Saturday, December 25, 2010

More on garden reception

Since I am very snoozy to hit the book tonight, hence updating blog would be a fun thing to do. hehe..

Just imagine, I haven't even finish reading the first page of Paediatric textbook, I started yawning to go exam like this. Guess I'm not use to become a student again...this is not gooooood!!!..hmmm..

Ok...since December is a month of 'love' (yeah..weddings are like everywhere!), my entry would cover on Saleha's garden wedding at Taman Rimba Kiara TTDI....yayyyy!!!. I just love that place!! ;)

The wedding was held last week, but I keep delaying to update it.

Her solemnization (2 weeks ago) took place at her house in Damansara Utama.

Yayyy..dah jumpa Moose. Picture taken from her FB.

The following week, she had a combine reception with her sister. The garden reception started at 1130am till 330pm. The weather was being nice to was chirpy, not too hot and not too sunny.

Saleha opted for a simple deco by Whitelacetale.weddings, and pink was the theme.

Near the entrance

Some deco heading to guestbook area

Guestbook table deco

Spot the doorgift? Cookies in a small jar

Orchids for walkway

Maintable deco with background props..

Simple latern deco

Here comes the kings and queens for the day :)

Saleha looking very excited

Of the people that I met...

Last but not least...Moose. She's damn tall...thanks to that killer heels. Hehe..

She got hitched today...Congrats darling!

Many have asked my opinion about the pro and cons of having a garden reception at daytime. On my personal opinion, I prefer a night reception cos I love having fairy lights all over the place, makes it more romantic..and there's no chance for me to turn into a Turkey way!..hehe.

Having said that, to have a garden reception during daytime is not bad at all. In terms of outcome of the pictures, it would be much better cos lighting won't be a problem. Plus, you can see the colours of the greenery and flowers, feeling soo fresh.. if you can't have fairy lights, you can always plan for other things perhaps more colourful deco or photobooth etc.

Either way, as long as it's a garden wedding, I'll always be a fan of it :)

Oh's supposed to be a pictorial entry in the first place..(I have to study remember! :)) I just can't stop babbling, can I??..hehe

Monday, December 20, 2010

First step

Alhamdulillah, for soo many happy things that happened to me for the past 2 weeks..and one of it was that I was called for an interview for a master programme.

I was very elated to receive the letter since I was very confident of not getting it! Can you just imagine that the applicants were from all over Malaysia, and the place offered was very limited.

The interview doesn't guarantee you anything. Being called for the interview doesn't mean that you're qualified to be part of the master program.... But hey, I was chosen! Out of hundreds application I was chosen with another 18 who got called for the interview.

Wether I pass it or not, that is secondary. This is just a first step...the very first step for me to pursue my dream to become a speacilist. I'm very grateful right now..more than words could ever say.

To become a Paediatrician was not really my cup of tea to begin with. Three months doing Paediatric posting while I was doing my internship was a like noose tightening around my neck, basically a torture. Back then, children were like 'aliens' to me. Everything was just different than adults when it comes to managing patient. Everything must be thorough, everything needs a calculation..everything must be precise. There is no such thing such as an honest mistake. Not to say that adults are less important, but children are more fragile, hence, they need to be handled more diligently.

Paediatrics was never my first love. But like all good things, it grew on me when I joined the Paediatric Department as a medical officer. To see the babies respond so well to the treatment and to see those little fighters, never giving up without a fight, it instantly grew an affection on me. Neonatology was not my first love, but I know now that is my passion, unexpectedly...I realized that children/babies are very honest creatures. They don't lie to you. If they sick, they will show that they are..they won't smile, they won't eat..they will stay still. Unlike adults (including us) who like to exaggerate on things...for example when you're having a toothache ;p Haha..

Not only do I have to contend with the interview but there will also be an exam..and I haven't started revising yet!!! I have less than 3 weeks to prepare myself...and I'm hoping for the best. The next 3 weekends will be time spent with books and what not..I'm substituting the Topshop and the Massimo Dutti's top for books, pens and highlighters!!!

Please pray for me darlings...

Semoga dipermudahkan segalanya dan dimurahkan rezeki. Ameen.

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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Live Fashion/ Love Music

Finally..a postmortem on the event I attended last Monday.

I had a blast..I'm happy cos finally I got to do one of the things that I like..(other than spending mOOlah!!)..hehe. I'm happy cos I got to do things which is outside of my daily life..things other than my career..things that give me a new satisfaction. I'm not a fashionista myself, but being surrounded by many, makes me feel happy and makes me wanna be myself even more.

"Live Fashion/Love Music". Why so? It was an event collaboration of and Maysaa, London. Hence the main highlight of it was of cos a live performance by Yuna, and a live fashion show by Maysaa, a fashion line by Hana Tajima, very young talented designer, a fashionista herself.

