Friday, December 10, 2010

The Yuna-Hana thing

These two girls, Yuna Zarai and Hana Tajima, are really an icon...

Yuna bloomed soo fast. It feels like yesterday her first hit single, Dan Sebenarnya, came out. Today, she is recognized internationally. Unlike most Malaysian singers nowadays, macam cendawan tumbuh, came out with one hit wonder, then gone. Next thing you know, they'll be acting (rubbish-ly) in a movie/drama. Yet, there are still soo many reality shows or singing competition going on which I think Malaysians have had enough of it.

Ok, 'nuff said. I'm not here to babble about our local music industry. I'm not qualified too pun..hehe.

While Yuna has proved the world that she can be in the limelight despite being covered up, Hana Tajima proved that hijabis also can become a fashion idol. Countless of hijabis out there was inspired by her style. Even I, love the way she wrap her shawl..sooooo simple yet dashing. Just imagine if I were to wear that kinda style, people would stare, even worse they will die laughing at me. Haha. For the people who works in the same environment as me, they might think that I had some sleepless and terrible working night shift... ;p

If you love Hana Tajima, I'm sure you all have paid a visit to Maysaa. Their Satin snood has abruptly become a must-have-piece in a closet. I bought their pleated batwing top, again something 'safe' for me, but it hasn't reach my hand yet, the other Hana has it with her :)

Speaking of both, Yuna and Hana are throwing an event for their fan/supporter this coming Monday 13th, at Solaris Dutamas. There will be both live performance and also Maysaa new collection preview. I'm more excited about the latter. Hehe..

I feel like you?? Who wants to join me??..jom..jom :)

Me and Ajjah will be cracking our head over this weekend to find something to wear for the event..I don't have something snazzy to wear.

Should I just wear the batwing top??hmmm....


♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

Arghh. kalaulah boleh ikut kamuu :(

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

i pun nak pergi, tapi actually buta fashion. hahahaha... but seriously, i love see hana's style.

Moose said...

i want to go!!! but i have weekly meeting on monday that it's even impossible to go. ish, should i just take a (fake) mc? tahirah, can you isssue me one?

ok, kidding! but seriously, my inner fashionista is dying for some fashion.. sob sob

ElyaElmo said...

chop!!hana is a singer???

Hanafedora said...

hey....amik kt i okay before 13... :)

bride2wife said...

Jom la..kan awak tak start keja lagi :)

Sama la kita..buta fashion jugak ;p

Mc?haha..jom la moose!

Hopefully I can collect it Sunday :)

bride2wife said...

Hana Tajima is a fashion designer :)

Harteeny said...

Tahirah, my salam to both of them!

missbutterfly said...

gosh!! nk pegi sgt2 but keja. tp i got the inner! yay!!u beli tak?

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Oh so this is your blog!!! I didn't recognise you. I'm so sorry, I can be so blonde like that. You're so lovely in person, it was great meeting you Tahirah.

ajjah said...

You did and you looked lovely.. :)

bride2wife said...

Dah beli..dah beli.. :) beli seluar dia jugak

@Shahirah Elaiza
You found me ;) it was great meeting you too

You looked superb ok..I felt like walking with a celebrity ;)

dey said...

hi tahirah ;) nice meeting u..cantik ;)

bride2wife said...

hi Dey..nice meeting you too!..
If I didn't see you pushing the stroller, sure I ingat you ni student lagi..hehe