Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Love Under The Sun

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CikSyafa said...

hye my dear,very nice blog u have..i follow u ya ^__^

Izrin said...

i love this picture!!!! so romantic

bride2wife said...

Thanks for dropping by.. :) will follow u back

It was in Bali. When you're oversea, you can have peck on the lips anywhere you want without worrying about people staring at you...hehe

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

HEHE. i loiiiikkke!
kat Bali eh? HAHA. harus la kat sane berpelok sakan, ciomolot pun xde org marah kan.
but, of course HALAL la kan?
how i miss Bali so much~

nora said...

so romantic nih

bride2wife said...

i miss Bali too ;)

baru kahwin mmg extra romantic ;p

Fatin Fairuz said...

kak tahirah..fatin ni..ex sabians

sumpah sweet gile follow akak k ;)

bride2wife said...

Fatin my junior?? What a small world! :)

Fatin Fairuz said...

Yeap..fatin junior akak..1 dorm dulu..;)

Actually been silently reading your blog since mid year but just officially follow follow me back okey =)