Monday, January 31, 2011

Future nest

In few of my previous posts, I did mention how I always fancy a condo as my first house with husband, in fact it was one of my 2011 wishlist.

Eventhough I like the idea of living in a condo cos of the facilities and the safety, it's undeniable that having a landed home has more ups than down. If I were to buy a landed house, it must have few criteria that I want.

Guarded community
It makes me feel safe. Even so, I must install an alarm system at home. Especially during the time when I have to stay home alone while husband has to go for his night shift.

Gated community
It makes the small community looks organized, like the ones in Bukit Jelutong. It also makes the small neighborhood area looks neat.

Modern design

Most of new houses are moving towards modern design. I just don't fancy the idea of people keep renovating their house, it makes the area looks like a hoarder's cupboard, shambled and disorganized. If you settle down with a nice design that you like, there will be less likelihood that you will renovate it. Therefore, it's equivalent to saving more money :)

Nice neighbourhood area

Trusted developer
Cos they offer you a promising township...Sime Darby has proven it :)

Unique features
Courtyard in a house? with a water features??...hmmm..that's soo calming..

Laminated flooring
Better quality than a parquet flooring...which after a while it comes off and looks ugly too

Nice toilet
I love the idea of having two sink in a bathroom, for him and hers..can gosok gigi together one..haha

Strategic location
A lot of new, up coming area, that offer affordable price are located away from KL eg. PutraHeight, USJ Heights, Bukit Jelutong, etc..I wouldn't mind of having to move away from KL, but that place must be easily accessible to highways..

We were so close to buying Armanee Terrace in Damansara Perdana, a duplex condominium that we've been eyeing for so long. The condo is quite spacious (2100++ sf), with huge master bedroom, nice toilet, with a more than 10ft balcony which is huge it can fit a car, can turn into a very nice garden, and enough space to have a BBQ party. The unit that were eyeing was facing a greenery hill.

It was on a Sunday afternoon, when the real estate agent called us to inform that the landlord has agreed to give us more discount from RM650k to RM600k, which is a good offer to us, considering that it cost about RM700-800k for non-Bumi price. We were far beyond content. But we still needed to discuss with our parents. It's good to ask from their opinion since they have more experience than us. Plus, purchasing a house involves BIG MONEY, and we don't want to make a BIG MISTAKE. After discussing with them, only then I knew what is freehold/leasehold means, what is a build up area means, why it matters to choose a house that is not in direct contact with the sun, etc.

On the weekend trip back home, husband and I went to Bukit Jelutong to have a look at the houses. I like the area, and if I were to buy a landed house, I want a nice neighborhood like Bukit Jelutong. Then we went to Denai Alam, and stopped at the show house. I would say the place is huge like Bukit Jelutong, has good potential for further development and a wonderful place to settle down, as they came from the same developer.

It was like love at first sight when we saw a newly launch super-link houses, having all the features that I'm looking for in a landed property. I never felt for a landed property as much as did before. We then headed back home, feeling torn between the 2 choices!

Guess what???...we came back again on Wednesday to meet the sales person, and came back the next day again..and finally booked our unit at Mulberry Grove, Denai Alam!!!..haha. Even though the price is way expensive than the condo, but it didn't take us that long to decide.

With a size of 26'x80', and a build up area more than 2,700++, we were happy with our first property :) Alhamdulillah..

I'm so over the moon!! I am very excited for the furnishing, the water features, the walk-in closet etc, but the house will only be ready in 2013!...dang...

On the brighter side, I have plenty of time to save money...

Now, it's time to berangan. It's true when people say, preparing for house is much more fun than preparing for a wedding!! :)

Hmmm.....maybe I should give Rizalman a call...hahaha...NOOOOT!!!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Gordon Ramsay overdose

The weeks when it was nearing my exam, my husband behaved out of his norm....he was so rajin spending time in the kitchen...COOOOOOKING!!!! heard me. He is soooo allergic to kitchen, but not after he watch too much of Gordon Ramsey's show. Boy, he sooooooo like that man...very spontaneous, funny, rational and of cos..too much of swearing that sometimes can sound very funny to him. Every sentences must have that 'f' letter word....

Now my husband favourite word is 'rustic'...LOL.

Being nice, he cooked this for me......

