Sunday, July 31, 2011

Are you for real?

Salam all,

Countdown has begun!..

It's Sunday and only few hours left before Ramadhan..I'm pretty much excited. I'm sure you all too..everybody dah pasang niat and berazam to make this Ramadhan a better one than previous. Ye's a waste if we didn't make full use of it...banyakkan beramal, kejar pahala, yg kita tahu akan berlipat ganda dalam bulan Ramadhan..inshaAllah. Tak salah kalau kita nak letak niat tinggi-tinggi, contohnya macam tak nak ponteng tarawikh, walaupon kita tau tahap kemampuan kita ;p

Apart from puasa and terawikh, Ramadhan means preparing for raya too...preparing for raya means more money need to be spend...buying new clothes, new shoes, changing the household items, kuih raya, open house, duit raya, duit for parents, travelling back to kampung...etc...these never ending list of "things-to-buy" equals to MONEY.

Promotions are like everywhere..dari yg menjual baju raya, sampaila ke kuih raya...but I was quite surprise when I saw this....

Promosi loan raya pon ada!!!!!


Do people really apply loans just for raya spending????? 


Since I started  joining this Premium Beautiful business, I have met a lot of people..most of them are young people like me ;p Muda-muda lagi, but have been blacklisted from the bank...sebab apa?? Cos they bear a lot of commitment...commitment from paying debts from personal loan.

Rupanya ramai yang ambil personal loan ni untuk spending...tuk kahwin...untuk travelling...untuk raya pon ada!!!!

Can we just spend within our means?

Do you ever feel that you're short of money whenever raya comes??...I do feel so..memang betul. Cos you need to prepare a lot of stuff..tambah lagi adik2 yang sememangnya mengharapkan duit raya besar!! Haha..

But, if you ever feel that you needed a loan, untuk dulukan duit untuk berbelanja, (eventhough you know that you're able to pay it off)...YOU BETTER DO SOMETHING!!!

You can't be living your life applying for loans each time..your savings would never expand this way...yes you'll get the money to buy things that you want for raya, you feel satisfied, and happy, but what's gonna happen after that??'s not gonna solve your problem...after raya would be more stressful sbb kena tanggung beban yang banyak...

Raya is not about having everything new, its not about being glamorous on first day of raya, it's not about how much duit raya that you can's more than that... 

Alhamdulillah, I came across this business which has helped me a lot, not just by giving me extra money every month..but it has helped me to learn about life...I have had the opportunity to meet so many different people, with many different line of work and with different amount of salary...and it all comes down to the same much we are earning now from our job is not enough for us to live the life we want to live...everybody wants to be able to buy the things they want to buy and not just the things they need to buy, without feeling guilty...everybody wants to be able to just go on a spontaneous holiday trip without having to worry about the balance in the bank...everybody wants to be able to provide their families with a comfortable living...but the truth of the matter is that, we need to have a side income...and yes, we need to work for it...and if the opportunity arrives we need to grab it...because we might not have a second chance for it...

If given the opportunity, I would love to share with you all the business that I'm currently soooo into :) it gives me alot of satisfaction...seeing people happy and helping them loose weight...and at the same time seeing your business partners happy cos we're able to help them gained extra thousands than their normal salary... :)

Everything is not about you...

Like the saying 

"If you want to be happy, you have to make people happy first, 
and if you want to be rich, you have to help people become rich first"


Till then, salam Ramadhan everyone :)

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Premium Beautiful and confinement

Today, a friend asked me whether Premium Beautiful corset can be worn during confinement or not?

The answer is YES...Premium Beautiful corset can be worn during confinement.

Eventhough I tak pernah mengandung or beranak, I heard a lot of complain on how women especially whine about their 'pantang' period. One, because of the food can you survive without good food kan!..pffft....two, is how they're suffering with their bengkung....

A friend who has delivered before told me that it was very difficult to wear the normal bengkung...sebab bengkung tu tak boleh pakai need helps from someone in order for you to wear it...and it's very difficult to take it off, especially bila dah tak tahan sangat nak pergi toilet!..hehe.

For example, this bengkung...nampak susah nak di pakai..but the outcome??..hmmm...compared to PB, easy to wear..and cantik. Sedap mata memandang kan..dah la dengan rambut ikat tinggi2, and dahi kena tampal dengan jamu, pakai socks dengan kain batik lagi.. ;p

Kak Mai, started using PB dari zaman anak-anak dara lagi ;p Dia cakap time tu dia nak kuruskan badan before kahwin.

Alhamdulillah, she's a loyal PB user for more than 6 years now...and dah 3 kali berpantang dengan PB.

This is her testimony...

This picture was taken 3 days post delivery...hmmm...tapi perut tu macam ada baby je lagi kat dalam kan...tehehe...

With the fast effect of PB, Kak Mai slowly regained her normal pre-pregnancy gambar 5 hari semasa dalam pantang...

With PB alone, Kak Mai has achieved her aim within 1 week+...not only around her tummy, but also around her hips and thigh...

