Monday, January 31, 2011

Future nest

In few of my previous posts, I did mention how I always fancy a condo as my first house with husband, in fact it was one of my 2011 wishlist.

Eventhough I like the idea of living in a condo cos of the facilities and the safety, it's undeniable that having a landed home has more ups than down. If I were to buy a landed house, it must have few criteria that I want.

Guarded community
It makes me feel safe. Even so, I must install an alarm system at home. Especially during the time when I have to stay home alone while husband has to go for his night shift.

Gated community
It makes the small community looks organized, like the ones in Bukit Jelutong. It also makes the small neighborhood area looks neat.

Modern design

Most of new houses are moving towards modern design. I just don't fancy the idea of people keep renovating their house, it makes the area looks like a hoarder's cupboard, shambled and disorganized. If you settle down with a nice design that you like, there will be less likelihood that you will renovate it. Therefore, it's equivalent to saving more money :)

Nice neighbourhood area

Trusted developer
Cos they offer you a promising township...Sime Darby has proven it :)

Unique features
Courtyard in a house? with a water features??...hmmm..that's soo calming..

Laminated flooring
Better quality than a parquet flooring...which after a while it comes off and looks ugly too

Nice toilet
I love the idea of having two sink in a bathroom, for him and hers..can gosok gigi together one..haha

Strategic location
A lot of new, up coming area, that offer affordable price are located away from KL eg. PutraHeight, USJ Heights, Bukit Jelutong, etc..I wouldn't mind of having to move away from KL, but that place must be easily accessible to highways..

We were so close to buying Armanee Terrace in Damansara Perdana, a duplex condominium that we've been eyeing for so long. The condo is quite spacious (2100++ sf), with huge master bedroom, nice toilet, with a more than 10ft balcony which is huge it can fit a car, can turn into a very nice garden, and enough space to have a BBQ party. The unit that were eyeing was facing a greenery hill.

It was on a Sunday afternoon, when the real estate agent called us to inform that the landlord has agreed to give us more discount from RM650k to RM600k, which is a good offer to us, considering that it cost about RM700-800k for non-Bumi price. We were far beyond content. But we still needed to discuss with our parents. It's good to ask from their opinion since they have more experience than us. Plus, purchasing a house involves BIG MONEY, and we don't want to make a BIG MISTAKE. After discussing with them, only then I knew what is freehold/leasehold means, what is a build up area means, why it matters to choose a house that is not in direct contact with the sun, etc.

On the weekend trip back home, husband and I went to Bukit Jelutong to have a look at the houses. I like the area, and if I were to buy a landed house, I want a nice neighborhood like Bukit Jelutong. Then we went to Denai Alam, and stopped at the show house. I would say the place is huge like Bukit Jelutong, has good potential for further development and a wonderful place to settle down, as they came from the same developer.

It was like love at first sight when we saw a newly launch super-link houses, having all the features that I'm looking for in a landed property. I never felt for a landed property as much as did before. We then headed back home, feeling torn between the 2 choices!

Guess what???...we came back again on Wednesday to meet the sales person, and came back the next day again..and finally booked our unit at Mulberry Grove, Denai Alam!!!..haha. Even though the price is way expensive than the condo, but it didn't take us that long to decide.

With a size of 26'x80', and a build up area more than 2,700++, we were happy with our first property :) Alhamdulillah..

I'm so over the moon!! I am very excited for the furnishing, the water features, the walk-in closet etc, but the house will only be ready in 2013!...dang...

On the brighter side, I have plenty of time to save money...

Now, it's time to berangan. It's true when people say, preparing for house is much more fun than preparing for a wedding!! :)

Hmmm.....maybe I should give Rizalman a call...hahaha...NOOOOT!!!


LisaLisut said...

