Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Playing 'masak-masak'

My love for sushi started since I was in upper secondary school, I can never say no to sushi even when I'm full!..

(Cheewahh..macam berpantun dua kerat pulak!...ewaahhh...haha)

Husband is a sushi freak too. Since we started going out together (when we worked in Ipoh), we have nothing better to do rather than going to Sushi King almost every other week! hehe.. Eventhough I love Japanese food, I couldn't tolerate sashimi, but thanks to him, now I love sashimi..especially salmon sashimi..

I've been meaning to prepare my own the look and the taste of it, I'm pretty sure that it is easy to prepare. Plus, I'm sure we can save a lot more. Last time, I used to like Genki Sushi, then I'm addicted to Sushi, I think I love Sushi Zen Mai in 1Utama..hehe..but my goodness, the queue to get into the shop itself is like forever!!!..never in my entire life passing by that shop tak de org tengah beratur. Sakae Sushi is wee bit expensive..few months back, there's a new sushi kiosk opened at 1Utama called Sushi-Q, I quite like it.

Husband bought a sushi preparation set for me from MPH sweet!!!

What he's trying to tell was...

Please prepare me a home cook sushi and save me a lot of bucks!!!

Haha..kidding ;)

The set includes a very handy book on different types of sushi, what you need, how to prepare and the recipes, a CD on a video instruction for easy guidance, and to add the excitement, they also provides a basic utensils such as makisu (bamboo mat), shamoji (spatula), a tweezer and 2 sets of chopsticks.

I find the set to be very useful. From reading it, little did I know the rice used in preparing sushi was not a normal rice but it has to be added with vinegar to get its taste...dulu mati2 ingatkan boleh beli beras dia, masak then gulung2 je..hehe

Soo, having the excitement to make my own, the other day, me and my colleague (together with her husband! :) ) came to my place to play 'masak-masak' after work.

We had all the barang2 ready bought in KL..especially from Jusco Supermarket and Cold Storage in 1Utama. Finding all the barangs was fun..and preparing for it was a lot more fun especially when you have company..

Yes the barang was a bit expensive, but in comparison with the amount that you pay from eating outside and the quantity that you get, buat sendiri lagi puas..but of cos, the kesedapan adalah berlainan..tak boleh nak gerenti..haha

Since we are still an amateur, it took us approximately 2 hours to prepare it...but the outcome....fullamak...puas hati!!..sedap pulak tu.. ;p

( really have to nod your head!!!)

Ladies and gentlemen....

I present to you....

My first ever homemade sushi.....

Soo, what do you all think? :) a bit comot, yes I know..

Btw, is there any sushi class out there that I can enroll to?? If there is, do let me know...I would love to join.

p/s: Calling for Caroline Ho Siew Ling and Tan Jin Hui..let's do it again!!! haha


Siti said... looks yummy...uwaa...

sini susah mau cari kedai jepung...huhu..nk makan KFC takes me 20min driving..kalau Mc'D lagi worse..30-40min driving..i think the nearest sushi shop here will be 1hour driving kot..huhuu..susah duk tempat ceruk2 ni..

wish to have the sushi maker...

DalilaMian said...

yum yummmm sedapnyee...

whitelacetale.weddings said...

sushi class? sushi king ade buat! tak ingat for kids only or open for all hehehe!

bride2wife said...

Same here..paling best yang ada Secret Recipe, KFC then Pizza..itu pon kena drive abot 15-20mins :) above all, yg lagi best ada kedai ayam kampung!!!

sedap mcm AH!! hehe

yeke..tak pnh tau pun. hehe..for sure i'm gonna check later!

Durruz said...

xkisah lah comot or not. yang penting bole ngapsss...and sedappp...ekekek

saltvinegar said...

Ha ha sure thing girl! It was fun!!We can make onigiri and some salmon temaki next! But first : no bake cake!

bride2wife said...

hehe..comot2 pon finger licking good.. :)

oh bake cake!