Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dream Big!

Before I joined Premium Beautiful business, I've heard about CDM Kak Ana cos Hanis mentioned about her tremendous amount of time in her blog.

Soon I knew that she is one of the top and well respected leader in the business. 


From just a teacher, cikgu Sejarah, to be specific, she is now a millionaire...


Because she dares to dream BIG!!!!

and she did not let anyone come her way to steal her dream!!!!

She has millions of savings BUT she doesn't sit idly at home enjoying the luxurious life, yet she goes out giving talk and motivation to open one's mind to be inspired by her achievements.

8 years in the business, she continuously makes people all around her to be proud of her

Recently.....she makes everybody to be more proud of her :)

Within 3 months she lost 30kgs!!!

Purely PB corset and Lactolite


The picture can't do justice to how she looks nowdays...very kurus I tell you..pinggang kecik mengalahkan yours truly! hehe..

Left most is my business partner, DSM Mai. A mother of 3 and still looking lean. Most importantly, she's a loyal PB user for 6 damn years!!!!

Due to increase demand for this best selling corset, I'm looking for business partners all around Malaysia.

Do you dare to dream big?

Join me ladies!!!..

Lets have a dream :)



ajjah said...

T you sangat sangat cantikkkk~*

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

ohh, u dealer ke?
I pakai PB sebab my makcik dealer.
dia bagi free sruh i try pakai.
tapi memang confirm badan selim melim okeh! :)
ehh, u kalau jadi dealer mesti ramai yakin. dah la doctor, pastu badan pun selim :D

bride2wife said...

how sweet of youuuu...*blushing* :)

bestkan PB.. ;)

FH said...

hello Dr. I came across your blog when browsing images of handbangs ( braun and torn off Aigner label from a wallet in of the images )Your blog is simple yet interesting and fresh !
btw. about the corset, how much per piece?

FaHab said...

Hi Dr, I came across your blog when browsing for images of handbags ( Braun and there was a torn off Aigner Label from a wallet).
Your blog is simple yet interesting and fresh.
btw,how much is the corset ?
look interesting to me.

nice meeting you.
FH, Bandung