Thursday, June 9, 2011


In a week time, inshaAllah I'll be flying off to Hong Kong. Alhamdulillah, this would be my first business trip with the company.

Eventhough I'm doing it part-time, with all the guidance by my business partners, they showed that everything is possible to achieve :)

Ok..Hong Kong...anyone of you have been to Hong Kong before??..what can I find in Hong Kong? Disneyland?? sight seeing?? Shopping??...definitely!...hehe

I've been eyeing on few bags now, but haven't really decide on which one to buy.

I soo want a GST bag as my first Chanel cos it looks very...hmmm...very me!!..hehe..I like a spacious bag soo that I can chuck everything inside..but I'm guessing husband won't be very happy about it cos of the price..hehe

I've been eyeing on Alexa and Bayswater as well, and I like them..both!!..hmmm...

And a classic Stam bag by Marc Jacobs will always be a steal...

Should I go for a Chanel?..a Mulberry?..or a Marc Jacobs??...which one would you choose, ladies??..hmmm..I am soo undecided..

At the same time, I would love to get a pair of Ferragamo shoes...Since I'm not soo good in wearing heels, flat shoes would be perfect for my feet...Should I get a Varina? or Vara flats?..any shoes expert here??

Gosh..I am soo indecisive..Haha. 

Tengok2 nanti lain yang di cari, lain yang dapat...tambah2 lagi husband tak pegi sama...haha..