Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday girls!!.. *waves to the guys who drop by my blog*

I'm in the midst of drafting an entry about my recent trip to Melbourne, but decided to skip that for awhile.

Today I just have to share with you guys some of the happy news that I got from my friends/customers who have experienced the magic of Premium Beautiful corset....

say it again...

Premium Beautiful corset babehhh!!!

Can you believe that she can see much difference in just 5 daysssss???!!...
I myself was in awe!!..

It's purely PB!PB!PB!! :)

Inthira, my colleague..after much contemplation, finally decided to try out the corset...
Wallahhhh!!..she is one happy customer just within a week!! just one week!!...
weeeeee... ;)

And own sister! A mother of four. I am soooo proud of her cos she still exclusively breastfeed my beautiful niece, Hayfa, who is 8 months old now!!!..she proved that a working mom can do it! excuses!!

What's important, PB doesn't have any side effects to a nursing mother

Oh..sorry gambar terbalik. Couldn't bother much to betulkan...hehe

5 kilos gone after less than 3 months!!..just replace your normal undergarment with PB, tup..tup..kurus!!! ;)

These are one of many things that I got from doing this business...satisfaction!!!. Seeing a happy and excited customers makes me happy and excited too!!.. :)

When you do work with passion, InshaAllah, it will be rewarding ;)

You know what else that  makes me happy today???

I finally learnt how to add watermark to my pictures using my MacBook!!!!

It's easy-peasy-lemon-squeezyyyy...hehe

Btw, I'll be in Penang this weekend to attend a wedding at G Hotel...and meeting up my future business partner!..yayy...

Soo, any of you who wants to give PB a try, or just to have a look at it, or interested to know about this business I ventured in, just buzz me 

InshaAllah, I'll post pictures of them once I get the permission :)

Now, I shall continue drafting my Melbourne post...

Till then,


Latika.Dot.Dot. said...

eyh betul kaaaaaa pb boleh turunkan berat dengan cepat?

mcm besttttttttttttttt jeer!

papaYA said...

Those testimonials menggoda aku untuk try..
Tunggu aku dapat gaji baru, nanti aku nak try jugak ;)

bride2wife said...

Betuuuuuullll.. ;p

Haha....Mari Mari Cuba! :)

[e][y][n][a] said...

nak gk la cuba..camne tu nk beli
can u consult me
pls email me

aDieyZa said...

testimonial tu semua buatkn zana tergoda.. hihihi

bride2wife said...

I dah email u! :)

Come la..give it a try :)