Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Premium Beautiful corset-In My Own Words

You read the title clearly.... ;)

Yesss...I've been trying out the Premium Beautiful (PB) corset for the past 1 month and loving it to bits!!!!!

I first knew about the corset long time ago, but was a bit skeptical to try it on.

The urge to really try out this corset came after I met my long lost friend, Maisarah Ibrahim, who is also a successful businesswoman (just by selling off this product), and she herself had been using the corset for the past 6 years. Oh my!..she's a mother of 3 and she can maintain her figure exactly the same as when I first met her 13 years ago.

I experienced nothing but improvement to my own self...

1st/2nd DAY
  • when I don my PB set for the first time, I felt like a robot, but in actual fact, people see me like normal...but more CURVACIOUS maybe :) none of my colleuge or family members notice any abnormal walking/posture, except for my hubby...
  • I had a very mild degree of scoliosis, which you will see more obvious on the X-ray.

Hence, the slumped posture that I have.

With PB, it gave me a proper posture..not only when I walk, but also when I sit.

When we sit with a good posture, it gives a good impression and you will look professional too.

  • first and second day was the hardest cos I wasn't used to wear it myself yet. I had my husband to help me..especially with the long bra. To all single ladies out there, don't worry. There's a trick to wearing's easy peasy!
  • the waist nipper has 3 hooks, and I used the 2nd hook soo that I won't feel too tight and it gave a nice grip to my body. If you feel uncomfortable it's either the size of the corset is wrong, or you wear it too tight
  • I noticed that I burp and passed flatus (farted) a simpler words, buang angin :) it feels good you know :)
3rd DAY
  • I already started to wear it by myself. I got my move and groove, and it's as easy as wearing your normal undergarments
  • I felt more and more comfortable with it. It fits my body perfectly, the cloth is not thick, and I don't feel hot at all. Mind you, I'm working in a government hospital where most of the wards are aircond-less

1st WEEK
  • I can't LIVE without my PB!!!..haha..yesss!!PB is very addictive. PB has now replaced all my undergarments. Out goes my La Senza, Xixili, Triumph and what not.
  • I feel comfortable with it..sleeping with it, running, walking, eating, going to toilet etc.
  • I noticed that I feel full faster. I'm not like my usual self where I would use to shove food down my food pipe.

2nd WEEK
  • I could see some changes..I noticed my waist nipper getting loose. From the 2nd hook, I moved to the 3rd hook hook :)
  • My spare tyres were deflated. No more lipatan2 degil ;p
  • I lost 2 inches around my waist and buttock!! and that was my main target when I chose to start wearing PB
  • Husband complimented how my legs look slimmer, smaller, and firmer!!!..*grins*
  • Cellulites around my legs are less visible...AMAZING!!! I know!!

  • Had my first menses while wearing PB without any PMS (pre menstrual syndromes). No crying episodes (call me weird, but I'll sure will cry sometimes for no reason when the time of the month came)..I don't feel moody or tired
  • Period pain are much lesser compared to before
  • I can fit in my old pants..*happy*
  • I don't have much cravings for food as bad as before...hehe. I somehow eat less nowadays and I like that. Still I enjoy good food :)
  • My 'love-handle' is completely gone! that was the culprit that I had difficulty getting rid off looooooooooong time ago...begone you, now!! hehe

I'm in my 4th week of wearing PB..and am still excited for more new changes that I anticipate. This weekend will be the perfect time to weight myself and I'm hoping for the best :)

For those who have tried but have failed to loose weight, worry not! There is still hope. Try out this corset, cos it really works!!!

But ladies, there is something I would like to add, just being slim from the outside is not enough. We have to exercise for a healthy heart.


So girls, if any of you out there who would like to give PB a try, don't shy away from your keyboard and drop me an email. I'll ring you ASAP.


Azwani Azmi said...

Hi Tahirah, How are u?i rasa nak try lah.sbb sgt gemok everytime i used that, several brands...girdle la selalunya...i rasa everytime pakai mcm sakit belakang lah

Anonymous said...

Salam dear,

Hi Im one of your silent reader.How much does it cost? Mind sharing...

Fathiyah said...

u jadi dealer PB ke?
I'm thinking to purchase PB la after deliver. I need my old body back. desperately! rite now toksah ckp la. lemak sana sini. well, i pasrah since tgh pregnant kan.ehehe..tahirah, thanks 4 sharing ur experience eh.

btw, nak tanya, boleh tak kalo i nak rent ur woody hantaran tray? hehe =)

ElyaElmo said...

PB bestt..dah nak kawen ni..kene rajinn sket pakai...haha

jooleata said...

