Saturday, December 25, 2010

More on garden reception

Since I am very snoozy to hit the book tonight, hence updating blog would be a fun thing to do. hehe..

Just imagine, I haven't even finish reading the first page of Paediatric textbook, I started yawning to go exam like this. Guess I'm not use to become a student again...this is not gooooood!!!..hmmm..

Ok...since December is a month of 'love' (yeah..weddings are like everywhere!), my entry would cover on Saleha's garden wedding at Taman Rimba Kiara TTDI....yayyyy!!!. I just love that place!! ;)

The wedding was held last week, but I keep delaying to update it.

Her solemnization (2 weeks ago) took place at her house in Damansara Utama.

Yayyy..dah jumpa Moose. Picture taken from her FB.

The following week, she had a combine reception with her sister. The garden reception started at 1130am till 330pm. The weather was being nice to was chirpy, not too hot and not too sunny.

Saleha opted for a simple deco by Whitelacetale.weddings, and pink was the theme.

Near the entrance

Some deco heading to guestbook area

Guestbook table deco

Spot the doorgift? Cookies in a small jar

Orchids for walkway

Maintable deco with background props..

Simple latern deco

Here comes the kings and queens for the day :)

Saleha looking very excited

Of the people that I met...

Last but not least...Moose. She's damn tall...thanks to that killer heels. Hehe..

She got hitched today...Congrats darling!

Many have asked my opinion about the pro and cons of having a garden reception at daytime. On my personal opinion, I prefer a night reception cos I love having fairy lights all over the place, makes it more romantic..and there's no chance for me to turn into a Turkey way!..hehe.

Having said that, to have a garden reception during daytime is not bad at all. In terms of outcome of the pictures, it would be much better cos lighting won't be a problem. Plus, you can see the colours of the greenery and flowers, feeling soo fresh.. if you can't have fairy lights, you can always plan for other things perhaps more colourful deco or photobooth etc.

Either way, as long as it's a garden wedding, I'll always be a fan of it :)

Oh's supposed to be a pictorial entry in the first place..(I have to study remember! :)) I just can't stop babbling, can I??..hehe


Shahirah Elaiza said...

I've always wanted a garden wedding... at night! haha =P Win win situation.

Btw, Tahirah why do you look so familiar? I mean, when I met you at the Maysaa event I felt like I've seen you somewhere before....

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

bestnya dapat pegi garden wedding :)
ehh, baju2 u sume lawa2 lah. share sket mane shopping. suke i :)

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

tinggi kan moose? i jumpe die time wedding die aritu, terasa sungguh kerdil di sebelahnya.. hehe

bride2wife said...

isit?hehe..i dunno...u look familiar cos i stalk on your blog before..hehe
maybe we should meet up again. btw, are u going for the dinner tmrw? hope you are :)


she is!u pegi eh wedding dia..i wish i can..tapi jauh sgt..put up pictures ok

ashieBee said...

aahhhh i pun about to ask the same question- should have garden wedding at night or siang? well since my nikah will be at home and i'm planning nak buat the pelamin-is dkt gazebo luar tu. it'll be nice with fairylights and all BUT mlm mcm susah jeee nak book tok kadi. no?


Aida Narina said...

tahirah!!! its nice to meet u the other day! :) i love the outing hehe. btw, do update on our outing whenever time permits for you :) and happy new year lovely! xoxo

Mariam said...


Boleh saya tahu mana nak dapatkan helium ballons and paper latern untuk deco hari perkahwinan?

email :

bride2wife said...

Go for it! never heard malam susah nak book tok kadi. but chances for them to come late maybe ada..say after isya'..kan?

hey..hey..i had sooooooo much fun too ok! seriously!!! will update soon, inshaAllah! :)

bride2wife said...

will email you soon :)

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Hey just read your reply. What dinner were you referring to? Well obviously I didn't go! lol
Aww maybe when I meet up with Aimie next time we can meet up k?

bride2wife said...

oh sha...that'll be great. looking forward to :)

nn said...


i nak tau u amik pakej wedding ni kat mana? including the helium balloons as weel? need some info of that. thanks ;)