Sunday, March 13, 2011

11th March this year

The worst earthquake for the past 140 years hit Japan terribly! Why did it have to happen on my birthday???..Yup..I know everything is in God's hand, but only then the Tsunami Alert came out and listed New Zealand as one of it and I'am schedule to leave for New Zealand next Friday!..

My heart raced. I never felt this afraid. Even when I heard Auckland Christchurch was hit a few weeks back I was not as anxious as I was when I heard about Japan. As of yesterday, I'm a bit relieved to hear that New Zealand had been called of from the Tsunami alert.

I'm praying for the best..and hoping for you generous readers, to pray for my safety.

Alas, I had fun on my birthday..cos I have such a fun wacky outrageous colleugues.

I was on duty, and was resting in the on-call room during lunch hour, when a nurse gave me a call to inform that a child is having difficulty in breathing..tiba2 je, sebab he was very stable tau. I was like, $@%^&#, why it had to happen when everybody had left for lunch, leaving me all alone.

I rushed to the ward, then ta-daaaaaa-----all my colleagues waited in the ward pantry, with a cake full of candles----geee..I feel old seeing the number of candles on the cake ;)

28 years has past, and I aspire to be better...28!28!..soo big of a number, soo young at heart..LOL

Thank you guys really made my day :)

1 Malaysia :) Zara, yours truly, Inthira, and Caroline

Hubby wasn't there cos he left for Friday prayers, but he gave me my birthday gift a day in advance...

and I also bought me a birthday sad..makin tua, makin tak dapat hadiah...

Nothing much to celebrate this year since our piggy bank has gone fancy dinner or what-so-ever. Yet, I'm grateful for all the birthday wishes from families, friends, colleagues and hospital staffs, and the world-wide-web users..hehehe.

Now I can't wait for the long awaited 3 weeks holiday abroad after frequent on-calls since end of February. I'm hoping for a good quality time to be spend with husband, and come back with renewed enthusiasm and spirit..AMIN

Much love,


daisy said...


Are u going to south or north of New Zealand? safe journey hun, ameen!

South of New Zealand lawa giler, Christchurch is one of them :) Waaa..Beli Chanel? Jealous. Masya-Allah, murah rezki!

bride2wife said...

Hi Ecah,

im covering both island in 2 weeks, then head off to Melbourne for another week, InshaAllah...

Hehe..yes Chanel, but definitely not a bag!..still tak mampu lagi..haha

missbutterfly said...

happy bday tahirah!! and have a blast holiday! :) dont forget to review melb nanti. hehe..

bride2wife said...

Thanks Jaja :) why melbourne? Planning to go there jugak ke? :)

Aida Narina said...

a big hug and warm birthday wishes for my dearest tahirah! I'm sure u are enjoying every bit of your special despite the current havoc. You are going to NZ next week? Safe trip dearie and do update us from there ?(if time permits).

Here's for you! A year older, a year wiser, a year sexier bebeh! :) xoxo

saltvinegar said...

Hey girl have a fun time on ur great nz and aussie road trip ya! As a birthday present i shall click on ur nuffnang ad.. hahahaha

LisaLisut said...

28?but look young!! cantik nye doctor ni...hehe..take care bila ke NZ nnt ok :)

bride2wife said...

Thanks girl..Tie rack sehelai as a birthday pressie can ah?hehe..

@Caroline banyak2 kali ok..LOL

thank you hun...lets age with grace! ;)

Azwa said...

happy 28th birthday tahirah :)have a wonderful bday celebration. so sweet of ur friends bagi birthday surprise mcm tu hehe i had similar birthday surprise masa my 25th birthday kat O&G ward.. they called me to the ward when i was in the clinic..saying that i did something wrong n the specialist wanted to see me... i went there n they surprise me with 15 slices of different secret recipe cakes.. btw, have a wonderful holiday..

Anonymous said...

oh wow, a chanel n a holiday! :)
happy birthday! Teeny

ashieBee said...

happy birthday tahirah!!!! enjoy your holiday. bestnyeeeee cuti. and omg, chanel? hihihihi. takpe, still young. got enough time to save money for it later on. insyallah.


hidden.wing said...

Happy birthday doctor!

btw babe, Zara tu Fatimahtuzzahra ke? OMG, she sooo wanted to be doctor back then!!

bride2wife said...

15 slices of cakes????wow!

Yup..yup..still young..LOL

Ye la..tu Fatimahtuzzahra la..what a small world :)