Thursday, February 17, 2011

Of Late

Nothing interesting happened the past week, other than positivity that suddenly came injecting into my life.

When you have all the positivity inside you, you feel nothing is impossible. Everyday you wake up feeling all good and geared up...and you are all brand new you..EVERYDAY!! All the white matter in your brain is firing on all cylinders, and everything that you do seem to have a goal.

Eventually everything will go your way and at the end of the day, you will always thank the Almighty for all the blessings that He gave.

Have you ever waken up in the morning, feeling sorrow and lazy to go to work? And all you ever wish for is to continue hibernating inside the duvet, and dream all you can dream of??...

If you have rather similar feelings, well...wake up now baby!!! It's time for a change, and find something that you like...something that can give you satisfaction. You can't go on doing things that you don't's a waste of time!!

Early this year I took a risk, and ALHAMDULILLAH, so far the path seems to show a bright light. Recently, I met people who are unafraid of the unknown,  hardworking, achieving what they want in life and who doesn't shy away from challenges. I was inspired. Getting to know people from all walks of life, meeting up clients who are very enthusiastic, and knowing that I now have a side income,'s all I can say.

I lost 1 kg in a month. It might be a small number to some of you, but not me! equals to 1000g okayy ;p Without any vigorous exercise or dietary supplement, I'm kinda satisfied with it. The stubborn fats are more equally distributed..yayy!...

Like I said in my previous post, I still enjoy good food :)

Oh...I was a bit surprised to see the lack of quality in the food at Chillis nowadays. Can you see the vegetables?? 

Carrot and kacang buncissss???!!! 
Where's the broccolis???
Where's the mushrooms???
Where's the capsicums and whatnot?? 
Where's my yummy gravy on top of the mashed potatoes??? 
Apa niiii??..terkejut tengok. 

For the past 8 years being a loyal fan of their Lamb Shoulder and Southwestern Grilled Lamb, I have never encountered such rubbish a lack of effort being put into their dish. Echoing the words of Gordon Ramsay "the food lacks passion" plus some other obscene words..(hehehehe)..Frustrating right?..pftt!..

But yeah, thank God husband was being such a sweet company the other day ;p

Can't get enough of lamb, cari pulak lamb mandy dekat Rawsha.

Lamb mandy, Hummus with lamb, lamb kebab, and my all time favourite, Arayes...fuhhh...sedap!!

Nice build up and architecture, but it was kinda humid during the daytime...

For those who is on diet, fret not... I did some reading on the internet that even though you're on a diet control, in a week you should have at least 2 days of "eating day", means you can wallop just ANYTHING you want without feeling any guilt...ANYTHING OK!!! 

Now I'm excited for a weekend outing at Changkat. Will do reviews if I find the food is good.

Till then.

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LisaLisut said...

Yes.I am demotivated lately to go to work.. just because of traffic jams...nk buat macam mana have to go thru la nak taknak.lagi kesian dgn org yg kene kerja naik bas tempuh jem gaji ciput bak kata tunang i kene muhasabah diri alot and byk bersabar.sbb i mmg impatient person.sigh...

serius chilis dah jadi mcm tu? ish..tak ptt betul...i never been to rawsha tp sll baca kt blog2 kata rawsha tu day i nk jejakkan kaki ke sana la.hehe