Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Me and Mr Nas

Preparing for wedding can be more stressful than preparing yourself for :)

Every bride-to-be's find difficulties or at least some diffulties in any ways when it comes to approaching/ dealing with vendors..

...vendors did not reply your calls
...vendors replying emails/responded late
...vendors acted snobbish
...vendors looked down on you
...paid the vendors and they turned you down
...promised to follow what you want instead they make what they want

so on and so forth..

I got an email from a blogger friend (you know who you are! :))that encountered the same problem that I faced (of cos with the same vendor). She got stressed out soo she emailed to ask my experiences with the vendor and asked/ needed a little opinion from me.

Her email gave me the urge to pen down my experience with Mr Nas.

Yesss...that famous Nas Great Idea. Who doesn't know him, right?? His overtly grand deco for weddings always came up as a front cover of Ratu Sehari, and they covered a lot of rich and famous weddingsss......his touch never failed to mesmerize us all.

Once..I wanted him BADLY to be part of my wedding team. Considering my might-be-small budget for him, I tried my luck. My first email to him was back in January 2010. I waited patiently for his reply, but to no avail. Then I sent him another few emails hoping for his response. I was very determine to have him as my decorator hence tebalkan muka dgn email countless times.

Finally....oh finally..he replied me!!! Said that he can work within my budget, asked to meet up, bla..bla..bla. Since then, he replied every single email lightning quick.... Alhamdulillah, we've been exchanging e-mails quite often , therefore I got the chance to get to know him as a person :) cheeeewah... It's true what Sabby had mentioned before, he is a very nice, humble and down to earth guy.

Soo, finally we chose a date to meet up @Taman Rimba, where the reception was to be held. Mind you it was not easy to pick a date to meet up considering my frequent night shifts and his busy schedule. The meet up venue was picked by him as it would be easy for him to study the place and planned for the deco...

On the day, I drove back to KL by myself cos husband (then fiancee) was oncall. It wasn't easy for me. Penat kerja, and penat nak drive, and penat traveling (it was an hour journey). Having the thought of seeing Mr Nas in real life, and having the motivation to get my dream wedding, I pushed myself. I had Saleha to accompany me since we gonna meet up at night, plus she stays nearby.

I last texted him a day before the meeting date. I purposely did not remind him on the day itself cos I don't see the purpose of doing so...I assumed that he has his at-least-a-BlackBerry to keep his appoinments with clients or his PA or whatever la to keep him reminded. About an hour waited, he and co was nowhere to be seen...

I decided to call him to know his whereabout cos I don't want to be wasting my time anymore. He picked up the call..

My heart shattered to pieces when he casually answered that he forget about the date!!!!...I felt like crying and cursing him!..but I stayed strong..and kept the tears in check still within the lacrimal glands....Dramatic much??hehe.. and Saleha went to Tutti Frutti, TTDI to cool me down. Basically, she had to bare with my whining at how frustrated I was. Mr Nas did send me a message to apologize, but my husband won't let me reply.. Husband is a very stern man..he didn't see any reason why I should give Nas a second chance when there are other vendors who were more interested to do business with us.. FULL STOP.

Months went be exact 3 months...

I was attending a friend's wedding in Putrajaya when I suddenly received his text,

"Assalamualaikum, apa khabar?"

"W'salam..khabar baik.."

"Jadi ke?"

"Jadi tak??I think it's rather late already. My reception is just a month away. Sorry to say this..You didn't turn up the other day, got me very upset..cos I believe you are very professional Mr Nas..soo, I assumed you are not interested.."

That was part of the messages that I still kept in my phone. The rest as they say was history. Hehe. We went on texting and finally he called me up to say sorry.

Frankly... I could sense that he was being honest and felt guilty of the things that happened. He continuously asked for my apology. He explained to me why mishaps had occured etc2. He also asked about my preparation, who did I hire, and was there anything that he could do to help...too baaaad, everything had been settle. Of cos la kan...I only had one more month to go, kalau tak confirm vendor lagi buat cari nahas je.

Before he hung up the phone, he said sorry again, and to repent for his past wrong-doing, he wanted to sponsor me a flower arrangement for my reception!!!!!!

Can you imagine how fluttered I was when I hear thattttttt????!!!!!

Hahahahaha. Haaaaaaaappppppyyyyy....

But I control ayu ok..."Serious ke ni?"