And this is Kak Mai after 1 year....

See, with PB, it's worth of an investment...sebab you can wear it both during and after confinement..

Can PB be worn for those who deliver via caesarean section?
Bolehhhh...why not. Tapi pastikan the wound to heal and dry up first...otherwise, there will be possible complications such as wound breakdown etc.

Does wearing PB can interfere with breastfeeding?
Of cos not...PB is so flexible and adjustable...senang je, selak sikit..and wallah!

I can't wait to be wearing it myself when I'm in my pantang one day ;)

So, let's change you normal bengkung to the modern solution, Premium Beautiful corset...


Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just do it!

"To achieve something extraordinary, 

we must do things that are out of the ordinary"

That's what I'm gonna do now!!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

PB: testimonial

Salam all :)

This is a pictorial testimony from a dear friend, Norshidah Kamarudin, after 3 months of wearing Premium Beautiful (PB) corset...

She, before wearing PB...

Cute right? ;)

She, after her 1st delivery...

 She, during her 2nd pregnancy...

She, after 3 months......



The above picture is the latest picture of her this month...July 2011

Amazing, no?? ;)

How she did it? 

She took the effort...the effortless effort to change her normal undergarments to PB, and wear it just 8 hours in a day 

Wanna be like her?

Contact me to get free trial and consultation on Premium Beautiful corset and take home a lipgloss from 



 get a set of PB for free!!!


Feel and be beautiful on this Raya ladies!! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Holla..How was your weekend everyone?..I'm sure you all had a very chill and relaxing weekend with your loved ones :) As for me, I had a very full-filling one. Alhamdulillah...

On Saturday, 16th July 2011, Hai-O Marketing held an event on Sales Manager/ Senior Sales Manager (SM/SSM) Award Giving Ceremony at Menara PGRM, Cheras.

This is my first time attending such event from the company..last year I missed the chance of attending a prestigious event to watch my own mentor, Kak Mai to receive her Double Diamond Award (DDM). 

For those who are not very familiar with the terms, it's just some terms/ranking that's given to any agent/dealer depending on the amount of sales. There are total of 5 steps, starting with Sales Manager, and working your way up to the highest ranking ie Crown Diamond Manager. And to be at the hignest rank, it is something that is BIG cos it's not easy but it's ACHIEVABLE!! :) 

So, the event that I went yesterday was just a beginning for all of us yang baru-baru ni....but it was one hell of a celebration cos our mentors whose been in our shoes,  sama-sama excited sambut dengan we all... Such a great leader they are. Since majority pakai baju merah hitam, Hanis cadangkan for those yang ambil award to wear green attire...nampak lain dari yang lain, senang nak ambil gambar since there were 800 of us!!!..ramaikan entrepreneurs Hai-O ni :)

Kalau ikutkan hati memang teringin sangatla nak tempah dress from any designers, but I said to myself that I shall save that for my next bigger event, when I'am call to receive a Diamond award..InshaAllah..

I settled with a green skirt from ZARA (bought in Hong Kong last month), a sheer top from TOPSHOP (bought it last minute at KLCC), and a silk scarf from ARZU. Well, girls will always be girls..what do they get excited about when it comes to attending an event??..of cos la dressing up kaaann!!..hehehe.

Pagi-pagi Sabtu lagi dah bangun..went OU with husband to have our breakfast date, then went to make up standing stores to get my face painted. Initially I wanted to have my make up done at MAC, tapi penuh!!..staff pulak kurang. Went shu eumura, ok, they have a slot..but looking at the make up artist, I wasn't totally convinced that she could deliver what I had in mind. Next, tried my luck at Bobbi Brown, and yesss, with RM150 that I paid, I'm satisfied with the outcome..very subtle and natural.

When I arrived at the hall, goshhh...ramainyaaaaaa orang2 yang dress up glamour2!!..mengalahkan artist and pengantin you!!..tapi yang confirm paling glamour and vogue, of cos la our young CDM, Hanis, with her stunning black and red dress by Rizman Ruzaini.

Not to forget, my mentor, DDM Maisarah, who's always there through thick and thin!!..who helped me A LOT!!

While me... eventhough I looked simple and not outstanding, but I still felt my best..I feel good, and I'm sure so does everybody..It's not the dress that you're wearing that counts, but the effort that we have been putting in the business that pays off little by little and made us qualified to be on the stage!!!!

I'm soo proud of my business partner, who is also my cousin, Ryn, cos we all dapat naik pentas sama-sama, dressing we all pon lebih kurang sama :) ...and I always pray that all my other business partners will also be on the stage in the next award giving ceremony!!..inshaAllah

From left: Hanis, me, Ryn, and Lia...Lia will be the next to receive the award :)

Congrats to all of us who have made it this far!!!..

We are all qualified to be on the stage cos we're a fighter...we are brave!!

We are not afraid of failure,
We are not afraid of making mistakes.

