a great team to work with!

 Be part of us and you know what I mean :)

**credit to CDM Maisarah Ibrahim and CDM Hanis Haizi

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Premium Baeutiful: Najwa

Hello....happy Sunday everyone....

Today I have another great story to be shared...Of course on Premium Beautiful corset...wuhuuuu.... hehehe..

Another friend of mine who decided to try on Premium Beautiful corset after she gave birth to her second child, the adorable Tasneem ;)

This is a picture of her in 2009...after her first child, Irfan.

This was in 2010, with her pre pregnancy weight, 74kg...

During her second pregnancy, her weight reached up to 78kg!!!..Tahirah, do you really want to get pregnant??!!!...haha..YES I DO!!!! ;p 

She, like the rest of other friends that I know, finds it difficult to wear the normal bengkung..the one which you have to lilit on your own..and quite difficult to take it off especially when nature calls...sometimes you even can wet you pants before you reached the toilet!..hehe

The urge to try this corset started of when she had this thing she call RED ALERT in her life..that is when she couldn't fit all her clothes, even if she did, there's always a bulge coming out here and there (which is so embarrasing!) and of cos...before she catch her husband staring at other girls, she better change her look!!!  

She made the right choice when she choose Premium Beautiful after trying out so many other products which proven to be ineffective...

In just few weeks...

Day 40 of confinement

She could fit her pre wedding jeans (read: not pre pregnancy ok!!)..hehe!!

Najwa is soo lucky cos she had the RED ALERT to alarmed her..we should be worried if our figure is starting to get out of shape and we should be more worried if we didn't the realization or the urge to change..

You should read on Najwa's experience in her own writings at her blog, zahanajwa.blogspot.


**free gift awaits!! ;)