Friday, May 6, 2011

Melbourne, Victoria

This post is dedicated to Jaja @ together we're invincible. She really is in a honeymoon mood now..hehe. Soon she will be flying to Melbourne and wanted me to write/post pictures on my recent trip there.

Accomodation wise, I couldn't recommend any place. I mean, I went traveling for about 2 weeks plus, and it's soo ridiculuos that I would be afford to stay at a nice hotel throughout...I sacrificed a lot on the accomodation, so that I would be able to enjoy myself doing all the activities without limitation!

We (husband, my friends and I) opted to stay at backpackers hostel. But it wasn't too bad. I'm glad we stayed at backpackers cos we got to meet a lot of people from all over the places, and be friends with them. We don't just meet and greet each other, but we cooked, watch TV together and shared stories. The toilet (again..hehe) and the room are well maintained and clean. What I can reccommend you would be a cheap BUT nice places that you can consider to stay in :)

Back to Melbourne, we stayed about 4 days and 3 nights there. It was short, but four days are suffice to cover the town and some of other places nearby.

In Melbourne, public transportation were easily assessable, and quite cheap too. The trams were all over the town. However, we chose to drive since it would be easier for traveling to other places which were quite distance from the city itself. Plus, I ni memang pemalas..hehe

Car rented from EastCoast Car Rental, as recommended by Nuown in her blog, memang fully recommended! :)

Let's talk about food, since it was one of my most favourite activities when travelling..haha. Baru je makan lunch, dah fikir nak makan apa for dinner...

Fret not about finding halal food in Melbourne city, you can find it almost everywhere. Even Nandos, and some of their fast food are halal ( but please bare in mind to check on the halal cert which are usually displayed at the restaurant).

I chose Swanston Street (as suggested by few of my friends) to find foods. Along the stretch of Swanston Street, you can find varieties of international cuisine, from Asian to Western dishes. The place is soo happening and you can see crowds day and night.

Soo, where did I eat?

1) Restoran Nelayan

You just have to try out the Indonesian dishes in this restaurant. The varieties of food were unlike those I encountered when I went Jakarta and Bandung last year.

You must must must try their ayam bakar perahu. A grilled chicken with a green chilli paste..sedaap!

2) Es Tellar Restaurant

This restaurant also serves Indonesian dishes, but the menu are a little bit different than the ones in Nelayan. Many recommended me to try nasi uduk. It's basically a coconut rice with chicken soup, fried chicken and chilli paste. Not to forget their nasi goreng kambing :) I love everything kambing..hehehe.

Nasi uduk

Nasi goreng kambing :)

3) Max Branner (Chocolate by The Bald Man)

You people do not dare to leve Melbourne without trying out Max Branner!!. You must try the waffle, don't ask me why..hehe. They are yummy, the best waffle I've ever tasted. Nothing like the ones in Dome, Chocolate Lounge, Haagen Dasz and A&W ;p

Jaja, you must order this!!

There were many other places that you can dine in..but I kept coming back to the same. Dunno why. Maybe my throat was soo itchy to eat rice, food that can make me feel full. Btw, our blogger friend, Sha also did her reviews on food in Melbourne and you can read it here.

Where did I go? what did I do?

We arrived in Melbourne from Christchurch in the morning. Due to overexhaustion from the activities in New Zealand, we checked in straight to our guesthouse and K.Oed straight away. By the time we woke up, we didn't have that much of time left. Hence, on the first day we took a stroll along St Kilda beach, a beach near to the city. At night, we head off to Swanston Street. Apart from food, you are able to find lots of surveniors shop there.

Exhausted...9 hours berkampung at Christchurch Airport...

The guys at St Kilda beach

The following day we drove down to Great Ocean Road, which was about an hour drive from the city. The road is one of the main tourist attraction in Victoria. It traverses green open pastures, beaches and cliffs. You will pass by Port Campbell, Apollo bay, London Arch, the Tweleve Apostles etc. Each landmark has its own fascinating history. You can enjoy the beautiful leisurely drive along the beautiful country road greeted by a vast blue ocean, and you can spend all the time you want for pictures :)

Mesmerizing view of Port Campbell

Was in awe with God's creation

Jaja, you must do this pose ok? ;p

3rd day we went to the zooooo...I was very excited cos it's my dream to meet Mr. Kangaroo and Mr. Koala (once again I'm jumping with excitement like a kid!..hehe). It's my wish to say 'hi' to them, to pat them, and of cos take photos with them.

