Monday, December 20, 2010

First step

Alhamdulillah, for soo many happy things that happened to me for the past 2 weeks..and one of it was that I was called for an interview for a master programme.

I was very elated to receive the letter since I was very confident of not getting it! Can you just imagine that the applicants were from all over Malaysia, and the place offered was very limited.

The interview doesn't guarantee you anything. Being called for the interview doesn't mean that you're qualified to be part of the master program.... But hey, I was chosen! Out of hundreds application I was chosen with another 18 who got called for the interview.

Wether I pass it or not, that is secondary. This is just a first step...the very first step for me to pursue my dream to become a speacilist. I'm very grateful right now..more than words could ever say.

To become a Paediatrician was not really my cup of tea to begin with. Three months doing Paediatric posting while I was doing my internship was a like noose tightening around my neck, basically a torture. Back then, children were like 'aliens' to me. Everything was just different than adults when it comes to managing patient. Everything must be thorough, everything needs a calculation..everything must be precise. There is no such thing such as an honest mistake. Not to say that adults are less important, but children are more fragile, hence, they need to be handled more diligently.

Paediatrics was never my first love. But like all good things, it grew on me when I joined the Paediatric Department as a medical officer. To see the babies respond so well to the treatment and to see those little fighters, never giving up without a fight, it instantly grew an affection on me. Neonatology was not my first love, but I know now that is my passion, unexpectedly...I realized that children/babies are very honest creatures. They don't lie to you. If they sick, they will show that they are..they won't smile, they won't eat..they will stay still. Unlike adults (including us) who like to exaggerate on things...for example when you're having a toothache ;p Haha..

Not only do I have to contend with the interview but there will also be an exam..and I haven't started revising yet!!! I have less than 3 weeks to prepare myself...and I'm hoping for the best. The next 3 weekends will be time spent with books and what not..I'm substituting the Topshop and the Massimo Dutti's top for books, pens and highlighters!!!

Please pray for me darlings...

Semoga dipermudahkan segalanya dan dimurahkan rezeki. Ameen.

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saltvinegar said...

Oh my God i have to start studying too.. when is ur exam? Mine is at USM KB!

Azwa said...

Tahirah, good luck on ur interview.. Insyaallah u'll make it through :) it's great that u're taking paeds for ur masters coz u can apply ur knowldge 2 ur own children later on.. the interview will be in jan right? All the best dear..

Moose said...

good luck and all the best tahirah!

p/s: babies are "alien" to me too. heee

O'gosh said...

Gud luck ya!!

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

good luck tahirah! wish you all the best~

bride2wife said...

Enjoy jalan2 Kelantan girl! Hehe

Yeah, its either I can apply the knowledge for my future children, or I'll be an ignorant mom..semua pon ok je. Hehe...

Cute babies are no alien..hehe

@O'gosh & PurpleLady
Thanks girls!! :) doakan me..

Izrin said...

Wow..alhamdulillah..good luck doctor!

missbutterfly said...

tahirah...congrats and gudluck!! btw..hyper active kids are 'alien' to me..hahaha

bride2wife said...

Thank you :)

i know! haha..tapi passive kids lagi 'alien'..haha

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

good luck and wish u all the best. ;)

Shahirah Elaiza said...

Congratulations Tahirah! This is wonderful news!

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Tahirah, you are living, what was used to be my dream :)

Good luck dear! I love love love kids by the way!

bride2wife said...

Thanks girl! :)

Indeed Sha..I'm excited but nervous. Pray for me..

Will try my best and let you know how it feels like..hehe

papaYA said...

Good Luck dear..

My sister just finished her masters in dentistry specialise in Paeds.. And her daughter and son la jadi mangsa bila kena buat case presentation :B

ashieBee said...

congrats tahirah!!u can do it la. go study2; jgn shopping and bloghopping je :P