Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Anya Hindmarch pop up tea

Last Saturday, I got an invitation from Anya Hindmarch for a pop up tea, to celebrate their Autumn/Winter Collection 2010. Basically, it's an invitation to hook the customers into buying their exquisite handbags collection...they are IRRESISTABLE!

It's my first experience of having such an invitation..soo, of cos I felt excited ;)

The event took place at their KLCC boutique branch..

Tea and such was served in the boutique itself, right smack in the middle of the shop

Spot the French macaroons??'s yummy!

They even served red velvet cake and a cheese cake...with a simple and sweet deco..calla lilies and hydrangeas, love it!...

Every guests was given a goodie bag...

Inside the goodie bags include The Little Book (Autum/Winter 2010 collection), Be A Bag booklet and an exclusive Anya Hindmarch notebook...

Love this to bits! :)

Be A Bag by Anya Hindmarch is actually a bespoke service that offers you opportunity to have your personal photographs printed onto a stylish bag. It started of in 2001, and a lot of celebrities had made theirs...

You also can have your own...orders can be made online or you can visit any of Anya Hindmarch boutique around KL for more info..price ranges between RM1150-RM2650 depending on the bag style.

Me??..I'd say "No, thank you" :)

Eventhough I knew their 'hidden' agenda ;p I kept telling myself that I'm not gonna melt with their offer and what not..I have to keep focus on my purpose of going there, plus I just bought a red Roslyn last Ramadhan..

While quenching my thirst with an Earl Grey tea, and to top it up with a slice of red velvet cake, I feast my eyes with the array of bag collections and enjoyed myself being surrounded by all the beautiful bags...I was like a dog with a bone ok!!..haha

My mistake for sitting too near to the 30-50% collection of handbags on sale, from sitting idly sipping my cup of tea, I began to gaze around and my eyes began to wonder and haaaaa...I spotted the bag that I LIKE!!!! ;p

From just looking at it, the centre of gavity has shifted from the earth to the bag gravitating me towards the luminous shocking pink bag... ;p

Without realizing it, the bag disappeared from the shelf and miraculously found its way to my shoulder!!!!..dangling there ever so elegantly..."oh-oh..this is troubleeee!!!!"

Husband said I looked very elated being in the shop...and I can't let go of the bag!!!

I couldn't get it off from my sight..cos others are eyeing on the bag also!.. They are just waiting for the moment for me to put it back at the shelf..haha...

Me and the bag...the rest is history.. ;)

Gosh..girls and handbags...they can never get enough of it..

I seriously need a counseling!!!!


saltvinegar said...

Girl this post is damn cute! I can imagine you gravitating towards the bag <3

bride2wife said...

Haha...must be dramatic sikit laa.. ;)

Moose said...

bag is fine but i can't seem to say no to shoes!! how??

need counseling too is it?

bride2wife said...

bet your car boot must be loaded with shoessss!!!

haha..yes moose. sama je..need counseling jugak ;)

ZARA said...

Haha... im with moose!! i never buy myself a bag, it usually came from mom, curik from sis or recently bought by my bro... haha...

but shoes!!! i once spent 3k on shoes (not one yeah?) within a month... i dont care about brands... i only concern about the quantity!!! haha

PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

tahirahhhhh! i love that bag~ my weekend haritu pon dipenuhi dgn Coach warehouse sale dekat ballroom g hotel penang. tp my husband sempt mentazkirahkan i, maka berjaya keluar dr ballroom tu tnpa apa2 purchase.

tp pastu singgah kt shopping mall, habis tergoda dgn perfume n beliiii jugak 2 botol. oh my~

ElyaElmo said...

bestt nyee...cene leh dpt invitation mcm ni yeh??/:D

bride2wife said...

I thought it was a typo..'QUANTITY' meant for 'QUALITY'..haha..
3k for shoes? my goodness..hehe

bagus la your husband...i was expecting my husband shaking his head, instead he said "You deserved it, yang"..hahaha..

2 botol sekali?..i nak habiskan satu botol pun berbulan2 sampai naik boring...

elya..haritu ada beli beg dia and tinggalkan contact number kat kedai :)

nowicannotspeak said...

haha yah.. i can imagine hadi's face bila dia ckp.. "You deserved it, yang" hahaha dgn angkat2 kening dia tu..

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

You scored another AH! Congratulations! Right now, I cannot spend because I'm saving money for other things. But wait till I training dekat US next April, am soooo gonna shop shop shop! Hihihi.

bride2wife said...

Angkat2 kening sambil bg signal sbb time tu dia rushing nak kejar futsal...haha

Faraaaahhh...nak kirim barang plisssss...hehe. Bestnya!! :)

daisy said...

After long hours of work, I think u deserve a handbag treat! :)

Moose said...

tak boleh letak dalam car boot nanti haikal tengok and he's gonna faint. hehe. the last time his kid sister went to my house die sempat cakap,

"banyaknye kasut kak syikin. ballerina in every colour possible."

i dah menyorok lari masa his sister cakap camni dekat die!

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

Can can :)

Email me later. More than happy to shop for you! Hehehe.

aziraarif said...

so now u got 2 AH? goshh envy mode rite now...

bride2wife said...

couldn't agree more with u ecah :)


@TSS soo gonna email year!hehe..remind me ok ;p

dun be..

ashieBee said...

ahahaha u bought ittttt kan??? i love anya! but more on their clutch. cantik pls? elegant gitu :))

-xx; ash

bride2wife said...

Ehh...*cough*manade*cough* ;p