Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Anya Hindmarch voucher giveaway!!

I received a voucher worth RM200 from Anya Hindmarch few weeks back. They're having a sale starting from 1st until 30th November 2010. I know, not much time left!!!

When the voucher was handed to me, I was excited, but I'm not gonna use it anyway (I wish I cannnn!!!!!) hehehe. Only today, I decided to give it away to one of my lucky readers...or any of you who are reading this.

If you're interested to have it, what you have to do is to leave a comment for this entry together with your email. The first person to drop a comment, the voucher will be on it's way to your door in less than a week time!!!

Then you just have to bring along the voucher with you to AH boutique.....

Choose a bag....( are some of my personal favourites)

.....and enjoy the RM200 rebate off!! The rest, pay yourself ok! Hehehe...

Terms and conditions

1. Valid for minimum purchase of RM800.00
2. Not exchangeable for cash
3. Valid from 1st November until 31st December 2010
4. Valid at all AH stores (KLCC, Pavillion, 1Utama, The Garden)

Call me "makcik", but I love most of the bag collection.... That's the most I can afford now. Gotta earn more to have that piece of Chanel....perghh...

Soo girls, the first bird gets the worm :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

New toy

Hello all...

First of all, I hope it's not too late to wish "Selamat Hari Raya Aidil'adha" :)

It's been quite sometime since I last posted something on this blog. I just came back from my leave. Updating blog while on holiday was the last thing I have in mind. Not a single day went by without me being preoccupied with things.

Alhamdulillah, I managed to settle few things. Most importantly, me and husband managed to visit the site of our (InshaAllah) soon-to-be condominuim in TTDI. I can't wait to finally have a place to call 'our home'. I'm still learning the terms and flow of procedures in buying a property, and still have a long way to go. Me and husband have zero knowledge about it. My dad was the one who handled everything from A to Z when I first bought my car. Me?? I just pass him the ENOUGH amount of money. The next thing I know, I'll be driving my first car with my hard earned money. That's me, FYI. Hehe. Nothing to be proud off..booooo....

I have a mixed feeling on buying a house..I'm excited but at the same time I feel scared. I'm happy that we found a strategic location to stay in. I'm happy that the price is still within our budget. I'm happy that I got to stay near my parents and the in laws. I'm happy that husband and I are agreeable on why we should stay in a condo as our first house together. I'm happy that the condo that we gonna buy has an indoor pool exclusively for female!!!!..hehe. At the same time, I feel scared....I feel scared cos buying a house means you're bound to a new commitment, and it equals to less money for spending. (I'am a loser when it comes to shopping!!) I know that I have to change. Worst thing is, I realized that this 'disease' that I (and most of us) have will only jeopardize our future savings. Pftt...

Ok..enough of things that really scares me.

For now, I just have to share with you my new 'toy'... stuff that currently gets me hooked day and night....





















My new 64G iPad.. just arrived from Australia a week ago.

It makes my life soo much easier..I can go online while curling up on my bed, I can watch any videos or watch a movie when I'm on the move , I can play games that I use to play in an iPhone/iPod (with a bigger screen of cos), there are thousandssss of apps you can install, it's very light and easy to use, it can replace your note pad and more or less it can function as a laptop too (do office work eg: powerpoint/words etc)'s like a bigger version of an iPod, and a smaller version of a MacBook...hehe.

I'am more than happy with my purchase and trust me when I say it's worth every penny!! :)

You should consider getting yourself one!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Not soo Aigner!

Soo much of wanting to get a very nice, good quality, branded wallet for my husband...















tak sampai 5 bulan dah tercabut....

hisshhhh...baik beli wallet cap ayam macam ni...


Should have buy Braun Buffel or MontBlanc instead.

Girls, get a high quality item for your hantarans...You wouldn't want to see your gift spoil too soon...

It has a sentimental value.

Even if I buy him a new one now, it's not gonna be the same :(

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Of Being Stylish

Lately...I just can't stop myself from peeping through hijabi's fashionistas blog.

Looking at them..I was awestruck. They are young, pretty, stylo and most importantly, they are covered.

Look at Yuna..

Look at Hana Tajima..

And also her...

and her..

and her...

and her..

Ain't they all looked lovely..and as stylish as they are, they still looked modest and proper.

Oh how I wish to be like them..looking good and stylish. Keeping up to date with all the latest style.

Too bad, I don't think I can pull it off like the girls did. If your ever get the chance to see what's inside my closet, every clothes that I have all look pretty much the same and lame, I must say. I always choose something 'safe'. Even husband commented that I should get more colours into my wardrobe.

I'm too old for least I think I am. Reality checked ---> I'm just a plain jane.

Husband said

"Sayang..your profession is a doctor, but your passion is fashion"

Well..I do love fashion, but my profession hinders me from being stylo.

How to wear a blazer when the ward is my office and it's humid more than half a time?
How to wear a high heels when I have to run for an emergency?
How to wear a shawl when I have to put the stethoscope to my ears?
How to don fancy accessories when it can be possible source of transmission of infection?

*Maybe..just will be possible when I become a specialist one day, InshaAllah*


Now I feel like my wardrobe need a massive 'renovation'!..unfortunately, it won't happen :(
(I made a promise to my husband not to shop again after getting myself 3 designer handbags in less than a year!) hehe..

Soo, keeping up with fashion blogs would do at the moment...

