Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Of Being Stylish

Lately...I just can't stop myself from peeping through hijabi's fashionistas blog.

Looking at them..I was awestruck. They are young, pretty, stylo and most importantly, they are covered.

Look at Yuna..

Look at Hana Tajima..

And also her...

and her..

and her...

and her..

Ain't they all looked lovely..and as stylish as they are, they still looked modest and proper.

Oh how I wish to be like them..looking good and stylish. Keeping up to date with all the latest style.

Too bad, I don't think I can pull it off like the girls did. If your ever get the chance to see what's inside my closet, every clothes that I have all look pretty much the same and lame, I must say. I always choose something 'safe'. Even husband commented that I should get more colours into my wardrobe.

I'm too old for least I think I am. Reality checked ---> I'm just a plain jane.

Husband said

"Sayang..your profession is a doctor, but your passion is fashion"

Well..I do love fashion, but my profession hinders me from being stylo.

How to wear a blazer when the ward is my office and it's humid more than half a time?
How to wear a high heels when I have to run for an emergency?
How to wear a shawl when I have to put the stethoscope to my ears?
How to don fancy accessories when it can be possible source of transmission of infection?

*Maybe..just will be possible when I become a specialist one day, InshaAllah*


Now I feel like my wardrobe need a massive 'renovation'!..unfortunately, it won't happen :(
(I made a promise to my husband not to shop again after getting myself 3 designer handbags in less than a year!) hehe..

Soo, keeping up with fashion blogs would do at the moment...


Moose said...

tahirah! we share the same passion! i used to blog more about fashion about 3-4 years back because well fashion esp. fashion magazines were a lot more accessible back then. here, vogue and elle equal to 3 meals. another thing is time. life as a student back then was not as hectic as now.

Moose said...

and also, back then jezmine, yanie and shea read my blog. hehe.

daisy said...


I feel ya! I dont know how u cope over there. I think I work less hours than u. even then I always feel exhausted. Always. Hihi. the people u mentioned above are indeed a bunch of muslimah trend setter!

shueyshoelove said...

i love all of em too! its like super addictive. check this chick out too. and semua stylo! i am stuck in a somewhat similar situation as you. I am in the govt legal line service. Macam dah kena ajar dari azali, professional means monotonous clothes, monotonous shoes. Boring. So once in a while i'll wear something striking to work and definitely I'll get stares. Boring!!!

ajjah said...


Thanks for featuring me in your blog :) I'm way too far behind those lovely ladies dear..

Adriani said...

COol!! ;)
Thx sweetie!!
Come and show us your style too!!

I'd love to seeeeeee!! <3

bride2wife said...

they read your blog? how cool!! ;) day i shall see you give a one big hottie pose like 'em ey..hehe

cope?tell me about it..i still ingat time first start keja i cried almost every day while doing ward works! nurses tgk pon pelik..and my dad had to call every single day to check on me cos i always skipped my meal...

bride2wife said...

i second that!!..sometimes i see the student nurses lagi melaram than me with their makeups and all..hehe..

Welcome dear..u deserved it :)
u got your own style than the rest..seems like everything that u put on suits u well even just a plain shirt... :)

i have no style ok :( still stuck with my tudung bawal and my flat shoes..
keep inspiring others ok! :)

Reen Tart Nenas said...

really adore ppl who dare to wear stylo mylo fashion neihhh... doctor, hari yang tak keje pun boleh stylo mylo gak :) sky is the limit :D

aisyah said...

hey, im a doctor tooo!!! actually its easier to put on a stethoscope to your ears if u wear serkup syiria or hana tajima's style. takpun, masa lipat tepi tudung, make sure u lipat dalam sikit. try it!!! n ull be surprised how accessible they are to the stethoscope

Harteeny said...

good luck keeping the promise babe! :) I tried, but fail miserably.. hehe

bride2wife said...

Yes, that's true..tapi hari kerja lg byk dr tak bekerja :) tu yg dah jd malas..hehe

Hi Aisyah..I bet you must be wearing it to work. Cayalah!!..Hehe.. I never seen one. Even my cousin who wears a shawl everyday changed to normal tudung bawal when she started working..btw, thanks for sharing ya :)

I'm a girl with my words!!..haha.poyo. So far I'm keeping to my promise..only God knows that I was dying inside to go check out WAREHOUSE ada 50% off!!!

papaYA said...

Oh, I do love fashion too..

However, after getting married, being fashionable is solely for my dearest husband.. at home..

Having quite a not-so-thin type of body give me no option but to ditch away all the tops that do not cover my back and those clothes that showed my body figure..

Had to wear less make-up to work and opt for more dull colours for they won't attract men other than your husband.

As how much I detest it at first, I'm beginning to accept it now.. I may look a bit older or less stylish, but I'm a fashionista at home with my husband because the afterlife is the one I seek..

So, don't be upset when you look selekeh ok :)

cik syahira said...

assalamualaikum tahirah!

hi. terima kasih follow saya. saya adore HANA TAJIMA. hi2x

bride2wife said...

You make me feel soo much better dear :) now I feel that I'm a fashionista at heart..hehe

@cik syahira
W'salam problem :)

Azwa said...

Hi Tahirah, i accidentally found your blog while reading my friend's blog..btw I'm a doctor too hehe yup, it's difficult to be stylo because of our work.. i envy some of my friends who works in office settings.. hmm difficult to use stets with fancy hijabs, difficult to run during emergency with heels..lagi2 i'm in ED. i just wish 1 day in future we could wear those during work.. but i come across a few specialist wearing heels & blazer.. maybe after being specialist we could be stylo ? hehe

bride2wife said...

Azwa...we are in the same shoes!!!..tu la, it can be one of our motivation to become a specialist and sambung master..hehe
I love handling neonates..soo, hafto sacrifice a lot.. As long as I look presentable, that would do.. :)

Aida Narina said...

dear tahirah :) i do feel the same thing. i can't really pull out my fashion sense at the office as I work in an industry that is harsh, dirty and rough. dont get me wrong with the words hehe. but truthfully that does not limit my love for fashion. i took the opportunity to dress a bit more when I'm outside and about attending weddings, parties, girly outings and such. and i think during our last met up, u are great with your style, not to mention how brave you are with those pants! :D so I guess the key thing is how brave you are in trying out those outfits like how those girls did. let's us!

bride2wife said...

aida dearie :) you have your own style that always make you look chic. and you love to pose!!!..hehe. i miss our outings the other day @Serai. and yess, that baggy pants..hehehe..its maysaa!!...sure la berani kan??

ajjah said...

Lets have another Serai outing ladies.. I terlepas hari tu :(

Nastazea said...

Tahirah why malaysian doctors cannot where heels? I kene pakai heels sebab i tak bly pakai flat shoe at all....if its all about emergency, well u can run without shoe rite??? why bother...pakai je heels...baru cun skit!! and plus if u pakai shawl cam hana tajima, senang je nk apply stetoscope....but inspite all of these, doctor mmg sempoi pon.....

Tahirah A. said... never said malaysian doctors couldnt wear heels..its just me..i prefer a flat shoes. Im in paeds..and i have to run to labour room and OT..heels would kill me.. :)

above all, i memang sempoi ;) said...

Hi there nice blog :)