Feeling pumped up, we reached Melbourne Zoo as soon as it opened...see how semangat I am ;p

Buuuuuttt, they didn't semangat to meet meee!! They all very malas and baring je, very passive tau..sedih je. I got a shock in my life since I've always pictured them happily hopping from one place to another with a baby in their pocket...

Told ya! Malaskan diorang...

I guess it wasn't my luck...anyway, there's another 2 more zoos in Melbourne which you can try, who knows you might find a very aggressive ones there..hehe

Night time, I would suggest you to talk a walk along Swanston street and also along Federation square, it's one of many hallmark of Melbourne.

Swanston Street..these bunch of guys are damn talented

inside Melbourne City shopping complex

The last day was spent for shopping. Melbourne is quite famous with their factory outlet stores. You can find them at Harbour Town and also DFO. I seriously did not buy anything much except some homestuff at Laura Ashley cos they were soo damn cheap. As for souvenirs, you can find it easily everywhere along Swanston Street.

I did not manage to visit Queen Victoria Market, one of the recommended place to go in Melbourne to find cheap surveniors. They did not open everyday, and they have certain opening hours. Since shopping was not my main priority, I didn't feel that sad la sebab tak dpt pegi...hehe.

Soo, any of you who have visited/ stayed/ staying in Melbourne, what else did I missed? Do share...


LisaLisut said...

hi beautiful Tahirah :)
hehe.nice info. cntik gila la view laut tu and semua pose u.haha.i love the brown jacket!!!! ;p

Miserable J said...

Assalamualaikum Tahirah... the time I went to Perth pun the kangaroos semua melepak and not hoping...hahhahaha...tapi in Perth you get to pet them...It's not exactly a zoo..More to petting zoo kot...and the koalas pun samer...tido manjang...luv your pics btw...

Harteeny said...

Well, i'm not supposed to give any comments since No, I haven't been to Melbourne thus, I missed all that. Huhuhu... I have to start planning for one lah nampaknya :)

missbutterfly said...

tahirahhh!!!! yayy!! tqtqtq..thanks for this very helpful entry. kena cari jgk max branner tu..mengancam betol!!!slurrppp

missbutterfly said...

nak tambah lagi..all of ur pics nicely captured!!! best nye ada photog. i harapkan tripod je la kot. hiks

bride2wife said...

Haha..thanks. brown leather jacket tu is one of hantaran gift dulu. patutnya nak pg honeymoon tempat sejuk, tapi tak cukup budget lah pulak ;p

@Miserable J
W'salam MJ :) i soo envy friends pg zoo dkt perth ckp best..should go petting zoo sbnrnya kan..

i know you love travelling teeny! dreaming of europe now :)

bride2wife said...

Jaja, max branner tu dkt Melbourne City complex tau..dkt dgn Swanston Street..and order waffle!!!..haha..i like milk chocolate compared to dark chocolate.

Pictures courtesy to my BIL. he's from Perth, dtg Melbourne join kitaorg jalan2...bagus jugak ada dia and camera dia tolong amikkan gambar..haha

Tripod pon penting Jaja :)

Moose said...

i can see that you're having so much there! oh, i so need a vacation just by looking at those photos.

kena menabung dari sekarang ni!

Haneesa said...

as salam, hi there! i've been a silent reader all this while tapi bila you tulis pasal travel, tergerak nak comment. hehe. i've written about my melbourne and adelaide travels jugak when i visited end of 2009, so those who are planning to visit, kalau nak see the places which you could possibly visit, can read the travel stories at here

hope this helps your readers!

love you travel pictures, by the way :)

Lyna Shaari said...

bestnye..tq sb sharing info..dpt jugak jadikan sbg panduan utk ke sana thn dpn ;)
-mommy twin

[z@ck] said...

Blok M. They serve really nice pecel lele. Oh My! Kecur liur bila teringat makanan kat situ =P

bride2wife said...

traveling makes your live interesting, aint it?'re lucky cos you got to go to a lot of places when you're a student..

You are such a sweetheart..thank you for sharing!! :)

Jalan2 with the twins? have fun ;)

Anonymous said...

Oooohhh i've been waiting for this post. Melbourne is my hometown, inshallah next time you get the chance stay in Melbourne for a little longer.