Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Friday!


Happy Friday girls!!.. *waves to the guys who drop by my blog*

I'm in the midst of drafting an entry about my recent trip to Melbourne, but decided to skip that for awhile.

Today I just have to share with you guys some of the happy news that I got from my friends/customers who have experienced the magic of Premium Beautiful corset....

say it again...

Premium Beautiful corset babehhh!!!

Can you believe that she can see much difference in just 5 daysssss???!!...
I myself was in awe!!..

It's purely PB!PB!PB!! :)

Inthira, my colleague..after much contemplation, finally decided to try out the corset...
Wallahhhh!!..she is one happy customer just within a week!! just one week!!...
weeeeee... ;)

And own sister! A mother of four. I am soooo proud of her cos she still exclusively breastfeed my beautiful niece, Hayfa, who is 8 months old now!!!..she proved that a working mom can do it! excuses!!

What's important, PB doesn't have any side effects to a nursing mother

Oh..sorry gambar terbalik. Couldn't bother much to betulkan...hehe

5 kilos gone after less than 3 months!!..just replace your normal undergarment with PB, tup..tup..kurus!!! ;)

These are one of many things that I got from doing this business...satisfaction!!!. Seeing a happy and excited customers makes me happy and excited too!!.. :)

When you do work with passion, InshaAllah, it will be rewarding ;)

You know what else that  makes me happy today???

I finally learnt how to add watermark to my pictures using my MacBook!!!!

It's easy-peasy-lemon-squeezyyyy...hehe

Btw, I'll be in Penang this weekend to attend a wedding at G Hotel...and meeting up my future business partner!..yayy...

Soo, any of you who wants to give PB a try, or just to have a look at it, or interested to know about this business I ventured in, just buzz me 

InshaAllah, I'll post pictures of them once I get the permission :)

Now, I shall continue drafting my Melbourne post...

Till then,

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The clothes beneath the clothes...

Premium beautiful corset is the best leading corset in Malaysia.

It was first introduced in the market more than a decade ago.

Over the years, the demand for the corset has been exponentially increasing, as many women nowadays are more anxious about beauty and health.

Many benefits have been proven to be effective by wearing the corset

The corset consist of 3 piece clothes

  • Long bra
  • Waist nipper
  • Long girdle



Because it's worth every ringgit that you pay

  • It's a SUPERBRAND product..for a certain product to be called so, it must be of a good quality and has a high demand in a market...

  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE!!!...any damages, intended or not,  worry not. We will help you to send for repair...and best of's FOC. No other corset can offer you this... :)


  • the material used to form the corset are from aquatech and aqadyne fabric, a GERMAN technology, helps to balance your body temperature and excellence in absorbing sweat and allowing air circulation 

  • It's strecthable in all directions, 360 degrees. It won't loose its original shape no matter how long you have been using it




of cos you can get it.. 

but does it give you the benefits that Premium Beautiful corset gives????


wear it, feel it and share it :)

to read on my own personal experience, click here

Still in doubt?

Feel free to contact me for any enquiries.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm home

Finally I'm home..and I'm not proud to say that I've been keeping this blog unattended for soo long ;)

Sorry for not keeping to my words to update on my roadtrip, the internet over in New Zealand and Melbourne are not cheap..4 dollars for 20 minutes??!!..and whenever I got an hour of complimentary WiFi, it would be spent for checking emails, facebook-ing and blog-hopping...hehe

First thing that I did after touching down on Tuesday was to find teh tarik and nasi lemak sambal sotong..and I got it!!..Heaven man!!! appetite has strongly grown and I always crave for rice. Had enough of kebab, fish, burgers and what not..Ni baru 2 weeks plus dekat negara orang dah teringin nak makan macam2..haha. I salute la those yg tinggal sana lama2 especially our students...I don't think I can survive without our yummy local food..hehe.