It was held at Black Box, The Map @ Solaris Dutamas. A nice place, but a wee bit small for a large crowd. The limited entry to 150 people was a frustration to everybody. Looking at the crowd, I was being told that people started to que up for the limited tickets as early as 11am, when the event was actually planned to start at 3pm!!..that just show how people were soo excited on meeting up with Yuna and Hana.

My partner for the day was Ajjah, a very soft spoken lady and of cos stylish!!.. I felt like walking next to a celebrity when people around keep asking to take photos with her, and she knew almost everybody there :) It was my first time meeting Ajjah, and I'm glad that we both could get along pretty well..

We are lucky cos we bumped into Hana Fedora and her friends, hence me and Ajjah were not alone to enjoy the rest of the day...

Meeting Hana F. for the second time, I have to say that she was just soo friendly and fun to be with, as if we have known each other for quite a while :) *waves to Hana* ;p

Frustrated as we were, we decided to check out Maysaa collection at their pop-up boutique. I ended up buying their Satin snood and wide leg trousers! (Teeny, if you're reading this..yess, I failed miserably!!!) Haha..

Then we saw more familiar faces, two beautiful ladies, Aimie Bahirah and Shahirah Elaiza. I was soo happy to have met them in person, cos I really enjoyed reading their blog and their personality are just soo admirable. They both looked their best on that day...and oohh..they have a very flawless skin that I always wish for!

We decided to get some refreshments at Tutti Frutti, and took the back entrance. On our way, 2 of the event committee, a girl and a guy, stopped us to remind us to come back for the meet-and-greet session. Alhamdulliah, luck was on our side when they actually offered to sneak us in through the back entrance to be the standing crowd. Of cos we don't mind....cos we promised to behave!!!..hehe. They worried if the hall being too pack, it would make unnecessary noise. Once we were inn, only God knew how grateful we were :)

The show started out with performance by Yuna. Her voice was soo melodious and original. She's that good in performing live. Eventhough I didn't know most of her new songs, but I did enjoy myself.

After serenading us with 4 songs, they played a montage on Maysaa and Hana Tajima, followed by a fashion show of Maysaa's old and new collection.

I LOOOOOVE their new collection..and am sure gonna get that red shirt! ;)

The most awaiting moment came, everybody was like cheering wildly when Hana Tajima finally came out to meet the crowd...WOW..she's hot ok! she's soo petite and pretty..and bashful too!!..hehe

Does the emcee of the day looked familiar to you??'s Sarah (Bridal Supernova). She looked stunning in Maysaa jersey dress!!

Well...after the short interview, the crowd dismissed, and the event continued with meet-and-greet session. Knowing that there will be a legion of fans surrounding Hana Tajima and Yuna, me, Ajjah, Hana F. and her friends went off to get something to grab from Subway and headed back.

All in all, it was such a fantastic event. It's soo overwhelming to know that how fashion really brought us together in a good way. Having to see all who came were all fashionable I feel proud that there has been a revolution for hijabis..and we proved it that being covered up and modest was not a hindrance to be stylish.

It was soo nice too see soo many styles for girls to wrap their hijab, in such unique ways.

However our intention must always be right. That thing on our head, not merely just for fashion....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The aching tooth

I had minor oral surgery due to impacted wisdom tooth done this morning...currently am suffering from unbearable pain!!!..pain that strikes like lightning straight through your soul and make you sober like a lil' child especially when your husband is around...hehehe. This is the only chance that you want to act childishly what... ;)

See...this is the only time husband will prepare food for me.. He gave up after his first attempt to impress me with his grilled marinated chicken breast failed few months back. He claimed it was blend and tasteless, but it was alright for me. It's the thought that count :)

Toothache is the most severe pain on earth after labour pain, so they say. Only those who has experienced both can answer...

Oh..I see a lot of people has updated their blogs about the Yuna-Hana event..guess I'll be the last since I have no mood to blog about it. Will update on the event ASAP inshaAllah, once I feel better..

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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Yuna-Hana thing

These two girls, Yuna Zarai and Hana Tajima, are really an icon...

Yuna bloomed soo fast. It feels like yesterday her first hit single, Dan Sebenarnya, came out. Today, she is recognized internationally. Unlike most Malaysian singers nowadays, macam cendawan tumbuh, came out with one hit wonder, then gone. Next thing you know, they'll be acting (rubbish-ly) in a movie/drama. Yet, there are still soo many reality shows or singing competition going on which I think Malaysians have had enough of it.

Ok, 'nuff said. I'm not here to babble about our local music industry. I'm not qualified too pun..hehe.

