Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcoming 2011

It's the first day of the year 2011, and I'm sure everyone woke up feeling good and all geared up to make this year even better than the last :)

This is the time where usually everybody...well...almost everybody come up with a new resolution...things to keep us motivated throughout the year.

Time flies soo fast, and I always feel that there's still a lot that I haven't done with my life and things I have yet to achieve. And to rub salt into the wound, I feel that I'm getting old each day. I wanna age with grace, and I hope I will have this "forever young" feeling inside of me... :)

Like everybody, I don't want to miss the chance to jotting down few of my new year resolution/ wish list...or should I say more like a hope or my desire. Hehehe...

1. Challenge myself to do something different (out of my career line)
2. Keep myself healthy and fit!
3. Start swimming..since I had lost the momentum to run..pfftt...
4. Take good care of my skin..
5. Buy a nice condo to settle down
6. Road trip to New Zealand...inshaAllah
7. To but at least 42" LED tv
8. Get a new phone..definitely!!!
9. To recite Al-Quran more often
10. Open a save for my Hajj
11. To save more money
12. Be a better wife to my husband
13. To control myself from impulsive shopping
14. To get pregnant by the end of the year...hmmm..I know that I'm not 100% ready, but hey, I'm getting old!!!
15. Add collection on designer handbags..oh yes..can't wait for this...haha
16. If I don't get into the master programme, to take MRCPCH exam...arghhh...that will cost me almost RM3k per paper!

Ok, stop...Can't list everything under the sun right?..cos the list is always expanding from time to time ;)

Soo, are you all feeling motivated? I know I do...that's why I started my year with a relaxing facial treat ;)

More post to come after exam, inshaAllah :)

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Aida Narina said...

happy new year to you too tahirah! and a facial spa upon celebrating new year? best best! i'm sure you'll achieve everything in your list as they are not impossible (esp no. 14!) :D insyaAllah..

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

happy 2011 tahirah!

i love your no 14!!! Heee. Good for you. Me, my readiness x sampai 50% pon lg. =D

Harteeny said...

All the Best on your resolutions!

I too started the new year with a facial treatment. But not SKII lah :P

ajjah said...

happy new year lovely T..! and good luck with your exam :)

Izrin said...

Oh yes, i want to copy your number 10. thanks for reminding :) happy new yr to you babeh!

bride2wife said...

Happy new year aida! it was great meeting you and the girls..will upload the photos soon!! xoxo

Shouldn't wait until the time that i'll be 100% ready, otherwise...hmm... :)

Somebody is looking pretty excited about January..hmmm..haha. Happy birthday in advance!!haha..

i like you caling me happy new year ajjah... :)

oh yes..please do. that was one of my last year's resolution actually..haha