I would give an 'A' for the presentation...haha. Knowing him, sometimes he would just take all the wok and the frying pan to serve on the table, just to minimize the number of dishes that he has to do! (I cook, he wash- that's the agreement)... ;)


Ramly beef burger
Ramly beef frankfurter
*get that hint...get a Ramly brand!lol
Organic pea sprout
Organic tomatoes
Organic red chillies
Olive oil
Pinch of salt
Coarse blackpeppers


Cook with L.O.V.E...


Ok...this is just to show that I don't have much to blog about... ;p


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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Plan B

I didn't get through the entrance exam. It was heartbreaking, hence it explained why I did not update my blog since then..

I wouldn't say that the exam was a tough one, but blame it on me for not concentrating on studies. It's not that I don't revise, but now days I just find it difficult to focus...I mean, the motivation is not there compared to undergrad years. Sometimes I do feel that I'm in a comfort zone, whereas last time I was still striving to get that MD, I wouldn't want to screw up..but now, I knew that I have a job, a good pay (but I need more!!!), a comfortable working environment, a perfect life..and now a married woman to a perfect husband!..

Even so, deep down, I know there is something that is still not complete. I don't want to be a 'chronic' medical officer, as they say. I want to go as furthest as possible to the highest echelon of my career.. As of now, I'm so happy and comfortable with my life, that I just want to enjoy every seconds of it and fill it with things that make me happy and stress-free. But there's still bit of me, feeling guilty of letting the time goes wasted.

I feel like crying the moment I knew that I failed, but the tears was held back until I saw my husband's face. Yes, it was heartbreaking having to know that I have disappointed the man that I love. The man that never stopped giving me courage and have a lot of faith in me. The man that always sees the capabilities in me when I never realize it for the past 27 years of my life...The man that taught me to say my thoughts out... The man that made me appreciate that little little things in life.

I can see that his face wasn't convince when I told him that I didn't make it. Knowing me, he thought I was trying to make a joke and his face was all ready expecting me to say, " Gotcha!! I got it laaahhh!!..Haha..". Until when he finally knew that it was not gonna happen. I can't even smile, and not in the mood to do anything, and even if he offers to buy me an LV bag there and then, I won't 'buy' that...( ke??!..haha)

Feeling pity, husband did his best to cheer me up..and he knows his wife best :)

I feel envy (in a good way, my dear) to those people who is so motivated to further study right after their degree. Hana Fedora, got her PhD at a very young age, Ajjah for doing her second degree, my BIL who is now doing his master apart of being a father of 4, and many more not to mention here. Seeing people who has achieved, makes me think that I CAN DO IT! too...

Anything that doesn't kill me, will make me stronger...I will bounce back better than ever!!!

What's done is done, and it's time to move on. As stated in my new year's resolution, if I didn't make it into the master program, I will proceed to register for MRCPCH part 1 exams. That's what I'm planning to do now...*deep breath in*

So, Plan B it is.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcoming 2011

It's the first day of the year 2011, and I'm sure everyone woke up feeling good and all geared up to make this year even better than the last :)

This is the time where usually everybody...well...almost everybody come up with a new resolution...things to keep us motivated throughout the year.

Time flies soo fast, and I always feel that there's still a lot that I haven't done with my life and things I have yet to achieve. And to rub salt into the wound, I feel that I'm getting old each day. I wanna age with grace, and I hope I will have this "forever young" feeling inside of me... :)

Like everybody, I don't want to miss the chance to jotting down few of my new year resolution/ wish list...or should I say more like a hope or my desire. Hehehe...

1. Challenge myself to do something different (out of my career line)
2. Keep myself healthy and fit!
3. Start swimming..since I had lost the momentum to run..pfftt...
4. Take good care of my skin..
5. Buy a nice condo to settle down
6. Road trip to New Zealand...inshaAllah
7. To but at least 42" LED tv
8. Get a new phone..definitely!!!
9. To recite Al-Quran more often
10. Open a save for my Hajj
11. To save more money
12. Be a better wife to my husband
13. To control myself from impulsive shopping
14. To get pregnant by the end of the year...hmmm..I know that I'm not 100% ready, but hey, I'm getting old!!!
15. Add collection on designer handbags..oh yes..can't wait for this...haha
16. If I don't get into the master programme, to take MRCPCH exam...arghhh...that will cost me almost RM3k per paper!

Ok, stop...Can't list everything under the sun right?..cos the list is always expanding from time to time ;)

Soo, are you all feeling motivated? I know I do...that's why I started my year with a relaxing facial treat ;)

More post to come after exam, inshaAllah :)

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