Talking about student, I remembered an incident in a bus when I was in Auckland. Me, husband and my two guy friends who were with us on the trip was on our way home. Day one abroad, we will be jakun if we bumped into any Malaysian (not Asian, since you can find them conquering the city..hehe). Soo, when my two guy friends (Azrai and Zul) saw two beautiful Malay ladies hop on the bus, they got very excited, plus they're still single. Guys being guys, they started to make themselves noticeable. But to our surprise, one of the girl called out my name. I was shocked and surprised that I initially thought that I misheard them. I was wrong, she did call my name and told me that she read my blog!!. I was flattered to hear that. Since then, Azrai and Zul knew the existence of my blog..hehe (not many of my friends know that I have a blog). 

Girls, if you ever read this, "Salam from add me on Facebook ya, (sure Zul and Azrai nak sibuk2)..hehe"

What must I say to conclude about my travel??...hmm..New Zealand is a very very very very beautiful country and the people there are just genuinely nice!!... I travelled from the North Island (landed in Auckland) to the South Island (boarded from Christchurch to Melbourne),and there wasn't a single place that was dirty or sore to the eyes or make you wanna vomit your lunch ;p

I was very amazed on how they can maintain the cleanliness, especially the public toilet. Hehe...Kalau dkt Malaysia jangan cakap la, lantai basah, sanitary bins are over piled, and the toilet bowl, ya rabbi, you can actually spot a shoe print...Hello!!'re supposed to sit on the toilet bowl, not to step on it!!!...come on, these thing can be prevented and we, us, Malaysian can actually do the same...if we do feel responsible, we will clean up our mess, keep it dry and clean for the next person to's just a matter of being responsible...

Gosh, I just realized that I spent one full paragraph talking about toilet..haha 

The people in New Zealand, be it the Kiwi or Maori, they are very very friendly. You hop on a bus, they greet you, you enter a shop, they greet you, you didn't buy anything at the shop, they say thank you, you walk at a park, they don't know you but they say hi to you... These are the little things that we have to instill in our culture. We Asians are supposed to be known to be courteous but as we all know, this is not the case. What happened to the days of a simple hello and a smile?. It's easier said than done, here I am reminding myself as well. 

Don't get me wrong girls, I'm not saying that we are all that bad. There is a saying in our culture, "take what is good, throw what is bad"..."yang baik dijadikan amalan, yang buruk dijadikan sempadan".

Not to say semuanya elok2 belaka, there are few things that also got me upset during my holiday especially when I was in Melbourne. I was at the Federation Square, it's one of a place in Melbourne city that you must go when you visit Melbourne, it's like you must go KLCC if you go KL, no? :) Being a tourist, of course I was excited to take photos, suddenly, one of their local butted in, "'s just Melbourne". Duuhhhh...why in the world was he being soo rude???..I mean, you don't go and tell off to any tourist in KL who were busy taking photos..."'s just KLCC". There and then, I knew that I'm not gonna enjoy my short stay in Melbourne.

True enough, when I was on a my MAS flight heading back to Malaysia, there was one lady in her late 40s sitting behind me. I was very tired that I just wanted to doze off, soo I did what everyone would do to feel comfortable, reclined my seat. Without shame and a total lack of respect, she rudely shook my seat to wake me up and started to nag at me that I shouldn't recline my seat because it would be difficult to get her arse to the loo. Pardon my French girls, I was extremely upset that I will remember this incident for the rest of my life. I just don't get it why this type of people exist in this world???..she could just tap gently on my shoulder to wake me up. Tell me, is it wrong to recline my seat??if it is, why they would want to invent a seat that is able to recline in the first place?..The girl in front of me fully reclined her seat, and it wasn't a problem to me...AT ALL!!

Arrggghhh...thinking about what had happened, just reignited the fire and fury within me, that I don't know how to end this entry. Soo, I'll do it in point form

1. Keep our toilet clean ;p

2. Don't be stingy with your smile and saying Hello/Salam 

3. Be genuinely nice to everybody

4. Do not forget our manners where ever we go

5. I will definitely come back to New Zealand!!!! hehe