Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Holla..How was your weekend everyone?..I'm sure you all had a very chill and relaxing weekend with your loved ones :) As for me, I had a very full-filling one. Alhamdulillah...

On Saturday, 16th July 2011, Hai-O Marketing held an event on Sales Manager/ Senior Sales Manager (SM/SSM) Award Giving Ceremony at Menara PGRM, Cheras.

This is my first time attending such event from the company..last year I missed the chance of attending a prestigious event to watch my own mentor, Kak Mai to receive her Double Diamond Award (DDM). 

For those who are not very familiar with the terms, it's just some terms/ranking that's given to any agent/dealer depending on the amount of sales. There are total of 5 steps, starting with Sales Manager, and working your way up to the highest ranking ie Crown Diamond Manager. And to be at the hignest rank, it is something that is BIG cos it's not easy but it's ACHIEVABLE!! :) 

So, the event that I went yesterday was just a beginning for all of us yang baru-baru ni....but it was one hell of a celebration cos our mentors whose been in our shoes,  sama-sama excited sambut dengan we all... Such a great leader they are. Since majority pakai baju merah hitam, Hanis cadangkan for those yang ambil award to wear green attire...nampak lain dari yang lain, senang nak ambil gambar since there were 800 of us!!!..ramaikan entrepreneurs Hai-O ni :)

Kalau ikutkan hati memang teringin sangatla nak tempah dress from any designers, but I said to myself that I shall save that for my next bigger event, when I'am call to receive a Diamond award..InshaAllah..

I settled with a green skirt from ZARA (bought in Hong Kong last month), a sheer top from TOPSHOP (bought it last minute at KLCC), and a silk scarf from ARZU. Well, girls will always be girls..what do they get excited about when it comes to attending an event??..of cos la dressing up kaaann!!..hehehe.

Pagi-pagi Sabtu lagi dah bangun..went OU with husband to have our breakfast date, then went to make up standing stores to get my face painted. Initially I wanted to have my make up done at MAC, tapi penuh!!..staff pulak kurang. Went shu eumura, ok, they have a slot..but looking at the make up artist, I wasn't totally convinced that she could deliver what I had in mind. Next, tried my luck at Bobbi Brown, and yesss, with RM150 that I paid, I'm satisfied with the outcome..very subtle and natural.

When I arrived at the hall, goshhh...ramainyaaaaaa orang2 yang dress up glamour2!!..mengalahkan artist and pengantin you!!..tapi yang confirm paling glamour and vogue, of cos la our young CDM, Hanis, with her stunning black and red dress by Rizman Ruzaini.

Not to forget, my mentor, DDM Maisarah, who's always there through thick and thin!!..who helped me A LOT!!

While me... eventhough I looked simple and not outstanding, but I still felt my best..I feel good, and I'm sure so does everybody..It's not the dress that you're wearing that counts, but the effort that we have been putting in the business that pays off little by little and made us qualified to be on the stage!!!!

I'm soo proud of my business partner, who is also my cousin, Ryn, cos we all dapat naik pentas sama-sama, dressing we all pon lebih kurang sama :) ...and I always pray that all my other business partners will also be on the stage in the next award giving ceremony!!..inshaAllah

From left: Hanis, me, Ryn, and Lia...Lia will be the next to receive the award :)

Congrats to all of us who have made it this far!!!..

We are all qualified to be on the stage cos we're a fighter...we are brave!!

We are not afraid of failure,
We are not afraid of making mistakes.

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from a skylark said...

your dress cantik ok..:)))simple and nice like u :)

Moose said...


i like the fact that you dressed up simple but with class. i am a firm believer of simple = elegant. i think it's a lot better than to go OTT. if you know what i mean. hehe

LisaLisut said...

tahirah,sangat suka ur dress n u pye baju!! cantik simple :) congats hehe

Tahirah A. said...

thank you ladies! :)

Moose..i feel u...hehehe