While Yuna has proved the world that she can be in the limelight despite being covered up, Hana Tajima proved that hijabis also can become a fashion idol. Countless of hijabis out there was inspired by her style. Even I, love the way she wrap her shawl..sooooo simple yet dashing. Just imagine if I were to wear that kinda style, people would stare, even worse they will die laughing at me. Haha. For the people who works in the same environment as me, they might think that I had some sleepless and terrible working night shift... ;p

If you love Hana Tajima, I'm sure you all have paid a visit to Maysaa. Their Satin snood has abruptly become a must-have-piece in a closet. I bought their pleated batwing top, again something 'safe' for me, but it hasn't reach my hand yet, the other Hana has it with her :)

Speaking of both, Yuna and Hana are throwing an event for their fan/supporter this coming Monday 13th, at Solaris Dutamas. There will be both live performance and also Maysaa new collection preview. I'm more excited about the latter. Hehe..

I feel like you?? Who wants to join me??..jom..jom :)

Me and Ajjah will be cracking our head over this weekend to find something to wear for the event..I don't have something snazzy to wear.

Should I just wear the batwing top??hmmm....

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

60 hours and I wanna puke!

Saleha woke me up this morning at 930am!!. I was a bachelorette since last night cos husband had to go Perlis. I realized that I've worked 60 hours nonstop since Saturday, soo I needed some 'tender, loving, care' today. It wasn't that bad after all...but being stranded in a hospital 60 hours nonstop make me wanna puke!

I had zero admission in the Paediatric ward itself until late night...ward memang kosong!!..I've created history!! ;p Neonatal Care Unit jgn cakap la..everyday there will be influx of jaundice babies.

"Doctor, penat la kerja harini...penat jaga katil!!", my nurses said sarcastically. Haha.

Having a day off today, I decided to bring Saleha out for a spa treat, my wedding gift for her. She really need it. Five days to go before her big day, she's really stressed up and pimples were breaking out everywhere. Pity her.

Initially, I wanted to take her to experience the Hammam spa, something different especially if you're the type who religiously goes for a spa every month, like me.. Hehe. Unfortunately, it's closed.

So, we headed to Tanamera Wellness Centre instead. She had her bodyworks (steam bath, scrub and mask) done, and I had some Henna hair treatment plus bodyworks. Gatal sangat nak try henna, now I think my hair smells!!!...Husband mesti tak boleh tidur lena balik nanti..hahaha.

Oh..not to forget. It's new year in Islamic calendar.

Wishing all Muslims "Selamat Tahun Baru Ma'al Hijrah".

New year, new beginning, new determination.

Good night!


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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Gorgeous Bride: Heed Sidek

As the title speaks for itself....

I kid you not..she is drop dead gorgeous!!!!

Meeting Heed for the first time during her KL reception last week, she was more than meet the eyes. She looks 100x prettier in real life than the pictures that I've seen from her blog or Facebook... Hehe. Tall, slim, big brown beautiful eyes and that sweet smile of hers is the icing on the cake...a complete package. Asri is one lucky guy!!! ;)

Husband was very supportive the other day. He was the one who captured all the pictures. I knew how much he hated to go wedding, but to my surprise, he went with me without whining!!!..hehe

Heed and Asri had a flawless reception at Dewan Perdana Felda. She was dolled up by none other than Sue Cantik, and she looked fabulous in her white bling bling dress :)

The theme was blue..and her dais was all in white.

The entrance of the hall was well decorated...

..and the first thing that caught my eyes when I entered the hall was the 'bunga manggar'...

Yeah, was a bit jakun cos I've never seen a dangling jasmine turned into 'bunga manggar'...

One of the element in the decoration was to have fresh fruits all over the main table...and also the cake cutting table.

I don't understand why nobody took the fruits back. I was soo tempted to bring it home you know. Tapi takut nanti malukan Heed je...haha

Since this was my first time attending a blogger's wedding, I was excited. Plus, I know that I'm gonna meet few other bloggers...

True enough, I met these friendly and fun-to-be-with bloggers....

Zara, Balkidz and Acik...

Zara was the first one to say 'hi' to me.. We sat on the same table..and my, we just hit it off like we've known each other before. She's really funny...and talkative!..hehe..

Acik, mula2 segan nak tegur dia. Dah lama2 tu rasa ok...gila2 jugak dia tu.

And goodness...Dia boleh pulak jadi 'artis undangan' malam tu. Siap nyanyi lagi dangdut with the band...!! Siap gelek2 ok. She was soooooo happening!! I really enjoyed looking at her performing, rather than the official band of the night...hehehe...

To end the night, we met Heed and went camwhoring outside the hall...

isn't she sweeeeettt?

at the entrance deco with Balkidz

Zara the Rapunzel..hehe

Acik, me, and Balkidz

Heed, I really enjoyed myself at the reception. The food was soo yummy, except for the tapai pulut..I just ate the ice cream!!..hehe. You supposed to get an angpow from me..but I was busy camwhoring with the girls. Next thing I know, you went back inside the hall to be with your family...sorry you missed the dough! Hehe..

With the lovebirds

Congrats to Heed and Asri...You guys really are a matching pair!! :)