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Playing 'masak-masak'

My love for sushi started since I was in upper secondary school, I can never say no to sushi even when I'm full!..

(Cheewahh..macam berpantun dua kerat pulak!...ewaahhh...haha)

Husband is a sushi freak too. Since we started going out together (when we worked in Ipoh), we have nothing better to do rather than going to Sushi King almost every other week! hehe.. Eventhough I love Japanese food, I couldn't tolerate sashimi, but thanks to him, now I love sashimi..especially salmon sashimi..

I've been meaning to prepare my own the look and the taste of it, I'm pretty sure that it is easy to prepare. Plus, I'm sure we can save a lot more. Last time, I used to like Genki Sushi, then I'm addicted to Sushi, I think I love Sushi Zen Mai in 1Utama..hehe..but my goodness, the queue to get into the shop itself is like forever!!!..never in my entire life passing by that shop tak de org tengah beratur. Sakae Sushi is wee bit expensive..few months back, there's a new sushi kiosk opened at 1Utama called Sushi-Q, I quite like it.

Husband bought a sushi preparation set for me from MPH sweet!!!

What he's trying to tell was...

Please prepare me a home cook sushi and save me a lot of bucks!!!

Haha..kidding ;)

The set includes a very handy book on different types of sushi, what you need, how to prepare and the recipes, a CD on a video instruction for easy guidance, and to add the excitement, they also provides a basic utensils such as makisu (bamboo mat), shamoji (spatula), a tweezer and 2 sets of chopsticks.

I find the set to be very useful. From reading it, little did I know the rice used in preparing sushi was not a normal rice but it has to be added with vinegar to get its taste...dulu mati2 ingatkan boleh beli beras dia, masak then gulung2 je..hehe

Soo, having the excitement to make my own, the other day, me and my colleague (together with her husband! :) ) came to my place to play 'masak-masak' after work.

We had all the barang2 ready bought in KL..especially from Jusco Supermarket and Cold Storage in 1Utama. Finding all the barangs was fun..and preparing for it was a lot more fun especially when you have company..

Yes the barang was a bit expensive, but in comparison with the amount that you pay from eating outside and the quantity that you get, buat sendiri lagi puas..but of cos, the kesedapan adalah berlainan..tak boleh nak gerenti..haha

Since we are still an amateur, it took us approximately 2 hours to prepare it...but the outcome....fullamak...puas hati!!..sedap pulak tu.. ;p

( really have to nod your head!!!)

Ladies and gentlemen....

I present to you....

My first ever homemade sushi.....

Soo, what do you all think? :) a bit comot, yes I know..

Btw, is there any sushi class out there that I can enroll to?? If there is, do let me know...I would love to join.

p/s: Calling for Caroline Ho Siew Ling and Tan Jin Hui..let's do it again!!! haha

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Anya Hindmarch pop up tea

Last Saturday, I got an invitation from Anya Hindmarch for a pop up tea, to celebrate their Autumn/Winter Collection 2010. Basically, it's an invitation to hook the customers into buying their exquisite handbags collection...they are IRRESISTABLE!

It's my first experience of having such an invitation..soo, of cos I felt excited ;)

The event took place at their KLCC boutique branch..

Tea and such was served in the boutique itself, right smack in the middle of the shop

Spot the French macaroons??'s yummy!

They even served red velvet cake and a cheese cake...with a simple and sweet deco..calla lilies and hydrangeas, love it!...

Every guests was given a goodie bag...

Inside the goodie bags include The Little Book (Autum/Winter 2010 collection), Be A Bag booklet and an exclusive Anya Hindmarch notebook...

Love this to bits! :)

Be A Bag by Anya Hindmarch is actually a bespoke service that offers you opportunity to have your personal photographs printed onto a stylish bag. It started of in 2001, and a lot of celebrities had made theirs...

You also can have your own...orders can be made online or you can visit any of Anya Hindmarch boutique around KL for more info..price ranges between RM1150-RM2650 depending on the bag style.

Me??..I'd say "No, thank you" :)

Eventhough I knew their 'hidden' agenda ;p I kept telling myself that I'm not gonna melt with their offer and what not..I have to keep focus on my purpose of going there, plus I just bought a red Roslyn last Ramadhan..

While quenching my thirst with an Earl Grey tea, and to top it up with a slice of red velvet cake, I feast my eyes with the array of bag collections and enjoyed myself being surrounded by all the beautiful bags...I was like a dog with a bone ok!!..haha

My mistake for sitting too near to the 30-50% collection of handbags on sale, from sitting idly sipping my cup of tea, I began to gaze around and my eyes began to wonder and haaaaa...I spotted the bag that I LIKE!!!! ;p

From just looking at it, the centre of gavity has shifted from the earth to the bag gravitating me towards the luminous shocking pink bag... ;p

Without realizing it, the bag disappeared from the shelf and miraculously found its way to my shoulder!!!!..dangling there ever so elegantly..."oh-oh..this is troubleeee!!!!"

Husband said I looked very elated being in the shop...and I can't let go of the bag!!!

I couldn't get it off from my sight..cos others are eyeing on the bag also!.. They are just waiting for the moment for me to put it back at the shelf..haha...

Me and the bag...the rest is history.. ;)

Gosh..girls and handbags...they can never get enough of it..

I seriously need a counseling!!!!