Thursday, August 18, 2011

A girl named Ryn

Last weekend was full with celebrations, all pertaining business business...Premium Beautiful business.. must say out clearly and be proud of it :)

Alhamdulillah, one of my business partner, Ryn, managed to achieve her target for making total sales of 50 sets of Premium Beautiful corset in a month!!!...that's equal to total sales of RM100,000... see how easy to sell this product.. :)


In our stokist, those who have achieved this target, they'll be rewarded with a watch..and this time, the achiever are so lucky cos they got extra gift which was a 'raya' hamper :)

A GUESS's not the matter of the brand, but the effort to get it!

Kak Mai, in turquoise, who helped us a lot, and Kak Ana, right most, keep inspiring us..she used to be a 100kg iron-lady :)

In just less than 3 months, Ryn is now a Diamond Sales Manager..the 3rd step in the ranking..and another 2 step to go!!..believe it or not..from just a plain housewife, graduated from Coventry University, UK, she now earns RM15k solid!!..way to go baby!!! :)

First time I met her to present the marketing plan, Ryn nampak takut2..takut tak boleh nak jual, takut tak pulang modal, takut sebab tak ramai kawan, takut tak de org nak beli, takut tak reti nak promote..pendek kata, semuanya takutlah...hehe.. just 2 weeks, she managed to sell off all her 10 sets of corset, and she managed to meet clients only thru FB..when she first started the business, she has only 90 friends, and now her friends are thousands and adding up everyday!!..with all the determination, she cast away all the 'takut'-ness...hehe

What she have achieved today, were the consequences of her action 3 months ago..if she didn't have the courage to contact me to know about the business (walaupon Ryn ni sebenarnya my cousin jer..;p), she would still be a housewife, or a lecturer, or seorang yang makan gaji dari sesapa sahaja, which she's nt soo keen of doing...when being asked why, she just wanted time freedom, that what makes her wanna try her luck in this not only she has the time freedom, but also FINANCIAL freedom...

Sebenarnya tak susah pon nak jual corset ni..firstly because it's a slimming product kan..of cos la ramai perempuan yang lah..siapa tak nak kurus :) secondly, we are very lucky cos we are doing all the marketing online..Internet sebagai dunia tanpa sepadan...dari kita online tak buat apa2..dari LIKE sini, LIKE sana, COMMENT sini, COMMENT sana, apa kata kita jual corset yang sekarang ni memang berduyun2 customer cari...this is a very good business opportunity with 4-5 even 6 figure income ye..bukan main log-in FB, tekan2, modal RM20 dapat ratus2 ribu2 yerrr.. ;p

If you're interested to look for a side income, or a full time job, I'll be glad to share this opportunity with you..with first pay RM4500, that I can guarantee!!! :)

Congrats Ryn!..nnt kita naik stage receive award sama2 ok :)


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Big or small, PB for all!

People wonder, why in the world I need a corset, specifically Premium Beautiful corset, in the first place even though I'm small....

Yes..I admit I'm not that 'big' last time, but I did not fall dalam kategori yang kurus...saya sedang-sedang saja ;p

But, my main concern was my butt, my tummy, and my posture...Sape kata orang kurus perut tak buncit??? Cuba rasa perut anda semua sekarang...sure ada lemak-lemak yang terbonjolkan?... :)

Kalau ikutkan dulu, selalu rasa tak confident when I wear certain type of I'm more confident on things that I wear :)

See the picture...

That was taken before I got married..

Alhamdullillah...few weeks after wearing Premium Beautiful corset, all the fats around my tummy has love-handle pon hilang...and now I have a smaller butt!!!..yahuu...Tak percaya??

I have the proof!

The picture above was taken when I went for indoor-rockclimbing at Camp5, One Utama recently. Note that I was wearing the same Nike pants on both events..and see the difference between the two pictures..please concentrate more on the thigh and butt area...less isi..kan..kan..kan...

I love doing outdoor/extreme activites, so does my husband..and we even go jogging after work without failed (last time la!..hehe). But now, time doesn't permit. 

You know, it takes a lot of courage to put up the pictures of posterior view of myself as a testimonial...Malu sebenarnya tau!..hehe..cos I don't think it's fair if I don't...people might not believe me if there's no proof.. so happen that I found these two pictures that can be comparable...hehe

Since it's a festive season, I'm offering you a promotional be able to save up to RM800...aaaaannddd free gift awaits you!!..

Call me now to get your set ladies, and look good for this coming raya! :)