Tuesday, December 7, 2010

60 hours and I wanna puke!

Saleha woke me up this morning at 930am!!. I was a bachelorette since last night cos husband had to go Perlis. I realized that I've worked 60 hours nonstop since Saturday, soo I needed some 'tender, loving, care' today. It wasn't that bad after all...but being stranded in a hospital 60 hours nonstop make me wanna puke!

I had zero admission in the Paediatric ward itself until late night...ward memang kosong!!..I've created history!! ;p Neonatal Care Unit jgn cakap la..everyday there will be influx of jaundice babies.

"Doctor, penat la kerja harini...penat jaga katil!!", my nurses said sarcastically. Haha.

Having a day off today, I decided to bring Saleha out for a spa treat, my wedding gift for her. She really need it. Five days to go before her big day, she's really stressed up and pimples were breaking out everywhere. Pity her.

Initially, I wanted to take her to experience the Hammam spa, something different especially if you're the type who religiously goes for a spa every month, like me.. Hehe. Unfortunately, it's closed.

So, we headed to Tanamera Wellness Centre instead. She had her bodyworks (steam bath, scrub and mask) done, and I had some Henna hair treatment plus bodyworks. Gatal sangat nak try henna, now I think my hair smells!!!...Husband mesti tak boleh tidur lena balik nanti..hahaha.

Oh..not to forget. It's new year in Islamic calendar.

Wishing all Muslims "Selamat Tahun Baru Ma'al Hijrah".

New year, new beginning, new determination.

Good night!


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Shaofie said...

jemputlah ke blog yea. ade contest!! mana tau leh join ke... jom jom!

Moose said...

Tahirah, i think saleha so deserves a pamper! she texted me a funny message on monday.

"doakan jerawat aku hilang. amin."

haha, i swear i was laughing my heads off that time. btw, i've heard that hammam spa in bangsar village is having promotion at RM268! normally it'll cost about RM315. i'm thinking of going there one of these days but well, that depends on the financial situation. huhuhu.

p/s: looking forward to meet you this sunday!

nowicannotspeak said...

Thanks yah!! I love you!! Muaahxx ;*
ps: jerawat aku meletop akibat masuk steam bath.. muahahaha

♥ balkidz_hunny ♥ said...

U pegi Tanamera spa kat mane?
ohh, i pakai 2 products Tanamera. thumbs up!!

bride2wife said...

Moose, Saleha mmg suka buat lawak antarabangsa..hehe

The Hammam spa that I usually went to tu mural je, RM120 but without body massage. I wanted to try the one in Bangsar tu, wanna see the difference between these two Hammam. You have to try it Moose, seriously! They don't just clean and scrub, but they bathe you ok!!! Hehe...

Too bad you're not my best friend, kalau tak sure I'll treat you with some nice spa!..hahaha

See you Sunday! :)

bride2wife said...

@Saleha year buat tangas ok! Haha..

Tanamera dekat Kayu Ara..the nearest from my place. Oh...I pon baru beli shampoo and conditioner dia. Saja nak try.. I love organic based products :)