Sunday, September 25, 2011

Business trip

I love going to Penang..who doesn't kan? Pergi Penang je, first thing that I can think of is..overnight dekat hotel yang I best2..second, is the food!! Me and my husband's favourite place for 'cuti-cuti Malaysia' :)

Sebabkan suka pergi sana, I'm very ambitious to expand my business in Penang...sambil2 holiday, business still tak lupa :)

Alhamdulillah...I managed to spread my wings to Penang...and last week, me and my business partners, Kak Mai and Ryn went for a business trip to Penang..

Kali ni lain sikit, sebab husband tak ikut...yang pergi semua girls...feeling2 macam single gitu...hehe. But we went there with a certain meet clients, business partners and new business partners...weeeeee... ;)

Since we are traveling without a male chaperon, we have to make sure that the car is in a good condition to prevent unwanted events..nasib baik kereta dah hantar pergi service...and tank pon kena isi full..

and me, the first driver of the day..seronok jugak drive, nak apa mintak je..ada co-pilot hulurkan..hehe.

We left around 4-ish...and we reached before 8. Just nice, since my first appointment is at 8+...

Met Najwa, a doctor in Penang, together with her husband and children. Fyi, Najwa is still in her confinement period tapi semangat nak buat business..macam Kak Mai dulu, inshaAllah boleh jadi macam Kak Mai nanti..full of determination, and kuat semangat :)

After 10, then only we managed to grab our dinner...luckily dekat Bayan Lepas ada seafood place, first time trying it out...sedaaapp :) Kebetulan memang tengah kempunan sangat nak makan seafood dekat Umbai (Malacca), had been pestering husband to bring me there, tapi tak berjaya..

It was 11+, and most of the ikan etc almost habis but the place was so happening...ramai orang..because of the long weekend kot..

While waiting for our food, main2 dengan Polaroid Rynn...jakun la katakan.. ;p for the 3 hungry lady-monsters... hehe..Licinnnnnn we all makan..

Feeling full and sleepy, we headed of to the hotel, and collapsed.. :)

The next day, we shoot off to Perak for the next appointment...  Recharge dulu perut, makan Kayu Nasi Kandar pagi2...haha.. don't be surprise that we are a big eater, but worry not, we all pakai PB, alhamdulillah badan maintain ;p

With Kai Mai...her sacrifices for the better, a mother of 3, but very committed with the business, hence there she was with me in this business trip... you look pretty Kak Mai, now we both have sign up for Sothy's facial treatment that cost us a bomb..haha

I left my scarf hence the reason why you can see me wearing the same scarf for both days... ;p

Feeling energetic and happy, we continue our journey to Perak...met clients and business partner, Ashida..we fully utilized the time to discuss on business strategies...Alhamdulillah eventhough she's far, semangat dia tak pernah luntur and she always contact me for reference...distance is not an issue :)

We ended our trip in Manjung. Ashida suggested us to use the new highway which she claimed to be faster...but we got lost cos of the narrow roads and boleh pulak terserempak dengan sekumpulan lembu2 yang malnourished melintas tak pandang kiri kanan...haha..unlike lembu2 New Zealand yang obese2...LOL

Alhamdulillah, Allah has made our journey think of it, I would never imagine that I would travel this far for this business...but because of this PB demand, mountains can be moved!! :)


~LiL' VoLCaNo3 PriNc3sS~ said... tat kayan road?
new highway? u mean the big road that we locals call 'hiway' tat sambung ke jalan heading towards Teluk Intan ke?

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

tahirah.. lm x nmpk... huhu. PB skrg xde promotion ke? yg rebate2 tu xde dah ek?

ashida said...

thanks tahirah n the team for ur support...tak sangka sampai korang terjumpe lembu pulak tgh jalan..ahaks...nasib baik jumpe gak jln balik..

Tahirah A. said...

@Lil Volcano : kayan road? Im not too sure la..hehe

@Purple Lady
Aifa, congrats on your newborn :) u want PB? i can offer you special price :) nnt PM me k..

@Ashida : keep moving ok! :)