Thursday, December 16, 2010

Live Fashion/ Love Music

Finally..a postmortem on the event I attended last Monday.

I had a blast..I'm happy cos finally I got to do one of the things that I like..(other than spending mOOlah!!)..hehe. I'm happy cos I got to do things which is outside of my daily life..things other than my career..things that give me a new satisfaction. I'm not a fashionista myself, but being surrounded by many, makes me feel happy and makes me wanna be myself even more.

"Live Fashion/Love Music". Why so? It was an event collaboration of and Maysaa, London. Hence the main highlight of it was of cos a live performance by Yuna, and a live fashion show by Maysaa, a fashion line by Hana Tajima, very young talented designer, a fashionista herself.

It was held at Black Box, The Map @ Solaris Dutamas. A nice place, but a wee bit small for a large crowd. The limited entry to 150 people was a frustration to everybody. Looking at the crowd, I was being told that people started to que up for the limited tickets as early as 11am, when the event was actually planned to start at 3pm!!..that just show how people were soo excited on meeting up with Yuna and Hana.

My partner for the day was Ajjah, a very soft spoken lady and of cos stylish!!.. I felt like walking next to a celebrity when people around keep asking to take photos with her, and she knew almost everybody there :) It was my first time meeting Ajjah, and I'm glad that we both could get along pretty well..

We are lucky cos we bumped into Hana Fedora and her friends, hence me and Ajjah were not alone to enjoy the rest of the day...

Meeting Hana F. for the second time, I have to say that she was just soo friendly and fun to be with, as if we have known each other for quite a while :) *waves to Hana* ;p

Frustrated as we were, we decided to check out Maysaa collection at their pop-up boutique. I ended up buying their Satin snood and wide leg trousers! (Teeny, if you're reading this..yess, I failed miserably!!!) Haha..

Then we saw more familiar faces, two beautiful ladies, Aimie Bahirah and Shahirah Elaiza. I was soo happy to have met them in person, cos I really enjoyed reading their blog and their personality are just soo admirable. They both looked their best on that day...and oohh..they have a very flawless skin that I always wish for!

We decided to get some refreshments at Tutti Frutti, and took the back entrance. On our way, 2 of the event committee, a girl and a guy, stopped us to remind us to come back for the meet-and-greet session. Alhamdulliah, luck was on our side when they actually offered to sneak us in through the back entrance to be the standing crowd. Of cos we don't mind....cos we promised to behave!!!..hehe. They worried if the hall being too pack, it would make unnecessary noise. Once we were inn, only God knew how grateful we were :)

The show started out with performance by Yuna. Her voice was soo melodious and original. She's that good in performing live. Eventhough I didn't know most of her new songs, but I did enjoy myself.

After serenading us with 4 songs, they played a montage on Maysaa and Hana Tajima, followed by a fashion show of Maysaa's old and new collection.

I LOOOOOVE their new collection..and am sure gonna get that red shirt! ;)

The most awaiting moment came, everybody was like cheering wildly when Hana Tajima finally came out to meet the crowd...WOW..she's hot ok! she's soo petite and pretty..and bashful too!!..hehe

Does the emcee of the day looked familiar to you??'s Sarah (Bridal Supernova). She looked stunning in Maysaa jersey dress!!

Well...after the short interview, the crowd dismissed, and the event continued with meet-and-greet session. Knowing that there will be a legion of fans surrounding Hana Tajima and Yuna, me, Ajjah, Hana F. and her friends went off to get something to grab from Subway and headed back.

All in all, it was such a fantastic event. It's soo overwhelming to know that how fashion really brought us together in a good way. Having to see all who came were all fashionable I feel proud that there has been a revolution for hijabis..and we proved it that being covered up and modest was not a hindrance to be stylish.

It was soo nice too see soo many styles for girls to wrap their hijab, in such unique ways.

However our intention must always be right. That thing on our head, not merely just for fashion....


ajjah said...

the entry worth waiting for.. nicely written babe.. :) thanks for going with me, and let's go out again.. ! :D

bride2wife said...

Thanks to you ajjah! :)
Siapkan my glove mitten first, then we meet up..hehe
I chose the fabric odi, and I dah email you ok :)

Harteeny said...

Ape yang fail-nye babe? You rock the batwing top! So am sure you can rock the snood and trousers :)

/Dayah//Nurul/ said...

thanks for sharing entry :) i would like to borrow the pic for good memory :) thanks

bride2wife said...

Teeny, that's not what I mean...hehe. I promised Hadi not to shop again remember??..hehe. Now I have failed miserably.. ;p

bride2wife said...

No problem! :)

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

wah.... u managed to be there. semua org stylish2 and blooming.

Harteeny said...

OK. Perbualan toilet di wedding Za itu hanya bertemakan handbag berjenama mewah. We never promise not to shop on other stuffs, did we?! :P So Maysaa is forgivable. Mana Hadi, suruh dia baca ni... Haha!

bride2wife said...

Betul2..seronok tgk gaya2 org haritu :)

oh yeke..hmm..BETTER STILL!!!..haha