Wednesday, December 1, 2010

1st Award

First award I received to start my December...

Thanks to Cik Syahira.. :)

Hmm..what do I do with it?..hehe

Pass it to 15 other bloggers?

2. Farah Nawar @ The Spasmodic Scribbler
3. Zara @ My Ever After
8. Ecah @ Day-in Day-out
9. Aifa @ Purple Lady
10. Dalila @ Me In Real Life
12. Durruz @ Laskar Pelangi
13. AziraArif (private blog)
14. Balkidz @ CHENTA oh! LOVE

Ok...I took the effort to actually link all of 'em..*pat at my own back*...hehe.
Some of them are my friends, some I met through blogging, some I just met in real life and some I never met or talk to before... :)

Then what??..

Tell 7 things about yourself??!!..hmm...

1. Ambitious
2. Strong will
3. Shopaholic
4. Determine
5. Can't stand mess but I'm messy..hehe
6. Complicated
7. Adventerous

Ok..I'm done!! :)


missbutterfly said...

hey.thanks! maybe we can meet at bloggers' wedding? who's next?!

bride2wife said...

hey..jom pg wedding Azara Nur!!..hehe