I'm lisa. b2b blogwalking.
i agree with you.haha.preparing a house more fun than a wedding ;p

armanee sungguh tempting harga pun juling.hehe.siap on 2013 bole sempat saving! gud luck :)

bride2wife said...

hi lisa...selalu nampak you at farah's blog (TSS)
i'll link you :)

Armanee mmg tempting, belum lagi dgn maintanence fee dia :)

ElyaElmo said...

denai alam besttt...u should try a restaurant dekat situ...lupe ape nama die..tapi ade tempat untuk tunggang kuda..hehe

Anonymous said...

denai alam is awesome.. great choice.. if I can afford it would have looked into buying a unit at the area too.. :)

Harteeny said...

Congrates babe ! Maybe we could be neighbours. haha (in my dream)

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Best gile kan the feeling when you have made your first property purchase? I was feeling like on top of the world literally. Hehehe. We considered Denai Alam too when we were house hunting but the area is a bit far for him to ulang alik Melaka. He works at the refinery plant in Melaka by the way. So we settled for Putra Heights. I guess Sime Darby features things that are almost similar in Putra Heights too :).

Serius best gile berangan pasal rumah. Confirm lagi best dari prepare for the wedding. Hahaha. Hey, you have loads of time to save money for renovation later so 2013 is no biggie dear!

Ahhh Armanee!! I have always wanted one unit of Armanee too! Hari tu nasib baik tak beli, kalau tak haih pokai. But we bought the sister unit for future investment. Gila kan kitorang ni? Tak kawen lagi tapi rumah sampai 2. I guess we should stop buying houses for now. Need to start saving for a family and for his dream car :)

Siti Aisyah Nizar said...

Tahirah. I like. Fancy becoming my neighbours? Thanks for the info!

Ecah nizar

bride2wife said...

yup..heard bout it too. lepas ni boleh pg horse riding...hahaha. tapi tak nampak pulak kedai makan kat situ

hello there..been following your house progress since the beginning :) very informative

Babe, be my neighbour!!!!
I've consulted my Miss Architect :) (Ai Wei) in Aussie before purchasing the house..guess what? she likes it too!...she is now considering to buy a house there when she come back for good and start up our '1 Malaysia' neighbourhood area! hahaha

bride2wife said...

You sound very excited Farah!!!hehehe...

yeah..I agree. it feels good to have a place to call our own (walaupon tak siap lagi) haha..i woke up every morning and feels good you know..Alhamdulillah

Eh..i envy you ok. before kahwin dah ada 2 houses! :) it's good for investment you know...if i have the extra money, i wouldn't hesitate to purchase another house for investment

Come ecah! better buy now..if you don't want it, you can sell it off 2-3 yrs down the road. the price can easily goes up to almost million..landed houses aren't cheap nowadays..

Moose said...

congrats on your first big purchase! we are still renting and insya Allah, if the rezeki is on our way, i'd love to buy a house before i hit 30. and that's like 2 years to go!

i have lot to achieve in 2

bride2wife said...

dun worry moose. just enjoy your newly-weds life at the moment. me and husband never discussed about buying a property not until January this year! we all pun duduk hospital quarters je sekarang :) inshaAllah your rezeki will come, jom jadi neighbors...hehe

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

envy you tahirahhh! nice choice. kan??? best gila berangan decorate rumah rather than wedding. we've otw to buy the place for settlement. tp prob sikit sbb ni dah 2rd house, byk sgt prosedur nye. =( pray for us!

Dhiya said...

Hye tahirah,

congrats on ur first asset. good purchase tho :)

bride2wife said...

you mean you're looking for your 3rd house? my goodness!! 3 rumah dah..i sebuah ni pon dah tak bernafas nak bayar...hehehe
if you're looking for a house in Denai Alam, let me know :)

thanks babe ;)

ANZ said...

hi.. my friend pun ada beli mulberry grove like u.. u guys gonna be neigbour laa.. same 27X80

so jealous mulberry grove punya design memang cantik!! mine's Denai Alam jugak but earlier phase.

congrats on the purchase!

Anonymous said...

hye, just stumbled upon ur blog, like the mulberry groove too, dh pi tgk, tp sesak nafas gak nk byr kan, hehe..
by d way,u byr 10% down payment ke?
i ada tnya ejen n he told me that

bukit jelutong