Monday, May 30, 2011

To My Husband

To the guy who knows me like a book,
And somehow eats the things I cook..

Who puts up with my every whim,
And makes up when I'm mad at him..

Who sees me when I'm not a beauty,
The guy who helps with household duty..

And when our budget's out of whack,
You somehow gets us back on track..

My helper, my partner, my wisest adviser,
My friend, my companion, my lifetime surpriser..

The one I depend on,
Whatever the weather..


Thank you for all the good times that we had,
And the surprises that I never forget..

Our relationship has bloomed soo well today,
Feels like we just got married yesterday..

You know how much I love you in my own way,
And how much your love has changed me to be a person that I've become today..

I may not be the perfect one,
But I may be the love that you want..

I may not treat you like a king,
But I'll make sure I'll always be your queen ;)

Happy 28th birthday sayang!!

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1 comment:

saltvinegar said...

Awwwww.... thts so super sweet! Great poem! You expressed yourself so succinctly!