Saturday, March 5, 2011

Wedding Dresses

Since my last post, I got dozens of emails asking for the rental of my weddings dresses.

I couldn't cope to reply all the emails and whatnot, SORRY! so I decided to make an entry on it's own to answer all the questions.

Some think that I'm renting out my husband suit as well..unfortunately, I'm not ladies. Husband love his suit soooooo much that he never thought of renting it out. I love my dresses too, yes I do...but I feel wasted to let them be kept in the closet for 8 months, so I decided that the dresses should go out for a while and serve you, beatiful bride-to-be, out there. I do understand that there are a lot of bride-to-be who's on a tight budget having a dream to being wrap in a designer dress, I'm more than happy if I can make you happy :)

Ok..lets answer some of the queries...

Dress: Syomir Izwa
Inner scarf: Ariani
Make up: Tiar Zainal
Handbouquet: KerjaKahwin
Credit to Qippy Photography

  • I'm about 158cm (the last time when I checked on my height..haha)..I shouldn't be growing anymore kan..hehe
  • I believe the dresses can fit for S to M sizes ladies (but most of time all my bajus are in S size). So, do meet me for trial first before paying the deposit 
  • You can rent either both the dress and the veil, or you can rent it separately..I'm renting the dresses at RM200/each (I know, murah kan?!!, quoted by my husband..baikkan dia :) )Mind you the cost that I paid to get each of the dress was  >15 times more expensive than the rental price I'm offering!!..I'm putting my full trust in you ladies!
  • I'm renting the veil for RM50/each
  • Customer must bare all the dry cleaning cost..and I will decide/choose where the dress/es should be send to..
  • If the dress/es is/are spoil, you will have to pay me half of the original price
  • I need a deposit of triple than the rental price. I know it's costly, but I love my dress to bits, this is more like an 'insurance' for my dresses :)

Ok..that's about it (as of now).

Dress: Syomir Izwa
Inner scarf: Ariani
Make up: Sue Cantik
Handbouquet: KerjaKahwin
Credit to Photogenic Artwork

Do email me at, or call/sms me 012-3684832 to set a date for trial ok.

Thank you ladies :)


missbutterfly said...

tahirah..menyesal kawin awl2.haha..i should get married after u decide to rent out ur dresses..i heart u dresses ok!!

ashieBee said...

rm200? ohmygod, murah gilerrr compared to how much SI charged u lah. hehehe. i like the nikah one. simple yet sweet :))


ummphs.. said...

both of your dress so gorgeous!! :)
rase nak sewa dan nak berangan baru kawen dengan baju kamu itew! :)

bride2wife said...

hello..ur wedding dressess lagi meletop ok! ;)

murah kan?..saja buat duit kopi..haha


Nya~yanG menciPta said...

hai...i love both of your dresses... boleh tak i nak tgk full view for those dresses?

Nya~yanG menciPta said...

hai tahirah..

1st of all just wanna say congratulation..i love both of ur dresses...lovely and so much beautiful... can i see the full view of ur wedding dress and concept of ur wedding...i love it... sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much...
thanks for sharing this beautiful moments!! :)


Diha said...

hi tahirah, i'm interested to rent your nikah veil. please email me the details of arrangement. thanks! =)