"Iye. Betul. I ikhlas. Dengan niat, bila I bantu you, business I akan lebih maju"

Ok..nak maju apa lagi?? Memang dah maju gila2 dah..OK, itu dalam hati je ;p

I went back joyfully, and husband was the first person to know. He could not believe it himself..He just reminded me not to be overexcited, cos he did not want to see me being hurt again...echecheche...mcm putus cinta!haha...

Soo..yeah..FINALLY..he kept to his words. A day before the reception, we saw a truck load lorry entered our reception site, and me, knowingly that it was Nas Great Idea's team. He sent about 5-6 people (I can't recall) to set up the main entrance deco... did really help liven up the place.
Eventhough, it might not be the grand deco that NGI has done to other clients, nor did they use fresh flowers, nevertheless, everybody loves the high flower arch...

All I can say is ALHAMDULILLAH!!!!'s all rezeki. Rezeki for being patience..rezeki for me for staying positive...rezeki for me for not to think bad about him...rezeki for me not to be too judgemental....rezeki for me not to tell the bad things about him to everybody...

After I came back from my honeymoon, me and husband wanted to meet him, to give a token of appreciation. Unfortunately, he was away in Jakarta. Last I heard from him was during Raya when I received Raya greetings from him.

Girls..there are always a glimmer of white in the darkest of dark. Things happen for a reason. Even if you can't see the good side of it now, maybe it's awaiting for us next time around...God works in mysterious ways.

Just enjoy preparing for your wedding...apa jua masalah yang di hadapi, atau bakal dihadapi, anggapla ia sebagai dugaan untuk menguji kesabaran.. :)




PurPLe LaDy AiFA said...

couldn't agree more on this post! betul kan tahirah, there's always a rainbow after the rain, and there's a silver lining behind the dark cloud. during my time pon bykkkkkkkk benda happen, and all i can do is sabar. x sangka after ikhlas bersabar, tuhan bg berganda2 ganjaran in his way. asalkan kita percaya, mesti ada! =)

cik senah said...

kisah benar yg berakhir dengan senyuman lebar dan bahagia di hati..kan..?

p/s : Mr. Nas nie nama besaq..maka, takkan dia nak busukkan nama bisnes dia sendiri kan..? apa yg dia buat utk majlis perkahwinan awak.. mmg betoi2 cantik..menarik..tertarik.. Namun, huhu! NGI decorations mmg perlukan ongkos yg banyakkkkkkk.. cik senah dan bakal suami tak mampu arrr.. terpaksa cari vendor2 yg setara dgn bajet yg kami berdua.. :)

Apa2 pun.. macih kerana sharing your story... :) really appreciated it!!~

Moose said...

best gile ok dapat free flower arrangement from ngi!! tapi i salute him for admitting his mistakes and willing to at least compensate it with something. that way we can see that he is very honest and sincere kan?

fana said...

awwwww...its very sweet of you to post it up on this..thanks as it reminds me not to be judgmental (too quick!), no matter what... :)

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*mata berpinar-pinar keseronokan + anxiety!*

Anonymous said...

...vendors did not reply your calls
...vendors replying emails/responded late
...vendors acted snobbish
...vendors looked down on you
...paid the vendors and they turned you down
...promised to follow what you want instead they make what they want.

I DAH KENA SEMUA. you taktau betapa upset dan depressed nya I bila diaorg buat macamni.

:( sabarrrrrr je la.

my wedding is in 7 months time. you rasa awal sgt ke I contact vendor2 ni,sbb tu diaorg tknk layan? :(

p/s: which hospital are u currently working? :D

bride2wife said...

i always hope our experiences can help other bride2besss out there. at least to keep them being optimistic..

nak NGI, budget mesti besar..tapi terkejut pulak bila dia ckp ok je dgn budget i..hehe

betul tu..dia kena jaga nama baik kan..kan :)

budget sikit/besar mcm mana pon yg cik senah ada, just make do with it ok :)

bride2wife said...

agreed...i didn't expect (at all) to hear from him again after months.
that could be the reasons why he can go this far and become a very well known decorator...

when you have good characters instilled in you, inshaAllah God will help you in many ways..