Hi sis.. i'm interested with it.. nak try different product jugak.. email me at jazzeyra.aj[at]


Moose said...

tahirah, i am very skeptical when it comes to stuffs yang claim boleh buat itu ini macam PB ni. lagi2 klo barang MLM.

i dunno, maybe i think that it sounds like a hoax that a piece of garment can do so much kot. nak2 orang melayu ni cam suka kurus dengan jalan yang senang cam amik pil kurus la, USANA la, herbalife la. i still believe that eating properly and exercise is the way to go if you wanna lose weight.

i know that this is a bit sensitive but i tengok banyak orang pakai PB ni body takde lah slim mana pun. even the allegedly claimed best PB agent in town pun body besar jugak. so how to convince such skeptics like me?

~ i.n.a.z.d.a.u.d ~ said...

kak, how come someone so slim like u wear corset? sy ingat org yg berbdn besar je yg pakai corset.. ke sy yg tertinggal keretapi...? hehehhe.....

Anonymous said...

salam.. sy pun ada scolio, about 40 degree curvature. and i dh beli pb. tp xselesa la pakai. especially yg girdle tu. pinggang masuk ke dlm, and dia mcm mencengkam sgt kt sblh pinggang tu.. i nk tau la u pakai mcmana? member i sorg pun sama mcm i.. email me pls. tq

bride2wife said...

kak wanie, sorry busy sgt oncall semalam. will call u later ok

can u drop me you email, or email me terus. either way. thanks! :)

Congrats on your pregnancy Fathiyah. yes, Im joining the business... berpantang boleh pakai PB apa, can substitute your bengkung ( do i get it right?)...that thing nampak mcm susah nak pakai..

nak tray? problem. email i k :)

lucky u elya..belum kahwin dah pakai. best kan PB..very comfortable :)

hey u..hope to get your reply soon

bride2wife said...

MOOSE...haha. I understand what you meant..

I myself was a bit skeptical about it at the first place. I heard about this MLM thingy (esp PB) 3 years back where a lot of my doctors friends, be it male or female, joined and they were happy with it. I wasn't convince back then.

Now when i met my friend, Mai, and i see her and her group, how established and hard working they are, I was convince.

Beforehand, I did some reading on PB and their so-called FIR technology, from articles and even journals. It took me quite sometime until i finally have my points and see the logics, then here i am..challenging myself with something new :)

You'll be surprise to know about this FIR, perhaps u can check some of it at JEMAA (Journal of Electromagnetic Analysis and Application). My knowledge is very limited, but not all that i've read i ambil bulat2..hehe

Science is slow..somehow we choose to believe what we want to believe. My husband (he's an exercise fanatic!! hehe) once read in Men's Health Magazine that many of the fitness rave nowadays have not clinically proven. It takes years for science to prove for what is known to be effective. So, a lot of fitness instructor base their fitness regime on real life results and wait for science to catch up. It's the same as why berbekam is sunnah Nabi and why a lot of modern women choose to berpantang when I tried to see the logic behind it, but frankly speaking, i will do it! :)

The issue about PB agent tu I do not dare to say anything. Maybe they have a big build up to begin with, maybe they're still trying, maybe they haven't achieve their target yet, there's a lot of maybe...

As for me, i personally think that I have to give a good example and experience it myself before i go convince others..

Ok..this is looooooooong..i should have make a new entry for it!!haha...

bride2wife said...

yessss...awak dah tertinggal keretapi!!haha...nak kata gemuk tak la, tapi ada some part yg SANGAT2 obvious ok!..

I dah email you :)

missbehave said...

salam puan tahirah...
actually yg pasal satu komen moose tuu, hehheheh i rase i tau siapa yg dimaksudkan olehnya
seriesly en moose u haven't seen her prevoiusly..where as i just saw her mlm rabu kelmarin...mmg tak caya die dahh kurus giler..probably masa yg die nampak tuhh tht lady baru blk from company trip ..yg mana mkn tdo jenjalan fully sponsored by the company, mmmg laa badan naik giler!!!
u should seen her live..mmg sgt2 kurus n cantek badan nyaa tahirah let's do this business together, takpelaa some ppl yg nak sceptical tuu..insyaAllah wth ilmu we can answer n probably open their eyes too..salam

Moose said...

lengthy comment but i like! i am sort of a person who must see a logic behind everything or else i am not convinced. i guess, that's the reason why i took up engineering. haha.

i will try to read the articles mentioned. and we'll see if i can accept that such simple garment as PB can do what it claimed.

or maybe i have to try it out myself but the price is expensive that i dont wanna take the risk if it doesnt work.

Anonymous said...

leh sy tau brpe harga PB ni?email

Ms ShOpPeR said...

email me the price please..

thanks so much!

Dhiya said...

Hye tahirah, it can really downsize the tummy and butt ke? that's my main concern. my mom, suruh pakai crony. but crony just too expensive...

if it really can loose inches at waist and hips, mmg i nak sgt2..

Anonymous said...

hai tahirah. thanks for the info. i pun ade mild scolio. about 2+ degree camtu. so, i interested la dgn PB ni. can u gimme the details?

thanks in advance.;)

Anonymous said...

hmmmm...i pn trgin nk cuba,aftr dlvry my body weight jut gain n its so i nk try pujuk hsbnd utk beli..