Contact me to be part of our team today, 
and feel the difference :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hong Kong (part 1)

This a a long overdue fact I have sooooo many of them..hehe..

Alhamdulliah I got the chance to visit few places this year, and travelling so far has been a great deal of an experience for me.

Like I've been 'kecoh'kan in my previous post, I went to Hong Kong few weeks back. This time not with husband neither friends nor family. This time it was soooo much different cos it was my first trip with the company. That means everything has already been arranged by the company...the flight, the accommodation, the food, the name it!!..I just have to bring my passport, clothes to wear, money for shopping and an umbrella for was rainy season in Hong Kong.

We stayed there for 4 days and 3 night. Company had arranged a MAS flight early in the morning...Did you know that there were 2 flights full of Premium Beautiful entrepreneurs????..awesome rightt!!!

Dah la it was sooo much fun going with a bunch of girls that loooooovvesssss shopping, and to add more excitement, we sepakat to wear baju with the same colour scheme...

On the first day, we decided to go for green!!

Me and my orange luggage, courtesy of my brother

Before boarding off the was early in the morning, but everybody seemed to be very much elated

Gambar ni terang sikit.. :) captured by Hafiz Atan (Candid Syndrome)...jgn terkejut..dia pon buat business jual corset tau ;p


There was no difference between Malaysian time and the Hong Kong local time. The journey took abut 4 hours and we reached there around noon. Since we had a heavy breakfast on the flight, first place they brought us was The Ladies Market.

Ladies Market basically is just like Petaling Street in KL. You can find lots of  souveniers here with the prices you can bargain. But please bear in mind that the local vendors are quite 'harsh' and they do not like the attitude of not buying anything after you have bargain :)  

While waiting for the rain to settle, we all pg mkn fruit dessert

It was raining all day, but shopping tetap shopping!..hehe.

After an hour spent shopping at The Ladies Market, (which can never be enough!!), we headed to Arena of Stars which was located at Victoria Harbour. Victoria harbour separates Hong Kong island from Kowloon. Here, you can find Bruce Lee's half-naked statue..hehe..and also all the famous Hong Kong artist's hand prints..well, apparently, I only kenal Jackie Chan, Maggie Cheung, and Andy Lau..haha. A must visit place in Hong Kong. Apart from that, you can enjoy a night scenery of the city along the harbour..perfect for photo taking especially those with DSLR camera..(definitely not me!LOL). Hence, the pictures are all blurry and irritating ;p
Victoria Harbour

Husband's favourite :)

Next, we hopped on a Big Bus Tour that brought us strolling along the city. Imagine time tu hujan still renyai2, terpaksa la we all pakai raincoat. Sejuk pulak tu..With the bus tour, you can roughly see how busy the city is...kiri kanan buildings..and semuanya tinggi-tinggi.

First day was packed with activities, after Isha then only we were brought to the hotel. Our company had been soo kind and generous to us by providing a luxury place for us to stay on!. We stayed at L'Nina Hotel, a 4 star hotel located at Tsuen Wan, which got a very good reviews from TripAdvisor. Well, if I were to travel to Hong Kong with husband, we would have pick the cheapest hotel..hehe. Thanks to Premium Beautiful business, I got this chance for some luxurious r&r :)

The next day, everybody dresses in blue!!

Second day in Hong Kong was meant to be spent in DISNEYLAND...all day loongg. Suddenly everbody jumping like a kid. Ye la, for someone like me first time pg Disneyland kaannn, haruslah jakuuunn ;p If you guys are coming here on your own, you can take the train straight to Disneyland, very easy to find, eventhough majority of the locals have trouble in conversing in English.

Pixie Hollow pon jadila...sbb queue nak bergambar dengan Mickey and Minney panjang gila

Me and my friends did not spend a lot of time in Disneyland pon..Being us, we cabut lari amik train pg shopping complex!!..haha. We went somewhere near Nathan Road, the oldest road in Kowloon. It's a shopping heaven I tell you!!! can find almost anything here!!..including all the brands that are not available in Malaysia. Cheaper than Malaysia.. :) itu yang penting. Everything is tax free in Hong Kong..sebab tu la murah.

Semua grabbed Gucci sales

Jakun sikit :) it was a talking directory!!!

Hanis and Kak Mai inside Chanel

Hanis and her never ending shopping bags..and me with my Miu Miu..loving it!! ;)

SASA in Hong Kong unlike Malaysia..they carry most of luxury toiletries and facial care...SKll murah!!..and parfumes too!!

Locoste for husband..nice leather bag for ibu..clothes for ayah and siblings and Miu Miu for me :)

My favourite...laddle from Disneyland..hehe..masaknya tidak!!..haha..

Day 2 ended here..habiskan duit buat shopping...hehe. But puas rasa, bawak pocket money purely for shopping cos the rest has been settled by the company..awesome!! :)

Day 3 and 4 in Hong Kong to be continued in the next entry..this is too long already :)

Stay tune.. ;p