Sunday, July 10, 2011


Life has been soo demanding lately...especially last week. It was hectic all day round, from Monday until Sunday, then busy again on Monday...

It's been the longest time since I last write anything about myself, things that I've been doing etc..etc..and June was the worst. Only ONE entry in a month!!!...haha. What a shame on me..yet, this blog persistently gained few readers from time to time. Thank you ALL for dropping by...and to those who keep coming back..THANK YOU!! It means a lot to me, and somehow it ispire me to continue writing..even once in a month!!!..haha..but I do believe that most of the visitors of these blog come to read about my wedding reviews, till up to now, I do received emails asking about wedding stuff :)

Without realising it, this blog has reached it's first year of life months back, and without you realising it, I've been married for a year now! ;p

It's been one fruitful year for me and husband..full of dramas, sacrifices, tears and laughter. Alhamdulillah. I could not ask for more.

We did not do anything extravagant. Just like normal days, we went out makan2 and, I had some work obligation.

Surprisingly me and husband woke up early (on a Sunday!) just to make sure that we will have enough time to spend considering that I still have business appointments on my anniversary day. Tapi tak pe, itukan rezeki, Alhamdulillah. We went to Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie to get healthy breakfast :) I heard people raving about it long time ago but never really had the chance, so why not give it a try kan. It was 10 in the morning but the place was already packed with people. I thought mamak stall je akan meriah pagi2 Ahad.. :)

Before meeting up with clients at PWTC, we went jalan2 at KLCC (to find my anniversary gift)..yeayy..of cos la excited kan. Husband not so keen to surprise me with a gift cos he wanted me to really like his gift. His kind of surprise was telling me that he's getting something for me (I never expect to get any gift at the first place pon), but I have to choose it :) I was trying to tell him that it doesn't matter what he buy for me as a surprise, I mean, whatever gift that you get from your husband, of cos la kita akan appreciate kan.. It's the thought that counts :)

Btw, I was given a choice, a new camera or a watch...Of cos la I akan pilih watch kan... ;p eventhough I'm not a fan of watches, nor can appreciate fine watches...hehe

We settled for a Tag Heuer...Thank you husband, you're the best!!. In return, I'm giving you my unconditional loooooveee..haha.

The rest of the afternoon was spent meeting up clients. Pity husband he had to wait for me for hours...and lucky me to marry such an understanding man. Have I told you that I'm a weekend wife now?..I only get to see my husband on the weekend since he has started working in KL, he is now doing his Master in Internal Medicine. Alhamdulillah, that is what he wanted, that is taking up Master (eventho he knows that life after would be very much challenging). I'm praying for his smooth sailing journey to become a cardiologist..Amiin.

To wrap up our so-called anniversary date, we had dinner at Jake's Charbroiled Steak. We wanted to go somewhere we've never been to, but was too tired to think..ended up we keep coming back to the same place..Afterall, Jake's steak are the best!!  The difference was, since it's a special occasion to us, we tried the American Kobe Beef that cost us a bomb..The taste???..mcm lembu2 yang lain jugak sebenarnya..hehe.

A year has passed. And that's how we cherish our anniversary as a remembrance. I hope we will continue celebrating it in many years to come..But rarely we see old couples celebrate anniversary kan...kenapa ye? dah jemu ke apa?..Well, I hope not. Marriage truly is a bliss when we fall in love with the same man, everyday, don't you think?.. :)


saltvinegar said...

That's sweet girl!Hope you guys have many more sweet anniversaries to come.

bride2wife said...

same goes to you Carol! ;)

LisaLisut said...

happy belated anniversary Tahirah :)
lama u tak post kan.hehe.i suka ayat yg paling lasttt tu! :)

bride2wife said...

Thank you Lisa :)'s been awhile..will try to write more after this :)

dura m. said...

i miss u post dear!those were e days when i refer to ur blog while doing my wedding prep. ehehe.

eh btw, baru perasan lay out blog u sama dgn mine!nampak sgt mcm stalker. ekekeke. wargh! malu malu! ni kena suh hubster tlg tukar balik sbb hubster yang manage my blog sbb wife nya ni buta it. ekekeke

bride2wife said...

hey..Dura The Lawyer...hehe..mcm Dora The Explorer kan..

For all you know, I pon stalker blog u!!hehe..xpe la sama layout pon :)

dura m. said...

LOL. Dora the explorer :p

Ala..segan la u..baru belajar2 buat blog..tu yang buatkan. Ekekekekeke