Saturday, August 6, 2011

Big or small, PB for all!

People wonder, why in the world I need a corset, specifically Premium Beautiful corset, in the first place even though I'm small....

Yes..I admit I'm not that 'big' last time, but I did not fall dalam kategori yang kurus...saya sedang-sedang saja ;p

But, my main concern was my butt, my tummy, and my posture...Sape kata orang kurus perut tak buncit??? Cuba rasa perut anda semua sekarang...sure ada lemak-lemak yang terbonjolkan?... :)

Kalau ikutkan dulu, selalu rasa tak confident when I wear certain type of I'm more confident on things that I wear :)

See the picture...

That was taken before I got married..

Alhamdullillah...few weeks after wearing Premium Beautiful corset, all the fats around my tummy has love-handle pon hilang...and now I have a smaller butt!!!..yahuu...Tak percaya??

I have the proof!

The picture above was taken when I went for indoor-rockclimbing at Camp5, One Utama recently. Note that I was wearing the same Nike pants on both events..and see the difference between the two pictures..please concentrate more on the thigh and butt area...less isi..kan..kan..kan...

I love doing outdoor/extreme activites, so does my husband..and we even go jogging after work without failed (last time la!..hehe). But now, time doesn't permit. 

You know, it takes a lot of courage to put up the pictures of posterior view of myself as a testimonial...Malu sebenarnya tau!..hehe..cos I don't think it's fair if I don't...people might not believe me if there's no proof.. so happen that I found these two pictures that can be comparable...hehe

Since it's a festive season, I'm offering you a promotional be able to save up to RM800...aaaaannddd free gift awaits you!!..

Call me now to get your set ladies, and look good for this coming raya! :)



Anonymous said...

how much it cost?

Tahirah A. said...

hi fara..can you provide me your email/phone number...thanks :)

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