Thanks!..much can be learn from preparing for your own wedding kan...

nope..nope. tak awal sgt. reason being you need ample time to survey and also to block the vendors date...memang have to start from now. i did my survey for vendors on January, and only confirmed on May..

just be confident and humble when you approach them. kalau u dah buat cara baik, and they really pissing you off, just back off and cari orang yg lagi interested..ok

p/s: i'm at a district hospital in Perak (near the Selangor border)..

saltvinegar said...

wow girl..i din noe you went through such an ordeal!Thumbs up for staying calm and not being afraid to express your dissatisfaction.

missbutterfly said...

babe..seriously cantik!!! best nye u..i nk approach Nas pun tak berani...hehe

liyana the unreluctant bride said...

tahirah, despite the earlier setback, i think in the end, nas did prove to me something. its a well known fact that he is a big name where wedding industry is concerned, but when the time comes, he is willing to own up to his mistakes and best of all, redeem them. i think he did a wonderful job. :) seriously, you cant have a more beautiful wedding!

DalilaMian said...

bestnyeeee...memang rezeki la tu namenyee..i tot title post u tu name u ngn husband u..sebab i pun selalu call ourselves me and Mr NAZ.heheh..rupe-rupenye Mr Nas great Idea..

aziraarif said... u mmg grand la...i suke sgt!

whitelacetale.weddings said...

one of your best post!

part paling tak best bila baca negative articles on vendors is how the readers react; more often their comments are emotional than rationale. and sadly in blog community, readers are overwhelmed to respond over negative story than positive feedback on vendor..hmm

entrance tu sgt gorgeous..haruslah semua tetamu posing disitu, lucky u got them free from NGI hehehe :D

dialicious said...

so luckyla u babe...seriously..i believe he didnt purposely made u stood up dat sure org mcm tu kene keep being reminded byk2 kali..huhu...but u did the right thing by merajuk..bagus gile ok!i've never dealt w him before but true..most ppl said he's a very nice n humble person...skrg i rasa rugi i didnt hire b exact..didnt make an appmntment w him hoping dat he wouldnt turn up so i could get a flowers sponsor..hahahahaha..jkidding!

nway,ru preggie oredi?coz u asked me abt the bfeeding kaftan d other day;)

Durruz said...


agree wif u lady aifa, kalau kita sabar Allah beri yang lebih baik dr yg kita nak..

respek la NGI, beria-ria mntk maaf and siap sponsor lagi..

ashieBee said...

tahirahhh :))

oooooohhhh itu kah cerita sebenarnyeeee? ic ic. now baru che faham. ehehehe.

The Spasmodic Scribbler said...

I really really like this post.

There is always an air of uneasiness when people give bad reviews on certain vendors. No doubt, as clients we have the rights but if it was me, I wouldn't make it public and let the whole world know. If I do want to shout out my negative opinion, it'll be done only if people ask and yes, privately please.

No event or planning is perfect. Those small details are just secondary to your wedding day. What matters most is that you and partner will be together, have fun and let go. Insya-Allah everything will fall into place. Just like what you had :)

Patience is a virtue, I always believe that and guess what? You proved it :)

Bersangka baik dengan orang, Insya-Allah God gives back so much more!

BTW, best gila dapat NGI! Hehehe.

fatin said...

the flower arrangement is lovely, tahirah!

makes one want to purposely be scorned by a vendor to get something that lovely for one's wedding day kan? (hehe am kidding, of course)

really inspiring post, dear. thanks for putting it up! xx

cik senah said...

bridwe2wife : macih kerana reply komenku.. hehe.. :) apa2 pun.. bertuah badan dapat sponsor daripada NGI.. dan respek spring arr kat Mr. Nas.. cayalahh..!!

p/s: chek nak jugakkk.. huhuhu!

p/s lagik : dapat close deal ngan kerjakahwin ATAU merisik gallery pun jadik arrr... hahaha :)

Drama Queen said...

Wow...When I was reading this post I thought to myself "omg..same thing" but too bad mine didnt have ur ending :(

I contacted him few times...planned to meet about 3 times and all 3 times they failed to arrive on time (I had to wait more than 3 hours) and finally, I told them dont bother coming.

In the end Flora Etc did my pelamin (for my daughter's cukur jambul) and it was soooo worth it. I couldnt be happier with that so in a way,
there was a rainbow too at the end of my journey!

Cik Belle said...

i baru baca ni, and nak menangis rasa. Untungnya u, tahirah. i takut sangat nak approach NGI. huhu. lucky u babe! =)